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ExpatWoman Reviews: Tell us your thoughts!

ExpatWoman Reviews: Tell us your thoughts!

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ExpatWoman Reviews: Tell us your thoughts!

Welcome to our EW Reviews

Here we take a look at what we recommend for Movie,TV, DVD or box set viewing to keep you occupied.

We also take a look at the best games and apps available for game consoles, PCs, iPads and mobile phones. For the bookworms we've got book reviews and Dubai book club information. If you'd like to submit a review of a book, movie, TV show or game email us on editor at expatwoman dot com. We hope you enjoy our recommendations and reviews.

Help us to expand this section with your input, and send us your review! Find out more on our Contribute page.

  • Movie Reviews

    Movie Reviews

    Here we take a look at the big screen and review some of the best movies in Dubai and also films that are now out on DVD. There's something for everyone in this section

  • TV Show Reviews

    TV Show Reviews

    We do seem to spend a lot of time watching TV- especially in the hot summer months! Here we take a look at some of the greatest TV shows to watch currently or to get the box sets of

  • Book Reviews

    Book Reviews

    We know that loads of our Dubai members love to read so we've a special book review section for you here. We take a look at some of the most popular books and also some lesser known novels that you would love to read.

  • Game & App Reviews

    Game & App Reviews

    Gaming has spread to the mainstream and is no longer the realm of the geeks! We nearly all seem to have access to a game console, a PC, phone or iPad and there are some great games and apps out there.

  • Restaurant Reviews

    Restaurant Reviews

    If you're stuck for where to go on date night, or for an upcoming special occasion or even for just a meal out this weekend... Never fear! Let our restaurant reviews of the best ones in town help you make your mind up.

  • Event Reviews

    Event Reviews

    There's always something going on across Dubai, so it's not surprising if you miss an event or gig or theatre performance. Don't worry though, the EW team will keep you up to date with all of the events so you don't miss a beat!


Review Features

  • Enjoy an Out of This World Time Watching Blue Man Group

    Enjoy an Out of This World Time Watching Blue Man Group

    The global superstars are a smash hit in the UAE, and you’ve still got chance to see them! By making their UAE debut, the Blue Man Group first performed at Dubai Opera, and are now in the Capital from the 18th till the 22nd of April.
    Read More

  • When Dubai Was Hit By Lightning!

    When Dubai Was Hit By Lightning!

    If you grew up in the seventies, or even the eighties for that matter, then you're probably more than familiar with Grease - a classic story of boy meets girl, set to electrifying tunes of the yester years. An EW review on Grease the Musical at DWTC that had a smashing production and a roaring audience!
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  • Review: Blonde Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    Review: Blonde Highlights at The Hair Corridor

    Thinking of giving yourself a new look? Well, here's some inspiration! EW's Donna recently had her hair highlighted to bring out her best blonde at The Hair Corridor. Read her review to find out more and check out her before and after photos!
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  • Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Written and illustrated by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar educates children through a series of illustrations and captivating characters. The play, created by Jonathan Rockefeller has gathered critical acclaim abroad and the Dubai edition doesn't disappoint!

    Read More
  • The Best Christmas Adverts of 2016

    The Best Christmas Adverts of 2016

    Every year, we eagerly await the arrival of Christmas adverts on our television sets. While some of you may find it a little too early for your liking, there's no denying that we all enjoy a little Christmas cheer in the lead up to the day itself.

    Read More
  • Apps to Help with Homework

    Apps to Help with Homework

    It’s ok to admit it mamas, sometimes our children’s homework just doesn’t make sense anymore. We’ve all been there. Luckily for us (and not so much for our parents back in the day), we have technology and the internet!

    Read More
  • 6 Not-to-Miss Films at the Cinema

    6 Not-to-Miss Films at the Cinema

    As we near the end of 2016, some of the best and biggest movie titles are being released in the cinema in anticipation for the festive season. From magical creatures, to literary bug favourites, to Tom Cruise doing what he does best... There's some big names currently showing that you probably won't want to miss on the big screen.

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  • 9 Helpful Apps for Special Needs

    9 Helpful Apps for Special Needs

    When it comes to special needs and education, each person must be assessed on an individual basis to help determine exactly what will be both helpful and beneficial for them and their development. We've reviewed and selected some of the most useful apps that are great when assisting children and adults who have special needs...

    Read More
  • Must-Have Apps for Women

    We've selected some of the best apps that will help to turn our smartphone into the side-kick you've always wanted. Now you'll be able to conquer everything! From the weekly food shop, to health tracking, to grooming, to clocking up your Starbucks points.

  • Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer

    Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer: Tried, Tested & Reviewed

    We all know the extent to which women will go to get their hair in that perfect, long-lasting, luscious flow. And now, with the new Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, every woman's dream can finally come true!

    Read More
  • Best Summer Reads of 2016

    Best Summer Reads of 2016

    Whether you are on the beach, at a cafe or lounging in the pool, there's never a bad time for reading a book. Grab one of these best reads and really relax over the summer.

    Read More
  • How to Download Pokémon GO in the UAE

    How to Download Pokémon GO in the UAE

    he official release date for users who have Apple accounts in the UAE has not been announced, however with meticulous steps, there is a way to bypass Apple's location settings so you can download the game anywhere worldwide.

    Read More
  • Review: Get Out with Pokémon GO

    Review: Get Out with Pokémon GO

    Since the arrival of Pokémon in our lives two decades ago, children, teenagers and young adults have been captivated by the glorious and recognisable creatures. Now with advancing technologies and the help of AR, GPS and a Google Maps-esque layout, fans and avid trainers can now hunt their favourite Pokémon in real life... Sort of.

    Read More
  • 8 Must Watch TV Box Sets

    8 Must Watch TV Box Sets

    Are you seeking the ultimate duvet day plan? Make sure you have these box sets to hand. From the tear-inducing episodes of Grey's Anatomy, to the laughter filled Friend series, we've gathered eight of our must watch TV shows that everyone needs to watch at least once in their lifetime.

    Read More
  • Movies to Watch with Dad

    Movies to Watch with Dad

    Nothing beats relaxing with your dad on your comfy couch, while binge eating chocolates and chips and watching your favourite dad-inspired movies. We’ve gathered some of our favourite father themed movies for you. You’re welcome!

    Read More
  • 5 Reasons Why Colouring is Great For You

    5 Reasons Why Colouring is Great For You

    That's right folks, the colouring book is no longer for children. After all, why do the kids get all the fun? You can't deny it, and we bet a lot of you already have one of the popular colouring books displayed proudly in bookstores around the world. .

    Read More
  • 13 Essential Feminist Books

    13 Essential Feminist Books

    The word “feminism” has been a prominent addition to everyone’s dictionaries over the past few years, as it has become more important than ever before.

    Read more
  • 18 Emotions Games Of Thrones Has Put Us Through

    18 Emotions Games Of Thrones Has Put Us Through

    We're sure all you Game of Throne fans have been left gob smacked, screaming or even balling your eyes out on numerious occasions so far this season. If there's one thing about Game of Thones is that it is addictive, and there's never a dull moment.

    Read more
  • 50 Best Workout Songs

    50 Best Workout Songs

    We could all do with a little motivational music while we’re busting ourselves at the gym or while running out and about. At a time where music is quite literally the soundtrack to our lives, it’s easy to feel incomplete without the right tune encouraging you through a fitness regime.

    Read more
  • The Ultimate at Work Playlist

    The Ultimate at Work Playlist

    In an age where quite literally music is the soundtrack, it’s not often you’ll find employees or colleagues working with headphones in… Don’t take it personally, they’re not skiving or distracted, they’re more than likely trying their hardest to concentrate while working to deadline or on their current project.

    Read more
  • 5 Irish Shows watch on St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

    Top 5 Must-See Irish TV Shows

    If you are planning on staying in this weekend but still want to be part of the Irish tradition, then get your popcorn ready, fluff your couch cushions and get ready to watch some of the most trending Irish shows on television!

    Read more
  • Local Authors in Dubai

    There's quite a lot of literary talent in the UAE and the Middle East so here we take a closer look at the some of the books that were written by residents of the ME or written about the UAE and elsewhere.

  • Useful Apps for Dubai Expats

    Expats in Dubai are all too familiar with the complications and stresses that come with basic every day processes; like setting up your bank account, or trying to find a taxi, or paying your utilities bills. So here's some apps to make your life easier!

  • Top 10 Kids Summer Reads

    There are still a few days left where you can spend ample time outdoors. After that everyone in Dubai becomes a shut in shunning the sun in favour of the cool of the indoors. Get your kids using their imaginations and reading this summer.

  • Book Clubs in Dubai

    If ever you feel like you need to get stuck into another great read that you just can't put down... There's no need to do it alone! Join one of the many book clubs across the Emirate to discuss those gripping stories with fellow expatriates.

  • What's Hot Right Now?

    Here we take a look at some of the top ten games, books and movies this year- so you can keep your finger on the pulse! Plus, if you're stuck for any gifts... You're welcome!

  • Top Teen Summer Reads

    We have a round up of the newest and most popular books to read by the pool or the beach, or even on a long flight to a summer holiday. Have a look through these fantastic books that would make a fab gift too.

  • X Versus Y

    Torn between two TV series to watch? Are you confused about your muggles and hobbits? Or are you simply not sure what book to take on a flight with you? EW compares the trending books, films and TV series and battle it out to help you decide which to indulge into next!

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