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Moving To Dubai

Moving To Dubai

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Moving To Dubai

Welcome to the Moving to Dubai Section

This is a special section with all those things you need to know before you move to Dubai. We often get asked questions about visas, what clothes to bring, what household goods to bring, what to do if you're pregnant, where to stay when you get here... so we are going to take a look at all those things you can do in advance to make a smooth move or for you to consider before you get here. Have a cup of tea and browse through these informative sections to find out everything you need to know in advance.

Welcome to the Charity & Support Groups Section

There are many charities, support groups and charitable causes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the other Emirates in the UAE, as well as the myriad of international charities around the world. Here you can search for local volunteer opportunities and find a way you can help out and support a worthy cause. We've got sections for UAE charities & support groups, local animal welfare groups, childrens' charities and international charities... as well as the latest charity news from around the world and locally.

  • Household Goods: White & Electrical

    Household Goods: White & Electrical

    If you're starting to think about packing your life up and moving to Dubai you may be staring at the fridge or dishwasher and wondering what to do with them... do they stay or do they go?

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  • Cash & Money Matters

    Cash & Money Matters

    How much money do you think you are going to need when you arrive? Should you bring dollars? Should you get your foreign currency when at home or here? What about travellers cheques?

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  • Clothes, Toiletries & Food

    Clothes, Toiletries & Food

    We've heard of people bringing a years supply of shampoo to Dubai with them. There really is no need almost everything is available. Here we take a look at what to bring and what not to bring.

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  • Red Tape Top Tips

    Red Tape Top Tips

    There's quite a bit of paperwork needed when relocating to Dubai. There are some things that you can do well in advance and we take a closer look at how you get ahead of yourself.

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Moving To Dubai - Useful Features

  • Dubai Problems You’ll Only Understand Once You Move Here

    Dubai Problems You’ll Only Understand Once You Move Here

    Many of us are really lucky to have the chance to live in Dubai and plenty of people in the world wish they could be in our place. However, if you're moving to Dubai, you'll quickly realise that life here has its drawbacks. Here's a humorous & relatable outlook on problems residents experience!

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  • 6 Things to Do in Your First Week in Dubai

    6 Things to Do in Your First Week in Dubai

    There are so many things to do when you move to a new country that you'll probably overwhelmed. From opening a bank account to finding a new home, you'll likely want to get started the second you land. However, everyone comes to realise that things take time in Dubai. So it might be counter-intuitive, but you won't be doing many productive things your first week.

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  • Guide to the Most Common Languages in Dubai

    Guide to the Most Common Languages in Dubai

    As a cosmopolitan city with lots of different cultures, Dubai has different languages being used. With Arabic being the official language, it's easy to assume that's the main language you'll need to learn to be able to live here with ease. However, English is widespread and there are many more languages spoken. Find out more about them here!

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  • 5 Fears You Have to Get Over When You Move to Dubai

    5 Fears You Have to Get Over When You Move to Dubai

    There are lots of things to adjust to when moving to a new place and conquering some fears are sometimes a part of it, especially in Dubai! From some of the highest skyscrapers to very crowded public transportation, there's a alot to be prepared for if you have a phobia or two. Here are five that you just can't afford to have in this city. 

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  • 6 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving to Dubai

    6 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving to Dubai

    When you search up Dubai on the internet, there is a wealth of information out there. Most of it covers all the amazing things this city has to offer and sometimes, a few things to watch out for. But unless you delve deep, there isn't much that truly prepares you for certain things. If you’re about to become a Dubai expat, you’ll definitely want to know these important things about life here!

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  • 8 Mistakes Expats Make When Moving to Dubai

    8 Mistakes Expats Make When Moving to Dubai

    If you're starting to think about packing your life up and moving to Dubai, you may be staring at the fridge or dishwasher and wondering what to do with them... do they stay or do they go? It's very easy to get carried away with all the excitement, but you need to be careful not to get too carried away. Here are some mistakes many expats tend to make to help you avoid them and ease you into settling in your new host country. 

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  • Top 10 things to do in your first month in Dubai

    Top 10 Things To Do In Your First Month In Dubai

    So you have more or less arrived, your so nearly here or planning ahead? Check out our expert guide on the top 10 things you should do in your first month in Dubai.

    It's going to be a hectic time so let us get you focussed on what you need to achieve. We look at things to make your arrival smoother and also how to go about getting orientated to your new country of residence. It can be an exciting but stressful time too- so let us try and help you with that.

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  • Property rental and the law

    What you need to know about renting and the property law in Dubai

    Many people are still unaware of their rights as tenants in Dubai, despite the stories in the newspapers and the information given by the authorities and RERA with regards to the rental laws of the country.

    From real estate agencies, costs involved in renting and rental increases, ExpatWoman has pooled together the resources that you need in order to safely rent and renew your rental agreement with your landlord or property agent

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  • Why Dubai

    Why Dubai?

    If you're considering a move to Dubai it can be a scary decision. Here we take a close look at the things you should take into consideration before jacking your job in and jumping on a plane.

    It may or may not be the right move for you and there are lots of pros and cons that may or may not be applicable to you. Any relocation should be carefully thought out and you should also have an exit strategy in mind too. Here we've got all the things you need to think about in a handy article

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  • How to get a residency visa

    How To Get A Residency Visa

    Most companies actually do the residency visa application and process for you but there are still things you need to be aware of and prepare yourself for like originals, copies or important documents, some need to be attested in your home country, you will need a lot of passport size photographs and so much more.

    Here we take a look at the whole procedure in case you do have to do this yourself and for you to be aware of what the process is in advance.

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  • What Should I Bring To Wear In Dubai?

    What Should I Bring To Wear In Dubai?

    When you're thinking about what clothes to bring to Dubai it can feel a bit confusing- it's hot, hot, hot but as an Islamic state you have to show respect and cover up. It's really not that hard- so don't panic.

    All it takes is a few wardrobe tweaks and a couple of purchases and you will be dressed correctly and ready to go. We've got a great guide to the Dubai Dress Code here with the do's and don'ts of what to wear.

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  • Furniture Shopping In Dubai

    Furniture Shopping In Dubai

    Moving to a different country can be daunting especially if it is a country like the UAE, completely different to what some nationalities are accustomed to.

    The important thing to keep in mind about Dubai is that it has similar amenities and facilities as the rest of the world and the choice of shopping here is wide with ample options. Check out our guide on where to go and what you're going to need to buy.

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  • Moving to Dubai From Australia

    Moving to Dubai From Australia?

    If you're considering a move to Dubai from Australia and are trying to work out how much it is going to cost you- we've got a great page for you! Compiled by our forum users, it's a great resource for anyone considering a move to Dubai, especially if you're bringing your family and pets with you.

    There are so many things to consider and many hidden or not obvious costs- the mind can boggle! It's time to get an excel sheet on the go and a calculator out.

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  • The Dubai Expatriate Community

    The Dubai Expatriate Community

    If you are considering a move to Dubai and it's going to be your first time as expat here is so much you can do in advance to prepare yourself. Here in Dubai there are expatriates from all over the world e.g. South Africans, Indians, Australians and British.

    Almost everywhere you go, you will hear strange voices and languages. The schools here typically have representation for around 70 countries, this makes for a diverse cultural mix, and is something we can embrace in our lives.

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  • Language In Dubai

    Language In Dubai

    Don't speak Arabic? Don't panic! We are so lucky in Dubai, that even though the official language is Arabic, English is very widely spoken and most signs are in English too! It does not hurt to learn a few Arabic phrases and words- it is really nice to make an effort to be polite and you will see a great response when you try!

    Here are some of the most useful ones that you should add to your vocabulary as an expat…

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  • Get Yourself Switched ON

    Get Yourself Switched ON

    Here's some hints and tips on trying to make your move as smooth and stress free as possible- whether you're moving in to Dubai or out of Dubai our guide will help you.

    Dubai Government and the private utility companies have done a pretty good job of setting up various electronic ways to pay your bills, saving you the headache of physically travelling and joining a queue. Let us guide you through everything from getting your internet on to getting the power on from getting a phone line installed to what TV channel options you're going have.

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  • Guide To Life In Dubai

    Guide To Life In Dubai

    Here we've got a really great overview of all aspects of Dubai life. Looking at the country, it's history, transportation, currency, the weather and all those other essential things you need to know.

    It's a great place to start your discovery of what life in Dubai may be like. Remember everyone was new once and discovering as much as you can about where you will be moving to in advance will help you feel more confident in your decision to relocate.

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