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Family Life in Azerbaijan

Here we look at everything to do with families from before to birth when the kids are grown up! We also cover Pets & Vets here, as your animals and pets are part of the family too. We explore money and finance, with personal wealth advice and we even have information on getting married as lots of people do get married here and it is great to have all that information in one place. So whatever stage you are at in your life there's a section here for you!

  • Your Private Wealth Boutique

    Her Finance is a wealth advisory focused on empowering you with the knowledge and know-how to make informed decisions that will take care of every aspect of your financial life. We’ll teach you to love your finances and you’ll learn it’s not complicated to reach your goals.

  • Insurance

    We have all the info on the kinds of insurance cover that you can get when living in Azerbaijan. It is a good idea to get insured, and mandatory if you are a vehicle owner. You can get life and house insurance too and we have listed the insurance companies for your convenience.

  • Law in Azerbaijan

    We have an overview of the law in Azerbaijan so that you can familiarise yourself with the do's and don'ts of the country. Even though most of the Azeri population is Muslim, the law is secular and does not deviate much from the laws of other western countries.

  • Why do Expats Need a Will?

    Without a will, no one really knows what your wishes were on death and the tax man is likely to take a larger slice of your estate. Be sure you know everything you need to to make sure your family are taken care of if the worst is to happen.

  • PRP Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, also known as "Vampire facelift", is the latest natural approach in anti-ageing facial and body rejuvenation, using the patient’s own blood cells.

  • Dubai property prices finally hit rock bottom!

    Property prices in the glass and steel desert city of Dubai are set to bounce back after years of decline. The United Arab Emirates city was badly hit by the global downturn as developers and investors were trapped in an off-plan housing bubble that dramatically burst leaving an oversupply of property and many speculators going bust.

  • Transfer Your UK Pension

    If you no longer live in the UK it is important that you review your options regarding your Final Salary pension scheme, a possible transfer should be considered.

  • Final salary pension? Your retirement income is at risk!

    These 'gold-plated' schemes are supposed to be guaranteed – but savers are being misled, a top pensions official has warned. Alan Rubenstein, head of the Pension Protection Fund, called on companies operating pensions schemes that are in jeopardy to be honest with members.

  • Marriage

    It is possible to obtain an Azeri marriage certificate only if you plan to marry a citizen of Azerbaijan. Some embassies ail also perform a civil marriage, however you will have to contact the relevant embassy to arrange that.

  • Newborn Visa

    If you have chosen to give birth in Azerbaijan there are steps to follow to get a birth certificate for your newborn child. It is a process but you have a month in which you can get all the necessary documents and also obtain a passport for your baby with your embassy.

  • Pets and Animals

    Azerbaijan has rules regarding how many animals a family living in an apartment can own, what animals have to be muzzles and other rules, please familiarise yourself with these rules before bringing your pet into the country or buying an animal in Azerbaijan.

  • Pregnancy

    If you fall pregnant while living in Azerbaijan we have all the info, from going for your scans to giving birth in the country. Birth by Cesarean is the norm here so if you want to give birth naturally you will have to inform your doctor.

  • The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS)

    The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) is a UK-registered pan-European organisation dedicated to raising awareness of Azerbaijan and fostering closer economic, political and cultural links between that country and the nations of Europe.

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