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Travel & Adventure

Travel & Adventure

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Travel & Adventure

Welcome to the Travel & Adventure Section

Looking to get away soon? Hopefully you'll find our guides to different countries and cities around the world useful in deciding on your next destination! Enjoy your trip, wherever it may be. If you wish to share your holiday stories, feel free to email contribute@expatwoman.com and we'll publish it!

Travel Features

  • Travel Counsellors Breaks Record and Celebrates Best January yet

    Travel Counsellors Breaks Record and Celebrates Best January yet

    January included the company’s top-performing sales days since it was established in 1994, with the value of bookings exceeding the AED14m mark for the first time in the firm’s history on two consecutive Fridays. This was followed by a bookings boost on the final day of the month when Travel Counsellors exceeded AED14m in sales for the third time, with 8 out of its 10 best ever sales days now in January 2017.

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  • Top 12 Unique Wedding Destinations

    Top 12 Unique Wedding Destinations

    A wedding is the most important and memorable day of most couples lives and planning this special day starts with choosing the most perfect location. As with anything, timing is key so here’s my Top 12 recommendations for the most unique and special wedding destinations for each month of the year.

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  • Travel Counsellors wins prestigious Award

    Travel Counsellors wins prestigious Award

    Travel Counsellors is celebrating after being announced as Growing Business of the Year at the 2016 Amazon Growing Business Awards in London last week. The company was revealed as winners of this significant award, recognising the impressive growth of the business in the category of ‘Larger Company’.

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  • 21 Pictures Expats Can Relate To at Christmas

    21 Pictures Expats Can Relate To at Christmas

    Every year, many of us head back to our home countries to spend the holidays surrounded by our loved ones. Between all the travelling excitement, festive decorations, nights on the town and Christmas present wrapping however, there's always one downside... And that's the living arrangements we expats are exposed to when heading back home.

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  • Travel Counsellors celebrate after achieving Admiral Status

    Travel Counsellors celebrate after achieving Admiral Status

    Travel Counsellors have been celebrating after achieving the highest accolade awarded by Royal Caribbean Cruises. Over 20 Dubai-based travel specialists from the company became ‘Admirals’ this month, positioning them as experts in the Royal Caribbean Cruises suite of products including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara.

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  • With love from Ireland…

    With love from Ireland…

    Since joining Travel Counsellors in 2014 I have been really impressed by the truly unique ethos and values we have as a company. We are like one big family, always willing to help one another and genuinely caring about each other, both personally and professionally. Never more so was this evident to me than during my trip to Ireland this summer.

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  • Travel Counsellors – Halal Travellers

    Travel Counsellors – Halal Travellers

    Since Travel Counsellors UAE launched in 2012 they have gone from strength to strength, and recently 2 of their 45 Franchisees Zakiya Habib and Naeem Patelia achieved the highly acclaimed CrescentRating Accreditation. CrescentRating is the world’s leading authority on Halal travel, and this status puts the leading, independent travel company firmly on the Muslim travel map.

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  • Would You Dare? The World's Glass-Bottomed Attractions

    Would You Dare? The World's Glass-Bottomed Attractions

    China has recently opened the world's highest glass bottom bridge... Would you dare to walk on it? We check out other thrilling attractions, too!

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  • Travel Counsellors Gala Dinner UAE Conference 2016

    Travel Counsellors Gala Dinner UAE Conference 2016

    The team from Travel Counsellors UAE recently enjoyed an action-packed 4 day conference filled with education, inspiration, collaboration and of course, celebration. Held at the Desert Palm, Per Aquum in Dubai, the conference was attended by Travel Counsellors agents from the UAE, guests from the Travel Counsellors management team including Managing Director, Steve Byrne, head office staff, trusted suppliers, sponsors and partners, including headline sponsor DoSomethingDifferent.com.

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  • 21 Ways a Holiday Can Go Wrong

    21 Ways a Holiday Can Go Wrong

    We can all agree that no matter how much planning we may put into our trip, sometimes life throws a curveball at us. You picked your destination, you have all passports up to date, you've bought all of your new holiday clothes and shoes... But sometimes, it can still just go wrong. Missed flights, lost boarding cards, unorganised timings and forgetfulness all have a habit of sneaking up on us while travelling.

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  • How to Survive a Long Haul Journey with Kids

    How to Survive a Long Haul Journey with Kids

    Are you travelling with the kids this year? There's no need to stress or panic... To help you out, from one mother in Abu Dhabi to you, here's some fantastic tips to ensure your long haul journey as a family is stress-free!

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  • Why is Travel Insurance so Important?

    Why is Travel Insurance so Important?

    Travelling, whether internationally or domestically, requires insurance. Be it for one day, ten days or three months... As travellers of the world, and especially as expats who need to protect their property, assets and families abroad, we need to ensure we're covered with insurance before leaving the house.

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  • Travelling with kids – Travel Counsellors Top Tips!

    Travelling with Kids – Travel Counsellors Top Tips!

    Travelling with kids can be a fun, educational and a truly memorable time – without it needing to be a hassle. Just a little bit of planning and some know-how can go a long way to keep everyone including yourself at ease!

    Here are some of my top tips for the leaders of the pack:

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  • What makes Travel Counsellors different?  Our people.

    What makes Travel Counsellors different? Our people

    Here at Travel Counsellors, we have such a fantastic mix of people from different backgrounds – every member of our family shares the same DNA, but have their own unique qualities.

    We’ve asked a handful of our Dubai-based Travel Counsellors to share their story with you….

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  • Traditional Interactive Falconry Experience At Royal Shaheen Events

    Traditional Interactive Falconry Experience At Royal Shaheen Events

    If you are looking for something different to do in Dubai, or something unique to show people who are visiting the Emirates, we found the perfect experience.

    We got the chance to take part in a Traditional Interactive Falconry Experience organized by Royal Shaheen Events, where we not only interacted got the chance to interact with falcons but also found out more about the history of falconry and it's traditions.

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  • The Best Way to Stay Healthy While Flying

    The Best Way to Stay Healthy While Flying

    Around Ramadan is a popular time for travel, especially on flights to destinations far and wide. During this time we are more likely to take a vacation or visit our home countries.

    EW has some excellent advice and top tips to make sure you arrive fresh energised at your destination after a long flight.

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  • Top Trips from Dubai in Under 5 Hours

    Top Trips from Dubai in Under 5 Hours

    There are so many people who want to get away for a long weekend, or for a mini break. The usual spots for a weekend away are usually regional. What if you took a couple of extra days and went to see one of these amazing places that are just five hours or less from Dubai. If you travel out of season many airlines do great deals for these destinations. You could also look into booking a holiday package - which may work out to be a lot cheaper.

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  • Star Wars in Abu Dhabi

    Star Wars in Abu Dhabi

    Disney has confirmed that the Star Wars Franchise is filming in Abu Dhabi and they have secured two regions in the Western region, where the seventh installment of the legendary franchise will film. Here we have all the news regularly updated for those of you who are fanatics.

    You can drive by the site, it is marked with two red traffic cones, however you cannot enter the top-secret set. It has been reported that staff hired on location as well as hotel staff are not permitted to discuss the film at all and have all signed confidentiality agreements.

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  • Your how to guide to Dubai airports

    Your how to guide to Dubai airports

    It doesn't matter if you are coming or going we have a page for all your airport needs! Dubai International Airport is ranked the second busiest airport in the world. It's vast size can be quite daunting but don't let that put you off- everything is well sign posted in many languages. Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai’s second airport, opened its doors to passengers in 2013.

    Read our guide to help you find your way to and from the airport from most locations in Dubai.

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  • Geocaching in Dubai

    Geocaching in Dubai

    If you're looking for an advernturous new hobby for you or the kids- why not give geocaching a try? It's the real world and online treasure hunt that is played in over 100 countries around the world. "caches" are hidden in secret locations that can be found using clues and GPS coordinates.

    Guess what? The UAE has over 500 of them hidden around. It's a great challenge, takes you to places you may never have been before and gives you a real sense of fun and achievement.

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  • NYC In Pictures

    NYC In Pictures

    Are you looking for a holiday destination that has it all?? If it's a city trip you're after we say, "GO TO NEW YORK." It's the ultimate multicultural tourist destination for absolutely everyone.

    Why is it so great?? Well if you're a TV buff many, many iconic series were filmed in the Big Apple and you can go on tours to see where FRIENDS lived, the iconic staircase in front of Carrie's (SATC) studio and a tour of the various locations made famous by Seinfeld.

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  • Australia in pictures

    Australia in pictures

    In this photo gallery we show you our absolute favourite places to visit in Australia. We have it all, from Sydney to Cairns and everything in between. We helicoptered up to the Blue Mountains and hung out by the Sydney Opera House, we went to the beach in Surfers Paradise and camped out in the bush. Australia is a place where you can surf, hike, party, see a play, eat some great food and we had a blast doing it all.

    So from the EW team here are our moments in Australia.

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  • Hong Kong and Macau Weekend

    Hong Kong and Macau Weekend

    Mike took a trip to fabulous Hong Kong- here's what he had to say about the visit. It was the perfect time and place to celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday. We booked the flights and hotel early February. Few days before our trip, I had written the itinerary and the purpose was to enjoy the local culture in Hong Kong.

    We arrived at the airport terminal in Hong Kong in the afternoon. The airport, one of the largest in the world, was clean and sleek. The rain had stopped and I was thinking what else to do if the rain continued to pour down.

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  • Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

    Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

    We were lucky enough to get to visit Singapore's latest tourist attraction Gardens By The Bay and see the spectacular Super Trees! The gardens are inbetween the coast and Marina Bay Sands and are well worth a visit if you are travelling to Singapore.

    They are easily reached by the MRT metro system- you get off at the Bay Front station and they are a short walk away. Entrance to the gardens themselves is free- you only pay to go up into the Super Trees and walk on the walkway bridge and to enter the two domes- The Flower Dome & The Cloud Forest Dome.

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  • ExpatWoman Travelling Tips

    ExpatWoman Travelling Tips

    We've some great ways for you here to find out how to stay healthy when on a plane.

    Do you always seem to pick a bug up when flying? It could be you aren’t aware of some simple steps you can take to avoid contamination.

    Here are some top tips for you to avoid picking up that flu or stomach bug… we’ve tried them and it’s made a massive difference! Also how to save that precious battery life on your mobile.

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  • Travelling With Kids

    Travelling With Kids

    We are lucky that most of us get to travel quite regularly in the Middle East- whether it's trips to our home countries or local holidays.

    Preparing your kids for plane travel is important for their and your peace of mind and enjoyment. There are lots of things you can do to make this happen.

    We can help you get organised! Here we take a look at some top tips about travelling with your kids on a plane- it's all in the planning!

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Travel & Adventure Stories

We've been to a lot of places... read all about them here from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between! If you'd like to write about your trip away send us an email at editor at expatwoman dot com and we can add your adventure into the section. Enjoy the journeys below...

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