Dubai Dubai Gardens & Gardening

Dubai Dubai Gardens & Gardening

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Welcome to the Dubai Garden Section

Here we take a look at all things green fingered in Dubai from which plants to select for your garden or balcony to the best kind of trees to pick, growing your own vegetables in Dubai, birds you'll see in your garden and so much more!

Dubai Garden Centre
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Window gardening in Dubai
 Window gardening in Dubai
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bugs in dubai
 Dealing with Dubai garden pests

Dubai Garden News & Features

plant summer camp dubai garden centreThe Plant Summer Camp!

Every year, thousands of us  go on holiday to escape the Dubai summer heat. We pack our bags, grab our kids and don't look back.

What a lot of us don't realise is that we have forgotten potentially the most important consideration... What to do about our plants! Find out how you can help your plants become the best they can be with Dubai Garden Centre!
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ixoraVietnamese Pottery- get yours from the Dubai Garden Centre!

When you are an expatriate living in the Middle East planting in pots means that if you have to move house or apartment you can take your beloved garden with you.

Find a great range of Vietnamese Pottery and water features at the Dubai Garden Centre!

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plantsGrow Kits now available at Dubai Garden Centre
A complete range of reliable kits specially designed to grow kitchen herbs, cherry tomatoes, rocket, sunflowers, and lavender. A perfect fun way to get your children interested to grow food and to educate them about making where we live a greener place. 

Each kit has soil, seeds, containers, labels, instructions and growing tips.

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purple heart dubaiPlants That Beat The Heat

If you have been trying to grow your own plants on your balcony or in your garden and have just lost lots of them over the summer- you are not alone! Here we take a look at the hardiest plants that can survive a Dubai summer.

Succulent plants, also known as succulents or fat plants, are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and also in roots. Many succulents come from the dry areas of the tropics and subtropics, such as steppes, semi-desert, and desert. High temperatures and low rain fall force plants to collect and store water to survive long dry periods- sound perfect for Dubai! If you want your garden or balcony in the UAE to look great all year round, try planting the following… Find Out More>>
ixoraIxora plants available at Dubai Garden Centre
If the Ixora plant could talk it would say “I love full sun, the more sun the better” which is why it is such a good plant to grow in the U.A.E. It also loves humidity and does not require very much attention.

Dubai Garden Centre offers a selection of different Ixora. Learn more about how to care for this beautiful plant that’s available now in different colours.

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Dubai Garden CentreThe Dubai Garden Centre
Head to the Dubai Garden Centre off Sheikh Zayed Road to fall in love with gardening! You'll find friendly-faced Gnome ornaments to large flamboyant water fountains, we have it all. Dads will love their extensive DIY range to help trim those ever-growing lawns and full range of tools and accessories needed to beautify your garden. The friendly domestic landscaping team will help you make the right choices, Need anything made or altered? Then say Hi to our in-house bespoke Carpenters. Sometimes it is hard to wait for your garden to grow so don't miss the huge section of very mature trees and shrubs.

Find out what else the Dubai Garden Centre has to offer Right Here >>
dubai garden centre chimineaWhy do you need a Chiminea?
What better way than to keep your family and friends warm in Dubai this winter than by a Chiminea? Dubai Garden Centre have the perfect ones

The warmth, atmosphere and pleasure of sitting around a Chiminea in your garden is a delightful experience not to be missed as I’m sure the way we all like wood fires probably is that connection to nature and simplicity.
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window farming dubaiWindow Farming In Dubai

Bring the outdoors indoors…turn your windows into a garden! We've looked at growing vegetables on your balcony, now we are going to take a look at the latest in eco- friendly growing- window farming.

As Dubai is so sunny we can really take advantage of this and grow your own veggies and herbs indoors. It’s going to take a bit of DIY but that’s all part of the excitement and achievement. A Windowfarm is a vertical, hydroponic growing system that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic "liquid soil." Green beans, lettuce, basil, peppers and many other vegetables thrive in an hydroponic system, and figuring out which ones work best in your window’s conditions is part of the fun. Read More>>
growing vegetables in dubaiGet Your Five a Day...From Your Own Veggie Patch!

We all know we need to eat more vegetables and you may be a bit sick of the sight of some of the sorry specimens on shelves here; so why not grow your own? Obviously, we have to contend with the desert extremes, so what you may grow in your home country might not work here but there are lots of options for willing green fingers.You can get seeds here for many types of vegetables and herbs in the market.

Before you buy, consider whether you would actually want to eat that particular vegetable or herb, how big it will grow to before it can be harvested and whether it is a trailing plant, climbing plant, underground plant or a shrub. You don’t need a villa with a garden to have your own veggie patch you can grow in pots on your apartment balcony too. Read More>>
garden trees in dubaiTree Selection For Your Garden

Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions a home owner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a tree lost to damage or disease.

Considering that most trees have the potential to outlive the people who plant them, the impact of this decision is one that can influence a lifetime. Match the tree to the site, and both lives will benefit.The question most frequently asked of tree care professionals is “Which kind of tree do you think I should plant?” Before this question can be answered, a number of factors need to be considered.Think about the following questions: Read More>>

purple sun bird dubaiBirds In Dubai

With many of us not having grown up in the region, we are sometimes not familiar with the visitors to our gardens... whether they are birds, insects or plants.

Here we take a look at the most common garden birds in the UAE that you will see whilst out and about in the city, on your balcony or in your garden…there are a facinating variety- some native, some migratory and some that escaped and live here now! The UAE’s geographical position halfway between Europe and Asia coupled with its fine weather means that the UAE is on a major migration route for birds travelling from Asia to Africa and vice versa, as well as having many species that live here year round. Around 400 species have been spotted in the UAE and many on the list are unusual, rare or just plain spectacular.
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gardening in dubaiGreen Fingers and Recycling at DESC Dubai

Dubai English Speaking College, based in Academic City, created a school garden in the college grounds, two years ago, as part of its Green initiative for students.

The plan included providing recycling boxes for paper in all classrooms, supplying bio-degradable packaging in the school canteen and reducing the use of unnecessary lighting by displaying signs reminding everyone in school to switch off the lights when they’re finished.

However, one of the biggest successes is the Eco-Garden, located in the school grounds.The Eco-Garden's design and methods are inspired by Permaculture, a UK-based charity providing information, support and advice about nature and how to sustain human activities for future generations. Read More>>
cactus dubaiGreen Thumb or Brown Thumb? Don’t worry these plants are forgiving!

No house plant is indestructible; however, there are a tough few that cannot be beaten for their tolerance of light, water, and humidity. If you want easy success with house plants, we recommend the following power plants to brighten up your indoor space…Cactus (Cactaceae family)

Because of its ability to store water and nutrients, a cactus seldom needs watering. They love to bask in the sun. The smaller they are, the easier they are to take care of. The larger ones tend to droop if they get too much water. These only need to be watered about once a month, making them great for the absent minded plant owner. Read More>>
dubai creek parkDubai's Green Areas

If you are feeling a bit deprived of green space- do not despair! Dubai has many green areas and parks for you to enjoy with lost of flora and fauna to discover.

Here we take a closer look at some of the main ones. So pack up a picnic, grab a blanket and head off to enjoy some outdoor freedom and relax! Created in 1975, Safa Park is a 150 acre urban park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The park is bordered by Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road, Al Hadiqa Street and 55th Street. There are many facilities there including playgrounds, washrooms and a fun fair. It has abundant open areas that are perfect for picnics and games of rounders! Find Out More>>
bugs in dubaiGarden Pests In Dubai

If you're trying to cultivate your garden or you balcony there are some pests that you need to keep an eye out for before they start munching away on your favourite plants... Leaf miner is a term used to describe the larvae of many different species of insect which live in and eat the leaf tissue of plants.

The vast majority of leaf-mining insects are moths, flies, beetles and wasps. They are quite prevalent in the UAE and you will know if you have them as there will be a white trail on the leaves of your plant. They are hard to get rid of but you can just pinch the leaves off. They suck the nutrients out of the plant but would take some time to actually kill a whole plant so keep an eye out for them. Find Out More>>
red back spiders dubaiRed Back Spiders in Dubai

There are bugs and creepy crawlies like there would be anywhere in the world including snakes, scorpions, jelly fish and a recent arrival- the red back spider. They are not seen very often but it's good for you to be aware of what they look like, where they hide and how to deal with them... and for you to teach your kids what to look out for too.

A Redback Spider has a red mark on its back. Female redback spiders have shiny black bodies with an orange or red stripe on the upper abdomen. A female's body is about the size of a large pea. Males are smaller and are brown. Their red markings are often pale. Redback spiders have long thin legs. Read More>>
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