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Dubai Dubai Weddings

Welcome to the Dubai Weddings Section

Wedding info, hints tips and advice whatever you're searching for! We have everything you need to know, from planning your UAE wedding to planning a wedding abroad, diamonds and the laws and regulations of the UAE.


Wedding Quick Links

  • UAE marriage laws and regulations

    UAE marriage laws and regulations

    Here's all the information you need on getting married in Dubai and the UAE. Covering all legalties, paperwork and red tape- we'll help you through it.

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  • Planning a UAE Wedding

    Planning a UAE Wedding

    Planning your wedding should be fun but it can be stressful. Here we have everything you need to plan and some advice and suggestions on how to make your day perfect.

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  • guide to diamonds

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

    Dubai is land of bling and there are so many ring options available for you. Here we take a look at all things ring from carats to cuts and settings and everything in between.

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  • Planning your oversees wedding

    Planning your oversees wedding

    Organising your wedding from Dubai and the UAE for an overseas venue is more than possible in this digital age. We can help you find out the best options for you.

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Wedding Features

  • Meet Suzy Pallett from Informa Middle East

    Delightful Honeymoon Destinations

    From the heavenly week long escape to a private island complete with massages, pampering, and a private Jacuzzi, to the traditional welcoming reception surrounded by rose petals, with a horse drawn carriage, your honeymoon is the chance to live out your fairytale and be with your loved one before embarking on married life.

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  • Bride Show

    The BRIDE Show: Dubai

    Brides-to-be rejoice! The biggest bridal and wedding extravaganza is heading for Dubai's shores once again, with the return of this year's The BRIDE Show in Dubai. Brides will have the chance to find local vendors, be inspired with ideas for their own wedding and enjoy a fantastic day out.

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  • Meet Suzy Pallett from Informa Middle East

    Meet Suzy Pallett from Informa Middle East

    Suzy Pallett moved to Dubai to embark on a new role in the region as Exhibition Director at Informa Middle East, and is currently, among others, heading up the BRIDE Show 2016, a large-scale, dynamic, female focused consumer event.

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San Patrick now available at Vanila!

    San Patrick now available at Vanila!

    The New Collection of the Spanish Brand – San Patrick has arrived in Vanila! Gorgeous classic lace wedding gowns presented by the Spanish brand in 2016 collection are just breathtaking!

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  • Vanila Wedding Boutique: New Studio opens in JLT

    Vanila Wedding Boutique: New Studio opens in JLT

    A host of wedding industry experts and bloggers attended the opening of Dubai’s newest bridal boutique, Vanila, on Wednesday 11th November. Invited guests were given a preview of the stylish studio, as well as learning about some of the exclusively stocked designer gowns that the store offers.

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  • Wedding Invite Etiquette

    Wedding Invite Etiquette

    Congratulations, It’s so exciting, you are getting married! However be warned the invite list is one of those things that might just cause you a headache. There have been many of us that have gone through this process at EW. We have put together some tips on how to handle wedding invite list, and hopefully be a stress free task.

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  • Barcelona Bridal Week

    Barcelona Bridal Week

    Vanila Wedding Boutique attended the 2015 Barcelona Bridal Week experiencing everything firsthand! Find out all the latest trends and fashions from Vanila, with the latest collections from Rosa Clara, Jesus Peiro, Yolan Cris and Houghton.

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  • The SKY Collection is here

    The SKY Collection is here

    Vanila Wedding Boutique presents the latest collection of wedding dresses by Helen Miller – SKY.

    Helen Miller has been elaborating her designs very carefully and delicately. The core idea of the brand is providing great quality, stylish up-to-date designs for reasonable price.

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  • Wedding Shoes: Elegance Vs Comfort!

    Wedding Shoes: Elegance Vs Comfort!

    It isn’t a secret that real fashionistas spend a lot of time and money on shoes. Choosing the right pair for the Big day will take sometimes even more time than choosing the wedding gown itself.
    There are lots of aspects that go into choosing the right pair for you: your dress, venue, etc. Don’t forget this isn’t a small task, as you’ll be spending you’re whole day in those shoes.

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  • History of the White Dress

    History of the White Dress

    A bride in her array should not be super-modern. It does make more sense to be in line with the older generation’s tastes, mainly, those of future in-laws.
    To comply with traditions, be righteous, associate with forefather’s era – that is an important psychological issue to be necessarily taken into consideration while preparing a bridal array.

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  • Best Places to Propose in Dubai

    Best Places to Propose in Dubai

    We've sussed out the best and most romantic places to propose in this fantastic city. There is something for every couple, from the adventure junkies to the outdoorsey and the very romantic types.
    Whether you live in Dubai or you're planning on flying here just for the picturesque moment, there is something great about a uniquely Dubai-esque proposal.

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  • Wedding How to

    Wedding How To's... Organise Your Wedding Online

    Organising your wedding can be a fun but also stressful time… and in if you are trying to organise a wedding in another country and there could be some hectic moments! Here we take a look at how to organise a wedding in the UK from Dubai. Thank goodness for the internet! You are going to need to have a rough idea of where, whether you want the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place or separate, rough idea of numbers, rough budget and a rough date. We’ll be doing this in parts so our first episode is finding and choosing the venue.

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  • Wedding Trends- Trash The Dress!

    Wedding Trends- Trash The Dress!

    Trash the Dress is just what it sounds like- the bride gets back in her dress in a strange, weird and unusual location with photos taken for posterity! After the formality of a wedding day what could be more fun than a no holds barred photo shoot in your wedding dress! The Wedding Photo Journalist Association plays host to many competitions yearly and the Trash the Dress category is one of the most popular.
    It doesn't matter if the dress gets torn, dirty, wet etc. that's all part of the fun! What would be better your dress hanging up in a closet for years never to see the light of day again or to send it off with a bang and with priceless memories to boot. The more inventive and creative the better- search the internet for some truly inspiring ideas! Top locations include lakes, pools, beaches, boats, mountains and quirky spots like supermarkets or even football pitches! See what ideas you can come up with!Photographers can really unleash their imaginations on this one!

  • Wedding Trends- Save The Finger

    Wedding Trends- Save The Finger

    If you're on a budget or have you eye on a mind- blowlingly expensive bling ring- follow this new trend- get a save- the- finger ring! You want to get engaged now but can't afford the ring that is your heart's desire- then get a temporary ring so your engagment ring finger is reserved and you can be officially engaged! Some people buy an imitation ring very similar to the real version that they are saving up for or others just buy a beautiful dress ring. Celebrities are doing it, so why shouldn't you join in this cute trend.
    Or this is just a really good way to get 2 lovely rings out of your husband to be!

  • Wedding Trends- Don't Tell The Bride

    Wedding Trends- Don't Tell The Bride

    Don't Tell The Bride is a BBC TV program Series in which the groom must choose every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress- we're all addicted to it in the EW office!
    Every week a hapless groom takes charge of the whole wedding planning and the nervous bride has no idea what he will be doing. There have been some great episodes and it is especially heart warming to see the groom really getting stuck in and involved in every single detail from flowers to the major, scary decision of picking the dress... although the toughest challenge always seems to be keeping the bridesmaids happy with their dresses! You can really see how much these guys love their brides- to- be and make every effort to keep their love and her family happy. You can also pick up some zany ideas for your wedding too! Our favourite episode so far has to be the guy who picked a Jane Austen theme because his fiance loves Pride & Prejudice... bless him!


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