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Expat guide to El Salvador, healthcare, education, where to live and more

Expat guide to El Salvador, healthcare, education, where to live and more

Living in El Salvador

El Salvador is certainly a beautiful country with some of the friendliest and most welcoming people. It is a great place to go sightseeing with lush flora and volcanoes. This is all overshadowed by the fact that El Salvador has one of the highest crime rates in the world, so choosing to move there as an expat is not a decision that you and your family should take lightly.

El Salvador

Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in El Salvador and most expats communicate online through websites such as ExpatWoman.com.

International Schools 

Colegio Internacional de San Salvador
The International School of San Salvador was founded in 1979 by Chester and Nora Stemp, the present proprietors. The school offers a Kinder-12th grade program of studies modeled on the U.S. educational system and incorporates the requirements of the Salvadoran Ministry of Education.
Curriculum: US
Address: Apartado Postal 05-15, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2224 1330
Fax: +503 2265 7860
Email: c_stemp@intschoolsansal.com
Website: www.intschoolsansal.com
Escuela Americana
The Escuela Americana has an English language website with resources on the school, its activities and on El Salvador.
Curriculum: US
Address: Calle No 3, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2528 8300
Website: www.amschool.edu.sv
Academia Britanica Cuscatleca
The ABC is a selective, mixed bi-lingual and bi-cultural school from Pre-Kinder to Grade 12. The student body is mainly Salvadorian with a number of international students attending the school. One third of the teaching staff is British/expatriate with the remainder being largely Salvadorian. The school is accredited by the Council of International Schools and is an International Baccalaureate Diploma School. The language of instruction throughout the school is predominantly English with Spanish being used for a small number of classes.
Curriculum: British/Salvadorian
Address: Carterra Panamerica, Santa Tecla
Tel: + 503 2241 4413
Email: estefaniachacon@abc-net.edu.sv
Website: www.abc.edu.sv
Deutsche Schüle San Salvador
The German School San Salvador (Deutsche Schüle San Salvador) is a German school abroad, which encourages schools and cultural relations between El Salvador and Germany, the German language and German escolarizaciόn children. The school is committed to democratic principles of the German and Salvadoran constitutions.
Curriculum: German/Salvadorian
Address: Mediterranean Street, Guadalupe Gardens, Antiguo Cuscatlan, La Libertad
Tel: +503 2243 4898
Fax: + 503 2243 2129
Email: info@ds.edu.sv
Website: www.ds.edu.sv
Panamerican School El Salvador (Escuela Panamericana)
Escuela Panamerica is an educational institution serving young children and teenagers, whose parents wish to provide them with an integral bicultural education. Our students develop their academic potential and an awareness of their responsibilities. In addition, through a cultural approach, our students are assured an effective participation in society, as professionals, leaders and future parents.
To meet those goals, Escuela Panamericana has designed its curriculum, including extracurricular activities, to focus on the development of habits, values, attitudes, feelings and all other aspects which make up a child's personality.
Curriculum: US/Salvadorian
Address: Calle El Carmen #1348, Colonia Escalon, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2505 7575
Email: panam@panamschool.edu.sv
Website: www.panamschool.edu.sv
Escuela Interamericana
Escuela Interamericana is a private school bilingual education located in the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador. Founded in 1977, has strong academic excellence and prestige level of El Salvador and abroad. We have levels of education from Nursery to Twelfth Grade.
Curriculum: US/Salvadorian
Address: Monsignor Clemente Rivas Barrera Street between Independence Avenue and South end 10a, South Av, Santa Ana
Tel: +503 2445 6400
Email: admisiones@interschool.edu.sv
Website: www.interschool.edu.sv
Colegio Academia Europea
The College of the European Academy Salvadoran, together with Parent, seeking to provide a comprehensive education preparatory for college, the same to enable their students to achieve the highest possible standards in the intellectual, physical, social and moral development and preparation for seeking their full potential as responsible and contributing positively in a global society leaders.
Curriculum: Salvadorian
Address: Calle Hermanos Maristas No. 508, San Miguel
Tel: +503 2660 7555
Fax: +503 2660 1689
Website: www.colegioacademiaeuropea.com
Lycee Français de San Salvador
The French School in San Salvador offers classes in French, English and Spanish. The students take both French baccalaureate and Salvadorian PAES.
Curriculum: French/Salvadorian
Address: 10km 1/2 Road to Santa Tecla, Santa Tecla, La Libertad
Tel: +503 2228 0615
Email: liceo@lfsv.org
Website: www.lfsv.org


Country Information 

Location: Central America
Capital City: San Salvador
Other Important Cities:
Currency: US Dollar
Language: Spanish
Calling Code: +503
Internet TLD: .sv
Electricity: 115V 60Hz
Emergency Numbers:   
Country Information
Country Study

Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

If you are planning to work in El Salvador, you must get a work permit and residency permit.

Required documents:
  • Residency request form
  • Original birth certificate
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Two recent photos
  • Results from AIDS test
  • Health certificate
  • Work contract
  • Letter requesting residency
  • Personal data form
You can check out the forms that you need to fill out through the Ministry of the Interior. You can start out with a temporary residence visa then you are eligible to apply for permanent residency if you live in El Salvador for five years and doesn’t have police records.


El Salvador is a very small country so the choices for rental accommodations are somewhat limited. Many expatriates choose to rent in the capital San Salvador because of that’s where the city life can be found. As of May 2014, the price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre ranges from $200-$250 per month. Price for the same space outside the city centre ranges from $100-$250 per month.
If you are looking for a three-bedroom apartment, those in the city centre are priced from $450 to $600 per month. If you prefer living outside the city centre, a three-bedroom apartment will cost from $200 to $40 per month.

Driving License

Expats with a license from another country can get an El Salvador driving license if they have residency. They have to pass the vision test and the driver’s license number is similar to the person’s Tax ID number.


Hospitals in El Salvador
The hospitals listed below offer the best medical equipped healthcare facilities in the country. They provide patients with a variety of health services and are the most advanced healthcare providers in El Salvador. These private hospitals are suitable for expats requiring medical treatment. For intensive medical treatment, it is advisable to seek healthcare outside El Salvador.
Hospital de Diagnostico
The Diagnostic Hospital of El Salvador is an integrated health system by. Steps Diagnostic Hospital, Hospital of Cologne Medical Diagnostics, Imaging Center Mejía Peña Brito, Institute of Neuroscience, Laboratory of Diagnostic Steps and International Cancer Center. Each of our institutions is equipped with the best technology and the most modern advances and we are recognized by human sensitivity with which we serve our patients and their families. With over three decades of experience, background and first class medical services in El Salvador, our Health System offers the most advanced treatments for addressing complex diseases in brain, heart and cancer as well as the latest technology in anesthesia care intensive, orthopedics, thoracic and abdominal surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology.
Address: Villavicencio Plaza, Paseo General Escalón, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2506 2000
Email: atencioncliente@hdiagnostico.com.sv
Website: www.hospitaldiagnostico.com
Centro Ginecologico
We are leading professional services and hospital care, we strive to maintain personal and professional of each of the people working at the Hospital Center Gynecologic quality. We are proud to be the great Salvadoran family dedicated to specialized and timely care for our patients.
Address: Pasaje Martha Urbina y diagonal Dr. Luis Edmundo Vásquez, Colonia Médica, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2247 1122
Website: www.centroginecologico.com.sv
Centro Pediatrico
The Pediatric Center area has complete and modern, adequate emergency to handle any type of emergency, provided with all the necessary service areas such as X-rays, ultrasonography, Respiratory Therapy Clinical Lab and wide assortment of medications.
Address: Colonia Isidro Menendez, San Salvador
Tel: +503 2530 2000
Website: www.centropediatrico.com.sv


Global Highlights