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Regent International School

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20/02/2012 14:32:31
My daughter will be going for an assessment for FS1 at Regent International School. Can anyone give me ny feedback about the school, the teachers and all the positives or negatives about the school. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. And if anyone can tell me what the assessment is about, that would also be great.
Thank you.

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20/02/2012 17:19:57
Hi Chirine, my son is going for an FS2 assessment to Regent too. I have been told the FS1 assessment is very informal they just chat to the child (to make sure they can converse in English) and get them to play with various toys such as building blocks etc. Maybe ask a few colours and shapes etc. Nothing to worry about. Dont know about teachers, but I hear its a good school. Others will tell you different, but I think you will form your own opinion when you go.

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20/02/2012 17:47:39
Thanks suzq, good luck to your son too. I was just hoping to get some feedback about the schools and the teachers there. I have been on a school tour and it seems nice, however I was hoping to get some more info from other parents. Thank you again

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20/02/2012 18:57:19
Hi Chirine, my DD go to Regent FS1, we are very happy with the school. She really likes the school and loves her teacher.
The assessment is very inform, my DD cried half the time and she still got in!

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