Dubai Animal Rescue And Charities In Dubai

Dubai Animal Rescue And Charities In Dubai

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UAE Animal Charities & Rescue Centres

Here's a round up of some of the support groups, shelters, rescue groups and charities looking after our furry friends in the UAE. They always, always have animals for adoption, they always need your time and they always need donations of supplies for the rescued animals they are taking care of.

Dubai and the UAE has a large stray cat population coupled with many, many pets being abandoned by owners who have left the country or just don't want their pets anymore! Anything you can do to help would be appreciated!

"The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

Click on a link here for the Emirate you are looking for or simply scroll down the page to find out about them all.

38 Smiles

38 smiles38smiles has grown into a group of likeminded people determined to help as many stray animal as we can to become beloved pets. We do however still believe in keeping things ‘’small’’ and personal for us its not about the volume of animals we rescue but about the quality of care we provide for them. 38smiles only works with STRAY animals (we don’t rehome people’s pets); 38smiles has no kill policy. No cost is too high for us when it comes to giving an animal a second chance.
38smiles is a non profit animal rescue group we cover our costs with donations from the public; we take part in Safa park flea market; we have book sales together with Greenheart Organic Farms; we charge adoption fees when animal is rehomed; we have charity bake sales thanks to No milk for me.

Read more>>

DAWS- Dubai Animal Welfare Society

dubai animal welfare societyWe do not have a facility, we operate out of foster homes. All the animals in our care live with families and sometimes other pets, the advantage of which is that they don't become institutionalized. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please go through the photo albums of our dogs and cats looking for homes.

We're always happy to receive donations of all kinds (with the exception of clothes, as it is very difficult to rehome them ;-) ).This could be pet food and other pet items, blankets, towels, but also items which we can resell like books and household items.


SNIFF: Strays Needing Interim or Furever Friends

SNIFF animam rescue centreSNIFF Animal rescue organisation based in the UAE. Dedicated to helping all animals. Set up by a group of friends all with full time jobs but a love for animals, SNIFF is an animal rescue group which aims to re-home the UAE’s stray and abandoned animals.

All with rescue pets themselves, the founders of SNIFF aim to educate people on the importance of adopting rescue pets instead of buying from pet stores. The tragic situations animals were being found in prompted them to take action.

Find out more about SNIFF here>>

Feline Friends

feline friends dubaiFeline Friends is a non-profit organisation whose aims are primarily to
provide care for sick, injured and abandoned cats & kittens, and promote control of the cat population. Feline Friends is a non-profit making organisation that has been in existence since 1991.

Feline Friends is fully funded by donations and supported by part-time volunteers. Feline Friends DOES NOT have a shelter; our remarkable volunteers foster our cats in their homes until they are adopted..Feline Friends is a member society of World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and subsequently follows their doctrine and principles. Volunteers always needed!


K9 Friends- can you lend a Paw?

k9 friends dubai
K9 Friends are always looking for more volunteers. This would enable us to work more effectively for the benefit of more dogs. We are encouraged that the awareness and eagerness of school children to help has increased.

We appreciate their efforts and have received many donations of money and food. Well done! However, we also need more mature volunteers who are willing to help K9 Friends by taking even more responsibility for dogs in need.


Dubai Dogs Trust

dubai dogs trustOur mission is to neuter, vaccinate and then rehome strays and abandoned past pets to prevent them from being euthanised. Dubai Dogs Trust was set up by 2 friends, who had worked at another dog rescue together as volunteers.

After seeing many rescue dogs jump from one foster home to another, we knew that there was a need for stability within foster dogs lives. So with this in mind we decided only to take on small amounts of dogs at a time, to ensure that they were given the attention and care needed before they were adopted. We will only take on new rescue dogs if we have an empty foster home or we have rehomed a dog.

Find Out More>>

Jebel Ali Cats Rescue in Dubai

Jebel Ali Cats Rescue in DubaiJEBEL ALI CATS Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers comitted to rescuing and finding new homes for the cats of Jebel Ali. In addition to finding homes, we trap, neuter and release those that prefer outdoor living! These cats were all once family pets abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves. We try to find them new loving families.

In addition to finding homes, we trap, neuter and release those that prefer outdoor living! These cats were all once family pets abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves. We try to find them new loving families. We rely on ways to help raise funds to continue with the work we do. Being a charity, this is difficult. Any donations of food, or items such as books which can be sold, are very much appreciated.


The Animal Project Dubai

the animal project"We are NOT a shelter", nor, do we believe in sheltering animals.We work directly with the community facilitating information, providing discounted veterinary clinics rates, advertising and finding suitable permanent homes for their fostered rescued/unwanted pets and we encourage and help the community to do their own "Community Social Responsibility" stray cats TNR (Trap, neutering and release).

We insist in maintaining an excellent relation and support all the Animal Welfare Groups listed in the region: We have the same interest, Animal rights and improvements. "WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE"


The Bin Kitty Collective

bin kitty collectiveJOIN UP AND JOIN IN. So, you have a stray cat or kitten that you want to help? The bin kitty collective can help you help. That is what we do. If you have a stray cat or kitten, the bin kitty collective can help you in the following ways TRAP, NEUTER and RELEASE “TNR”:

We can offer discounted rates to TNR street cats. This ensures a healthy stray population in your area which helps keep rodents under control and no suffering kittens begging for food! FOSTERING: You can choose to foster the cat or kitten you are trying to help and enjoy our support in the form of good advice on rehoming and possible access to adoption days.ADOPTION: So, you want to adopt from the Bin Kitty collective?

Find Out More>>

Arabian Saluki Centre Of Dubai (ASCOD)

ascod centre dubaiWe are a group of volunteers dedicated to help rescue salukis in the United Arab Emirates.We are a non-profit organization and therefore relying solely on donations, fundraising and people donating towards our rescue salukis.

Salukis are an amazing breed that really need ours and your help- we rescue and need people to help us foster out these amazing dogs.

We are located in Dubai, but cover the entire UAE. If you see or find a saluki in need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit their Facebook page>>

Great Danes In Dubai

great danes in dubaiThere has been a steady increase in Great Dane ownership in Dubai. This is due to the expatriate population increasing with people entering the Emirates with their Great Danes, shops importing Great Danes from breeders in mainland Europe, illegal breeding here and Great Danes needing re-homing due to behavioural or health issues. Due to their giant size there have also been a number of Danes needing to be rehomed due to their owners not realizing the substantial costs involved in exporting their dogs back into the home country.

All Great Danes rescued and re-homed by GDID are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, all online donations are welcome.


Dubai Senior Dogs Project- DSDP

dsdpThe Dubai 'senior dog' project is a non profit group of volunteers aiming to encourage awareness toward and facilitate, wherever possible, the adoption of older dogs by Dubai expats.It's a community driven initiative helping bridge the gap between transient expats & the growing number of displaced dogs.

Operated entirely by volunteers, we encourage everyone to play a part in supporting our cause, helping with whatever skill they can. If you are looking to permanently adopt a dog or offer LONG-TERM foster care, please get in touch. If you wish to help us by any other means, you are also most welcome to contact us. Before you adopt any dog, do the right thing and only get a dog that you know you can care for FOR THE REST OF IT'S LIFE.

Find Out More>>


Animal Action Abu Dhabi

animal action abu dhabiA group of volunteers dedicated entirely to helping the animals in our region! Our mission is to Save All Creatures Great And Small!!

With our Facebook page we hope to educate, bring pet lovers up-to-date, hold discussions on the latest news concerning animals, give suggestions on where to leave your pet for the summer months for those living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the list goes on!! We hope to create a friendly and more informed community!!

If you are looking to adopt or foster please email us at requesting a form. Please note we have no shelter or kennels.


AlRahma Animal Welfare Society

alrahma animal welfare societyAlRahma Animal Welfare Society is a UAE based No kill movement that rescue and cares for the animal rights and free cruelty, life is the first right for all creatures on earth,as human we should be the care taker of the weak and voiceless. The right to life is the most fundamental right.

What sets us apart from many organizations in Animal Welfare of our times is that we do recognize this right for the animal kind. We do not kill animals because we don’t have the space to take care of them, or because they don’t look good enough to be adopted. We do however euthanize animals only if they are irremediably ill or suffering.

Visit Their Facebook Group Page>>

Feline Friends Abu Dhabi

feline friends abu dhabiFeline Friends is a non profit making organization that helps cats in the U.A.E.
contact us on:
General & Emergency 050 582 2916
Homing & Fostering 050 823 1569
Adoptions & Volunteering : 056 641 4728

Volunteers rescue and re-home stray cats and kittens; promote the control of street cats by sterilization and re-release and provide care and relief to sick and injured cats and kittens.

Visit their Facebook page>>

Animal Welfare Al Ain

animal welfare al ainAnimal Welfare Al Ain is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in Al Ain. We rely on volunteers and the generosity of the community to carry out our work. We are a member society of WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and we are also a member of MENAW (Middle East Network for Animal Welfare).

In addition, we work in cooperation with other animal welfare groups in the region. If it is not possible for you to adopt an animal then you could foster a cat or dog for a short period of time until the animal is permanently homed.



Sharjah Cat & Dog Shelter

sharjah cat and dog shelterThe Sharjah Cat & Dog Shelter (Formerly Muezza's Feline Friends) is a non-profit organization located in Sharjah (there is a map on their Facebook page).

They have over 100 cats and 100 dogs at the shelter all looking for good homes. All of their animals are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. They have a trap, neuter, and release program to help control the cat populations in Sharjah.

They are open every Sunday to Friday from 8 am till 2 pm. Their contact number is: 050 9175 481, they answer only during work hours, but there is almost always someone checking emails and social media pages if they need to be contacted at any other time. They are located in the heart of new Sharjah, near the airport in the Ruhmania district.



SOS Animal Rescue UAQ (formerly SOS for Emirates Dogs)

sos animal rescue uaqSOS Animal Rescue UAQ (formerly SOS for Emirates Dogs), was formed out of an urgent need to address the stray animal population in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.

At the onset, SOS began rescuing and rehoming stray dogs and cats. However, the extent of the stray animal problem saw a feeding programme established in September 2013 to support street, dumpsite, industrial and costal stray animals including Donkeys, Camels and Cows. Four safe houses were set-up and fosters sought whenever possible to manage the every increasing rescue efforts.

A bold move was made in March 2014, to open a "No kill" private shelter. This move gave SOS the ability to rescue a larger number of animals than was possible beforehand. From 2013 to 2014 over 300 animals including, dogs, cats, birds and a donkey have been rescued and 170 animals have been rehomed.

Visit or on


The Ras al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre

RAK animal welfare The Ras al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre (RAK AWC) is an animal sanctuary funded by the Government of Ras al Khaimah, with the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras al Khaimah.

The shelter was the idea of Melissa Davis and has progressed continuously ever since. The shelter was opened in January 2010 and with the help of a few employees and many volunteers it is growing into a centre of excellence where the animals of Ras Al Khaimah receive the necessary care. Their mission is to improve the welfare of all the animals in Ras al Khaimah.


RAK Feline Rescues

rak feline rescuesOur mission is to rescue unwanted & lost animals, provide temporary shelter & care, find secure & loving homes, provide advice, support & guidance for pet owners & increase the public's awareness of their responsibility towards animal welfare.

TNR (trap, neuter & release) is also a huge daily responsibility for all welfare groups/shelters, we must strive to sterilise as many animals & release them back into their own territory, to reduce more strays being born to the cruel & harsh streets of the UAE.


If you would like your animal charity or support group added to this list- please get in touch with us with your logo and details and we'll get you added.
Contact Us>>

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