Dubai ExpatWoman Coffee Mornings Dubai

Dubai ExpatWoman Coffee Mornings Dubai

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ExpatWoman Coffee Mornings

Our coffee mornings are renowned for joining fellow expat ladies over a great cup of coffee, flowing conversation and great company! Get involved and come along... Everyone is welcome! 

We’ve been assisting women to make friends for the last 11 years and our coffee mornings are the perfect place to do this.

We run 8 coffee mornings per week in popular spots in Dubai. We also have several mum's groups including; 2 Mums & Tots groups and 2 Bumps & Babes groups and a Boddlers group - so there really is something for everyone.

Each one has a friendly hostess who is on hand to introduce you to the people there. There are always new people joining and people come and go.

dubai coffee mornings

- See our  Coffee Morning Schedule here - 

If you’re nervous have some topics of conversation ready- ask people why they moved to Dubai, how long they’ve been here, for advice and tips they can pass on to you for settling in and you’ll soon find the conversation flowing. Be brave and admit you’re lonely or missing your friends and family- you’ll find so many people feel exactly the same! If you click with someone why don’t you suggest meeting up again or swapping numbers to keep in touch. You have to be proactive to start to grow your social circle.

Come and meet new friends!

For the first and only time, we'll be holding one of our coffee mornings at Blends and Brews Coffee Shoppe in the Sahara Centre! 

Come along and meet fellow expats, join in the flowing conversation over a brew and perhaps make some friends and new acquaintances while you're at it. All of our ExpatWoman members are invited to join us at this special, one-off coffee morning. So come along and meet new friends! For more information, contact! 
Blends and Brews Coffee Shoppe at Sahara Centre, Expat Woman coffee mornings

To join in one of our regular, week-day coffee mornings across Dubai, check the schedule here >>


We asked our ladies why they like our Coffee Mornings...

From Vikki’s coffee morning, Mercato Tuesday group

We have ladies in this group who are from USA, Denmark, Scotland & Kuwait and so many more places!

dubai coffee mornings"To meet new and interesting people, find information from new friends on where to go and living in Dubai, places to visit with friend and family that come out." Sylvia, UK

"Great when I first came because I picked up lots of tips. Now, after three years, it’s a chance to meet up regularly with what have become good friends." Alison, Wales

"An excellent idea for new and long term expats. We always know we’ve somewhere to go when we need a friend. Good tips and source of local info." Vicky, UK

"I come on a coffee morning to meet English people and speak. I try but it’s difficult but all people are nice with me :)" Corrine, France

 "It took me a year before I joined the group at Mercato. It was a real surprise – lots of women just like me – a certain age – children left home – we all get on really well helped by Vikki who mixes us up and makes sure newbie’s are welcome. Because of this group I play Mahjong, go to book club, have lunches out, make jewellery and we have a good laugh." Jenny, UK

"Absolutely brilliant when new in Dubai. A great venue for meeting and making friends that is so necessary to not feel alone in the city. Friendly and well organized. Mercato expat coffee morning was my first visit to get to know people. Everyone was friendly and had lots of helpful advice on living in Dubai." Lesley, UK & France!

From The Dubai Mall Coffee Morning

dubai mall coffee morning"It's really nice coming to a fixed place on a fix time to meet different people from communities. You get to know them." Shalu from India

"What a lovely group of ladies. If I have nothing to do on a Sunday, I always come along and there is always someone new to meet." Joy from England

"It's lovely coming here. Just second time I am here and now I can see loads of friends to meet. Happy to be here : )" Navjeet from India

"It's lovely meeting with different people". Athanasia from Greece

"I love coming to expat woman. It has been such a great way to meet so many lovely women from different countries, with various stories. It's so interesting hearing the stories of those who have lived and travelled to different countries. It is a great way to exchange stories and information about adapting to life here. Everyone has a similar experience of adapting to life as a new expat here and all are so welcoming". Kathryn from Australia

"It is a lovely meeting point. Having met lots of women from different countries, it is a very good way to socialise." Usha from Singapore

"I enjoy coming to the coffee mornings here. So far I met very nice ladies from different countries and cultures. Good way to exchange news from Dubai" Gabriele from Germany

"The coffee morning was the best way to get to know people who become good friends." Juliana from England

"After 18 months where I put off going to coffee mornings because I was worried about going on my own - I went to my first one and it was the best decision I ever made! No more lonely days, I've met some wonderful friends and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming." Gwen from England

Meet Our Hostesses

ExpatWoman Coffee Morning Host"Hi I am Vikki, I've lived in Dubai for 6 years now. And the time has gone by so quickly. I have two children. Charlotte who is and Josh who is 5. Josh was born here in Dubai. I found my first year here in Dubai very difficult to settle in being a new mum, new country/culture, new car on crazy roads, and no family. But coming along to my first group really helped.

I started going to a toddler group in Ibn Battuta, run by my now good friend Sam. Since then I've met some really lovely people and some whom I'm great friends with now, they are my Dubai family. I took over the toddler group for Sam while she went off and had two more boys. She is now back running the group after a wee break.

I  host the Jumeirah coffee morning group on Tuesday's, and its great time to meet up for a chat without my kids. The ladies here are wonderful and make you feel very welcome, and they are a great source of information from where to take your family when they out visiting to where to get rugs cleaned. Mercato Mall is a beautiful boutique Mall based on the Vientiane theme. And lots of lovely shops too.

I've also started hosting the early birds breakfast morning in Biella at MOE, we have a great mix of nationalities South Africa, Australia, UK & Scotland ,Italy, Korea and many more. Each week we get newcomers, so never feel that you'll be out of place because before you know it you will have made some really good friends to share your experiences with. The Breakfast is a great deal only 35dhs including tea/coffee & water. Then you can go off and make the most of the fabulous shops MOE has to offer.

We also do some lovely events out and about from the Mosque tour in Abu Dhabi to high Tea at the Ritz and we're always looking for new ideas for our outings."
SEE ALSO: Come along to one of our Mums' groups! 

ExpatWoman Coffee Morning HostHi All!

I'm Sarah and I'm loving living here in Dubai and have been for just over four years. I was born and grew up in South Africa but made our home in the UK.

My husband and I moved here with our 4 daughters, ranging in age from 18 to 18 months.
Dubai for us is a fantastic place to be with lots of different experiences and exciting opportunities.

I love hosting the coffee mornings as it means I get to help people as well as meeting new people myself! Would love to meet you at one of my events soon!

ExpatWoman Coffee Morning HostI am Helga  from Namibia in Africa.

My husband and I came to Dubai in 2002 and we lived and worked here until 2010. We had such a great time here and I used to attend the coffee mornings when I could. An interesting beach resort project lured us to Vietnam and we became expats there for 3 years, it was an eye-opening experience.

We're excited to be back in Dubai and cannot believe how much the city has grown and changed in this short space of time.

I look forward to hosting the coffee mornings every week, and I love meeting all the expats in this very diverse city.

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Latest comments

  • mama5  on  01 Sep 2014 12:10:42 PM

    Night from Kenya, I have been in Dubai for the last 5 yrs, unfortunately i have not been able to meet others on coffee mornings due to my work schedule, but very happy with the forum which has taught me a lot. I always feel at home whenever I have a query and is answered within seconds on the forum. A big thank you to all

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  • admin  on  01 Sep 2014 12:31:13 PM

    Hi mama5! We understand that due to the working hours, for most it is difficult to attend our EW Coffee Mornings. You should register and come along to our event on 17th September - An Evening with It's in the evening at Emirates Golf Club. We'd love it if you could come! Also - glad to hear you find the forums very helpful. Have a nice day now! EW Admin

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  • Desertdiarist  on  02 Sep 2014 07:05:45 PM

    I read above that people are introduced on arrival and groups are mixed up at the coffee mornings - unfortunately that has not been my experience so people who have been attending for a while and know each other well are not encouraged to move around and talk with new people. I really think more of an effort needs to be made by the host to encourage circulation.

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  • admin  on  03 Sep 2014 09:13:33 AM

    Dear Desertdiarist, Thank you for your feedback. We have taken your concerns to our coffee morning hosts and we will try to ensure that more of an effort is made on their part to integrate new members. EW Admin

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  • ilusmpana  on  10 Sep 2014 10:04:33 AM

    Hi everyone :) i joined recently. Looking forward to get to know more about expatwoman and meet all of you :)

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  • deedeeds  on  13 Nov 2014 03:31:44 PM

    Hi I'm a newbie and would love to join some coffee mornings. Is there a timetable of when/where they happen. Thank you!

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  • admin  on  15 Nov 2014 12:27:34 AM

    Hi deedeeds, you can see all of the upcoming coffee mornings here on this link... Kind regards, EW Admin

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  • CGE143  on  23 Nov 2014 11:11:44 AM

    Can't wait to meet some moms and tots... Think all moms needs help and advice or just strong coffee... Will be my first time this week. Looking forward to it. Does anyone know about baby and parent development classes? My little one is ten months old and I would love to join in some classes or activities to help him.

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