Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

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Nursery Schools & Kindergartens In Abu Dhabi

If you are looking where to send your child to nursery or kindergarten in Abu Dhabi- here's a big list for you that will help you be able to make you your decision and help in your search. When you are new to a country or it's time to send your child to nursery or kindergarten it can be a hard choice so we've pulled all of them together on one page to help you with your research.

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International Curriculum

British Curriculum

Teddy Bear American Nursery
Situated: Khalifa City.
Contact: +971 2-556 8566

Kidz Link
Situated: Al Rowdah, Karam st 24
Contact: +971 2 444-5851

Little Gemz
Situated: Khalifa City A St. 76
Contact: +971 2 557-1627

Smart Starters
Situated: Al Bateen, Delma Street
Contact: +971 2 666-0826

Little Smarties Nursery
Situated: Khalifa City A
Contact: +971-2-5565500

Apple Bee Nursery
Situated: Villa 5, Al Rowdah area
Contact: +971 2 443 4747
Little Haven Nursery
Situated: Saada Street intersection of Al Karamah St.
Contact: +971 2 447 9688

Emirates Kindercare Nursery
Situated: Villa # 233 Karama Str
Contact: +971 2 681 9371

*List last updated July 2014
About Nursery Schools In Abu Dhabi abu dhabi nursery schools
There are many nursery, kindergarten and day care centres in Abu Dhabi. They all have varying fees and opening times and the most popular ones will have waiting lists. Fees may be payable monthly or termly in advance- the fees may vary depending on the nursery type and facilities offered. Child enrolment and registration procedures are based on certain criteria including necessary documents, as per the UAE education laws. Most nurseries require that the children be at least 18 months of age. In the past many nurseries were run in villas that were not suited to being nurseries and these have now all been closed down or are in the process of relocating.
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