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ExpatWoman Super Home Page

ExpatWoman Super Home Page

Meet The EW Team

We're a multicultural, multi- lingual team based in Dubai but hailing from many different countries, as well as having lived in lots of other places as expats... in fact we've got over 300 years of expat experience between us all! We know all about life as an expat whether we're writing about it, organising events and meet ups or helping our clients market to expats. It's a business that's grown from supporting expat women in the Middle East- that has seen the team grow from strength to strength over the last 14 years, that has seen us now go global- from its humble start in the bedroom of a villa in Jumeirah to our new Dubai Studio City Offices. We're here to help in more ways than one!

At EW Headquarters

Here's the team that work hard at our offices to make sure you get your daily fix of ExpatWoman!

  • Rebecca Fielding

    Rebecca Roberts

    Group Editor

    Rebecca grew up in Leeds in the UK and moved to the UAE three years ago. She loves Mexican food, writing, playing the piano and dreams of visiting the Maldives one day. She loves her job and her favourite parts of being an expat in Dubai are always being warm, lots of new foods and meeting different people.

  • Melissa Khan

    Melissa Khan

    Client Support Manager

    Born and bred in Abu Dhabi, Mel as we know her is a third-culture kid who grew up watching Channel 33 and eating Chips Oman sandwiches. She loves films & cooking. Travelling & reading are her top things to do - New York being a favourite city and Murakami her favourite author. Fun fact - Aimless is an anagram of Melissa!

  • Eleusis Macalino

    Eleusis Macalino

    Client Content Support

    Eleusis or Yul as we know him hails from Tarlac in The Philippines, he’s our secret movie buff and Game Of Thrones fan! His party trick is to move his ears without touching them and he can recite all countries and their capital cities! Yul likes to travel having visited many countries in his travels.

  • Donna Gray

    Donna Gray

    Office Manager

    Donna flew to Dubai from England in 2015 to follow her dream of being independent. She likes to swim and cycle and her favourite TV show is American Dad. Donna has travelled to the USA and Europe many times, her favourite part of being an expat is the ability to do what she wants, whenever she chooses.

  • Fulton Hero Ropeta

    Fulton Hero Ropeta

    Graphic Designer

    At the young age of 23 years old, Fulton is lucky enough to celebrate his birthday on December 25th! He comes from the heart of Pasig, located in the Philippines, and is the youngest of four children. He loves to socialise, run marathons, photography, designing and drawing. Plus, food is his love! 

  • Kim Gamarro

    Kim Gamarro

    Corporate Events Manager

    Born and raised in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, Kim is the eldest of four. She has a Master's degree in Political Science, but came into events by chance in Dubai. The best part of living here for her is being near the ocean and the proximity to so many great destinations. She speaks Spanish, loves politics, French films, garbage reality TV and country music!

  • Saffron Goodyear

    Saffron Goodyear

    Account Director

    Saffron grew up in North London and started of her career with a Saturday job in a green grocers and she’s been selling ever since! Saffron has been with EW for 5 years and she loves being out in the market selling. Her favourite food is Indian and she loves holidaying in Spain and the best part about being an expat? Paying no tax!

  • Nese Orscekic

    Nese Orscekic

    Sales Development Manager

    Nese is British and Turkish. She loves Turkish food as there is such a wide variety. She grew up in North London and is a keen crafter. She dreams of living on a boat travelling from coast to coast including to her favourite destination Brazil. Her favourite thing about being an expat? Being able to relax by the beach whenever she likes.

  • Nela Macovei

    Nela Macovei

    Account Manager

    Hailing from Romania, Nela has been in the UAE for 2 years. She studied Business Administration and has a Master's in Managerial Communication. Her first ever job was for a local radio station in the city where she studied. Nela loves meeting new people, and wants to learn more about NLP alongside her hobby's of hiking, reading and travelling.

  • Michelle Marezu

    Michelle Marezu

    EW Jobs

    Our resident Zimbabwean is Michelle! She’s 25 years old and loves to cook, dance and watch TV. Speaking English, Swahili and Shona are just a few of her hidden talents, travelling is a hobby she enjoys. Michelle loves to meet new people and make lasting memories which makes her perfect for our team.

  • Muhammad Navaid

    Muhammad Navaid

    Head of Programming

    Hailing from Karachi, Navaid is our longest serving team member- 8 years with us! He enjoys the challenge of expat life- he was in Bahrain before moving to the UAE- and speaks Urdu as well as English. He loves movies, cricket and his dream is for a happy family life with his wife and kids- 2 boys and girl. The favourite part of his job are the new and creative tasks we set him!

  • Arif Muhammad

    Arif Muhammad

    Web Designer

    Arif grew up in Karachi, the largest, most populous city of Pakistan, he speaks Urdu and English and has lived in Qatar as well as Dubai. He enjoys the challenge of expat life. He's a family man with 3 kids- 2 boys and a sweet baby girl. He loves photography, travelling and his dream is to live in a simple place away from city life. The best part of his job is the variety of experience- we keep him busy!

  • Reshma Bhagchandani

    Reshma Bhagchandani

    Financial Accountant

    When Reshma is not number crunching she loves dancing and fashion designing - chasing her dream of owning her very own fashion boutique. The travel destinations on the top of her list include Paris and Australia and the bit she loves most about being an expat is learning about so many other cultures through the people around her.

  • Hisham Ashraf

    Hisham Ashraf

    Financial Accountant

    Born and bred in Doha, Hisham's family hails from India and have been living in Dubai for the past 8 years! In his spare time he spends time with family and friends, and he enjoys watching and playing football. In the future he'd love to travel and explore places he's never been to. The best part of expat life is having friends from all walks of life, from every country in the world!