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Beauty Hair & Nails

Beauty Hair & Nails

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Beauty Hair & Nails

Welcome to the Hair & Nail Section

Here you will find all the info you need to know about some of Dubai's best salons- their offers, their deals, treatments, ranges, meet the teams, product reviews and all the latest news from our favourite salons. So whether you are in the mood for a great mani/ pedi, a new hair colour, a full pampering session or a whole new hair style- you are in the right place!

Dubai Hair & Nail Salon News and Features

  • Discover Biolustre at Marquee Salon

    Discover Biolustre at Marquee Salon

    Biolustre is a revolutionary hair treatment for weak or damaged hair. It can be used on hair that has been mechanically or chemically damaged and also works magic on hair that has been weakened due to medication or trauma. Biolustre is available at all Marquee Salons across the UAE from 500 AED.
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  • Dubai Gets It's Very Own Bedashing Experience!

    Dubai Gets It's Very Own Bedashing Experience!

    The buzz around town is that Abu Dhabi's premium beauty lounge Bedashing is now open in Dubai. So obviously, we HAD to check it out! Located in the heart of Uptown Mirdif, Mirdif 35 is a stone's throw away from City Centre Mirdif and easily accessible from both Sheikh Zayed Road and Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Bedashing Beauty Lounge is located on Level 2, with plenty of underground parking (great for summer months) and super clean interiors.
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  • What is Balayage and Why Do We Love It?

    What is Balayage and Why Do We Love It?

    Balayage hair colour is a French technique that has gained international popularity. The goal is to create soft, natural-looking highlights that look more modern than traditional colouring methods. As opposed to standard highlighting methods that use foil or a cap, balayage is strictly freehand where the colour is painted on.
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  • Review: Blonde Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    Review: Blonde Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    With the first quarter of the year already off to a great start I was delighted to have the opportunity to try a change in hair colour; I have not changed my hair in many years and it has become lifeless and dull and what better time to try something different!
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  • Bedashing Beauty Lounge Opens at Mirdif 35

    Bedashing Beauty Lounge Opens at Mirdif 35

    Offering the latest beauty treatments with its patented, all-in-one Soprano beauty chair, Bedashing’s first beauty lounge in Dubai is the ultimate stop for pampering on the go! Known for its trendsetting style and vibrant character, the award-winning Bedashing Beauty Lounge welcomes guests to indulge in its luxurious treatments at its first Dubai location in the upscale area of Mirdif 35
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  • Review: Professional Make-Up at The Hair Corridor

    Review: Professional Make-Up at The Hair Corridor

    Make-up when done professionally does really bring out the best in you! Read an EWer's experience on getting dolled up at the legendary salon Hair Corridor in Al Safa by the lovely Nicole and the wonderful compliments she got for it...
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  • Volume and Hold for Your Hair, Guts 10

    Volume and Hold for Your Hair, Guts 10

    Are you looking for more volume from your styling aid? Natalie,stylist and highlight expert The Hair Corridor has just the thing!I'd like to tell you about one of the Redken Styling Products, Guts 10. I love this product, it's perfect for those that are looking for full volumised, textured hair from roots to ends.
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  • Review: Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    Review: Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    As someone who had horrible experiences with hairdressers before, I don’t like getting my hair done very often. And when I do, I’m very selective with where I go. The last time I got my hair done was a year ago and I started getting bored with the way it looks. When the opportunity to visit The Hair Corridor came up this time however, I decided to take the plunge and change it up.
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  • Gear Up for The Dubai World Cup!

    Gear Up for The Dubai World Cup!

    In honour of this prestigious event The Nail Spa has created the perfect nail art collection that will have you saying yee-haw all month long. For the elegant lady we have a beautiful 3D flower that is handcrafted by our nail artists at the artbar.
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  • Keeping Your Highlights Bright with Purple Shampoo

    Keeping Your Highlights Bright with Purple Shampoo

    Natalie,stylist and highlight expert at The Hair Corridor always recommends purple shampoo to her highlight clients as a maintenance product. Purple shampoo has a deposit of purple pigment which neutralises any yellow or brassy tones that hair has a tendency to develop. The result is a continuation of the soft, clean blond that you left the salon with.
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  • 'Feminista' Nail Art to Celebrate Women!

    'Feminista' Nail Art to Celebrate Women!

    March is just one of those extra special months as it includes both International Women's Day on the 8th and Mother's Day on the 21st. We thought what better way to mark these days than to celebrate some of the worlds most iconic female figures.
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  • Beach Envy Wave Aid

    Beach Envy Wave Aid

    Debs is the manager of The Hair Corridor. Her recommended product of the month is Beach Envy Wave Aid by Redken. "I'm loving the way this product gives the salt spray look without the drying effect of salt. It makes it easy to produce the casual wavy styles that are currently trending".
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  • The Third UAE Women’s Heritage Walk

    The Third UAE Women’s Heritage Walk

    Inspired by the Emirati women of the past who would make the journey twice a year in search of cooler climates while their husbands were away on trade trips, the five-day desert trek retraces their route to show the strength of female kinship. Sharing in the values of the WHW, Bedashing Beauty Lounge offers support in line with its company purpose of empowering women while finding the relaxation they deserve in today’s busy world.
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  • Hip-Hop Yoga with Tala Samman

    Hip-Hop Yoga with Tala Samman

    To officially launch the Hip-Hop nail art we teamed up with Tala Samman and GuavaPass to host Dubai's first hip-hop yoga event. Guests were the first to try TNSs new hip-hop nail art and were also treated to fierce braids by the Marquee salon team.
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  • Review: Olaplex at Essential Hair and Beauty Salon

    Review: Olaplex at Essential Hair and Beauty Salon

    If you haven't heard of Olaplex in Dubai's salons... Where have you been!? It's one of - if not, the - hottest hair treatment in salons, and is pure magic when it comes to your barnett. Why? Well, Olaplex promises to revitalise your hair. It aims to reconnect any broken bonds in your hair, and has been dubbed a 'bond multiplier', which helps to limit damage to hair during and/or after colouring.
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  • Review: Express Tan at Essential Hair and Beauty Salon

    Review: Express Tan at Essential Hair and Beauty Salon

    I was given the opportunity to try the 60-minute Express Tan at the Essential Hair and Beauty Salon, located in Jumeirah. The salon was very easy to find, close to Jumeirah College and has free available parking outside. So if you are searching for a perfect glow without the sun damage? This salon is definitely worth a go!
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  • Exclusive Launch of Deborah Lippmann at TNS

    Exclusive Launch of Deborah Lippmann at TNS

    Any beauty buff will be thrilled to hear about the latest range available at The Nail Spa.... TNS is proud to announce that it will be launching Deborah Lippmann's much awaited and iconic nail product collection exclusively across its twelve locations in December, providing the perfect chance to stock up before the holiday season is in full swing!
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  • Volume, we can never get enough!

    Why We Can't Get Enough of Volume

    I used to struggle to get volume into my blow dries and still leave the hair feeling soft and natural. Many products for fine hair produce a dry feeling due to the need of weightlessness. Natalie, a stylist at The Hair Corridor, talks about her secret weapon.
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  • Is your hair damaged, frizzy or take too long to style?

    Fix Damaged, Frizzy Hair with KeraStraight

    KeraStraight is an evolution in straightening and repair. This semi-permanent treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to the touch. So, if your hair is dry, damaged, curly, wavy, frizzy, too thick , takes too long or all of the above we can help you.
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  • Hollywood Glam Hairstyling

    Hollywood Glam Hairstyling

    What springs to mind when you think of Hollywood glam hair styles? Red carpet looks and stylish up do's was my take. The perfect finale for a great look, super straight, sleek locks or tumbling, voluptuous curls. For special occasions or for a dash of everyday glamour, enjoy a professional blow dry or they will put your hair up with a choice of signature Hollywood-inspired film star finishes.

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  • Introducing  Evo Gel from The Nail Spa

    Introducing Evo Gel from The Nail Spa

    At TNS they care about your nail health (not just what looks good), therefore the team have been searching for a way to have long-lasting colour on your nails without damaging them. Evo Gel was designed from the base up to improve nail health. It is the only breathable gel on the market (meaning it's prayer friendly too!).

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  • Enhance Your Natural Beauty Through Make-Up

    Enhance Your Natural Beauty Through Make-Up

    As a Make-Up Artist, there is nothing more satisfying than when I hand over a mirror to my client and see her face light up upon seeing her reflection. Knowing that you have taken someone's natural beauty and enhanced certain features is very inspiring for me. Make-up is a very empowering tool that women get to use to their advantage whether it be a very dramatic evening makeover, or an easy and simplistic everyday look.

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  • There's Always Time for a Facial

    Review: DDG Alpha Beta Peel at The Nail Spa

    EW’s Rebecca tried out one of the new Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare treatments at The Nail Spa. The ‘in- chair’ facial treatment from Dr. Dennis Gross is called Alpha Beta Peel and it aims to rejuvenate and relax your skin. Try out this quick treatment while getting pampered with multiple other treatments and experiencing a glamorous 'me' time at the salon.


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  • A Fab New Hangout At Mall of The Emirates

    A Fab New Hangout At Mall of The Emirates

    The Nail Spa have recently opened at the Mall of The Emirates, if you have not been then it’s about time you did! You’ll love the quirky design and bold colour scheme which perfectly highlights their brand spanking new Nail Art Bar – definitely the best place to add a little ritz and glitz to your nails.

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  • To shampoo or not before colouring?

    To Shampoo or Not Before Colouring?

    I often get people coming in for highlights saying, "I wanted to wash my hair but I didn't want to come with clean hair. Dirty is better for you right?". Yes and no. We take a look at why...

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  • Radical Colour Change in a Day without Compromise

    Radical Colour Change in a Day Without Compromise

    Fibreplex protects against damage from lightening, lifting and colouring. Release in combination with any chemical treatment, the high-performing Fibre Bond Technology interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce and seal strong structural bonds. This minimises hair breakage during lightening, lifting and colouring, without compromising on development time, lifting or neutralisation.

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  • Gain Maximum Glamour This Season

    Gain Maximum Glamour This Season

    Complete your party look at Marquee this season with beautiful brows and luscious lashes. EW's Rebecca tried them out, and she was impressed! With a warm welcome at Marquee's front desk at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, I was led through to the salon by Marquee's and I was promptly served...


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  • Which shampoo? Acid balance and why

    Which Shampoo? About Acid Balance and Why

    There are thousands of shampoo and conditioners on the market, it is quite overwhelming. Each one promises to make your hair look like you've just left the salon, each one promises to repair, volumise, enhance, moisturize, detangle or defrizz. So, how do you choose?

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  • Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer

    Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer: Tried, Tested & Reviewed

    We all know the extent to which women will go to get their hair in that perfect, long-lasting, luscious flow. And now, with the new Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, every woman's dream can finally come true!

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  • Hair Loss, Start with the Basic

    Hair Loss, Start with the Basic

    Many of our customers complain of hair loss when they move to Dubai. The stress and upheaval of relocating to a new country is often enough to disrupt normal hair growth so give yourself time to adjust and for things to settle down. If your hair loss and condition do not return to normal you need to look at why. We have found that something as simple of the quality of the water used to wash your hair can have a huge impact on it.

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  • Highlights and Blow Dry Review at Essentials Salon

    Review: Highlights and Blow Dry at Essentials Salon

    Coming to the end of a long 8 weeks for my previously highlighted hair, the time had come to tone things up a bit and refresh my locks. I had the opportunity to visit Essentials Beauty Salon in Jumeriah for a full head of highlights and a blow dry. Upon my arrival I could see that parking was available for customers however I was arriving in a taxi and it was still easy to direct.

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  • Beachy Curls

    How To Get The Most Amazing Beachy Curls

    Debz is salon manager at The Hair Corridor and our perming queen! She is always bang up to date with trends and styles. She shares the following on waves and curls. "Do you dream of having big soft permanent curls? A lot of people associate Perms with 80's tiny curls and the Afro look.

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  • MYTH BUSTING #2 : Split ends

    Busting Common Myths About Split Ends

    Lee, stylist at The Hair Corridor, often hears her clients say "I have a lot of split ends so I think I need a good cut." This is exactly right but what if the split ends have travelled a long way up the hair and the client wants to keep her hair long? Lee says, "Through my experience, I have concluded that prevention is better than cure for the long haired girls.

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  • Lighten your Brown Hair Naturally

    Lighten Your Brown Hair Naturally

    If you’re trying to steer away from putting chemicals into your hair but still want to get a glowing lighter hair colour, there are natural remedies that can help you with your dilemma, and will leave your hair healthy and unharmed.

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  • Quikkies, instantly longer, thicker hair

    About Quikkies: Instantly Longer, Thicker Hair

    Debz, senior extension technician at The Hair Corridor says "I love the effortless results Quikkies hair extensions bring to my clients. In about 30 minutes I can apply a whole head of Quikkies and my client has been transformed with longer thicker hair. I love the fact that the taped bonds allow the extensions to lie flat against the head leaving them undetectable.

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  • MYTH BUSTING #1: Growing your hair

    Common Myths About Growing Your Hair

    Remember your Mum trying to convince you to cut your hair with the promise that it will grow longer and faster if you do? Lee, stylist at The Hair Corridor gives some advice, " I still hear Mums making that promise to get their little girls to sit for a haircut. When it is necessary as a bribe that's fine, as long as you know it's not true.

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  • Achieve The Perfect Lash Look

    Achieve The Perfect Lash Look

    If you had asked me whether perfectly fabulous lashes were a life goal of mine at the age of fourteen, I would have laughed in your face. But now, a decade later, the idea of beautiful lashes - without fuss, too - are most definitely a desirable thing for me. Ladies, I'm talking about an amazing lash lifting treatment now available at Essential Hair and Beauty Salon.

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  • How to Blow Your Hair

    How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    Naturally air drying your hair maybe healthy and natural but blow drying, when done correctly and with the right techniques, has the ability to improve the structure and style, without any excess damage.

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  • 6 Best Ways to Revive Limp, Oily Hair

    6 Best Ways to Revive Limp, Oily Hair

    Even if you’re one of the lucky people who can go a week without washing it, there comes a point when you need to rock amazing hair, but it’s just not happening. Oily flat hair strikes! Generally, this mostly happens to the fine-haired ladies, so here are six ways you can beat this occurring problem, even when you have only got minutes to spare.

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  • Top 3 DIY Hair Masks

    Top 3 DIY Hair Masks

    Making a mask for dry hair isn’t hard at all and it doesn’t require any special skill, products or time. DIY masks for dry hair are the perfect way to restore its lost moisture and shine without the extra cost.

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  • Bee-Sting Facial

    Review: Bee-Sting Facial at The Nail Spa

    There has been a buzz on streets for a while about a facial treatment that is meant to work miracles. It claims that if you have this treatment regularly then it will same effect as BOTOX without having to inject your face. So naturally we had to see what all the fuss was about!

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  • The 

Nail Spa Unveils the New Bio Sculpture

    The Nail Spa Unveils the New Bio Sculpture "Folk" Collection

    New to The Nail Spa this month, the Bio Sculpture ‘Folk’ collection comprises of four magical colours that make an enchanting statement to complement any outfit! From the inventors of non-chip nail polish, lasting 2-4 weeks, the new collection is available in 4 gel shades and a matching polish, perfect for covering up the growth line or if you want to opt for gel on hands only and polish for your feet!

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