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Crafts & Crafters In Dubai

Crafts & Crafters In Dubai

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Crafts & Crafters In Dubai

Crafts & Crafters in Dubai

Let's get crafty Dubai! Crafts are big news right now and everyone is getting into it in a big way- whether it's recycling, upcycling, jewellery making, cup cake baking- it's all getting creative out there! Here we take a look at our Editor's picks of the best handicrafts and artisans in Dubai. There are so many crafters out there beavering away at their own creations and here we feature the best of them and where you can find them on the web. We've also got news about ExpatWoman craft fairs, competitions to enter, craft tutorials, blog features, articles and so much more! Time to get your craft on!

Crafting News & Features

  • Super Easy Easter Crafts to Make

    Super Easy Easter Crafts to Make

    While Easter may be a religious holiday for most celebrating, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to give extra attention to your families and spend some quality time with each other.And there's no better way of doing that than with some easy crafts that are perfect for children and adults alike.

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  • 3 Simple DIY Calendars

    3 Simple DIY Calendars

    Tired of seeing pages and pages of puppies, flowers and Justin Bieber? Then make your own that suits your own taste! If you're not dab-hand at crafting, these simple tutorials is extremely easy to follow to create a calendar that will suit anybody's or any home's style.

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  • Try Something New - Quilting

    Try Something New - Quilting

    Joyce writes for us about her journey into the world of quilting.

    "When I had first moved to the USA, I struggled to meet new friends, it was school summer holidays, and all the school-mum type things were on hold for the break. I got really fed up, and one day went for a browse in the fabric store, the shop assistant said she had just the thing… Quilt In A Day.

    It was a book actually, (Eleanor Burns) with step by step instructions on how to make a very easy log cabin quilt, made using strips of fabric, machine sewn together alternately. I was very taken with the history or folklore of Log Cabin quilts...

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  • Our Top 10 Dubai Craft Market Tips

    Our Top 10 Dubai Craft Market Tips

    Check out our expert advice on what you are going to need to do or bring with you if you're taking part in a craft market in Dubai.

    If it's your first time there are a few things you are going to need to know to get you through the day!

    Have you got your shade sorted? Have you got a float? Can people find out how to contact you? What are you going to sit on? So many questions!

    We give you our expert top tips on these questions and more in this really informative article! Enjoy!

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  • Crafting Clubs and Classes

    Crafting Clubs and Classes

    If you are looking to learn a new craft or skill in a work shop environment or looking to join a club of fellow crafters be it scrapbooking to quilting- we've got some great ideas for you here.

    It is so nice to take a break from the screen and every day life and enter the creative world. You could learn the ancient art of book binding even!

    We'll keep updating this page as we find more things for you to take part in and clubs to join. So don't be shy and take up a new hobby or brush up on those skills... you'll meet some interesting people no doubt as well!

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  • Festive Crafting Tutorials

    Festive Crafting Tutorials

    The festive season is a wonderful opportunity to get your craft on- whether it's making gifts, decorations or things to sell- there's a wealth of inspiration for you to pull from!

    This year's trend is definitely got a nordic feel to it as well as the old rustic, vintage favourite feel as well!

    You need to making things all year round for the festive season too- so get planning ahead early!

    Here we've hunted round Youtube for you to find some really great videos of things that you can make to brighten up that Christmas tree or to give as fab gifts!

    There's nothing better than a handmade gift- shows that special someone how much effort and thought you have put in it for them!

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  • Our Top 10 Favourite Craft Magazines

    Our Top 10 Favourite Craft Magazines

    Whether you are looking to take up a new craft or are a seasoned crafter looking for inspiration, there's nothing better than curling up with a glossy magazine either in print or on your iPad with a fab crafting magazine.

    There are so many available now covering everything from jewellery making to quilting, card making to beading, crochet to scrap booking and everything in between.

    Local large stationary shops do carry some of the interbnational craft titles in Dubai as well- always good for the freebies that come with the print versions!

    Here we take a look at 10 of the ones that have inspired us the most.

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  • Samantha Gets Recycling & Upcycling

    Samantha Gets Recycling & Upcycling

    We received this lovely email off a very crafty mum out there, called Samantha, and wanted to share it with you...

    "First off I'd like to thank you at ExpatWoman for all of the help, advice and comfort you've given me over the last 8 years

    As a local artist I have over the years created many pieces of art and installations for the local community and recently I was asked to refurbish a piece of furniture and document the process as a favour for my son's school.

    Having done this I realised that I could share this process with all of the mums out there (and non-mums) who were enviromentally conscious and needed something to do with the 27th hour of their day :-)" Here she gives up step by step instructions with photographs of her amazing upcycled bureau.

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  • Decoupage Wooden Heart Tutorial

    Decoupage Wooden Heart Tutorial

    Scrappy Doo Fripperies & Ephemera shared her tutorial with us on how to make a lovely decoupage wooden heart using the fun napkin decoupage technique.

    This is something you could do at home- it's a nifty project that doesn't take much time and the results are fab!

    "I'm loving napkin decoupage at the moment... The results are amazing and it's much quicker than doing an album so nice to have a little break!

    I'd got a plain wooden heart from Cuddly Buddly and had been wondering what to do with it... So today it was decoupage time!"

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  • Calling All Crafters! Take Part In An ExpatWoman Craft Fair

    Calling All Crafters! Take Part In An ExpatWoman Craft Fair

    We often have Craft Zones at our many ExpatWoman signature events- to be added to our crafters mailing list please email events@expatwoman.com and we'll add you to it to keep you informed of up and coming opportunities. You can also take a look at all the fab events we run through out the year to get your calendars and diaries organised and full!

    Click Here For More Info

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