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Welcare Mirdif

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01/04/2012 23:43:51
So grateful to be able to see a Doctor at 9pm at night and get appropriate treatment for my husband .. On Friday night we spent 5 hours at City Hospital to get the same treatment and a whole lot more expensive! He is waiting for an MRI this week but was in so much pain and all it took was 30 mins, a wonderful doctor and an injection and AED15 later we were home! I recommend them for anyone needing a great GP and medical help. They only close at 9.30pm! Hopefully can sleep a bit better tonight... I will be changing Doctors from today!

02/04/2012 00:07:23
Happy to hear Your DH is in good hands. Who was the doc? And hope you sleep well tonight! Good night!

PostsPosts 282

02/04/2012 01:23:22
Hi... Doctor Marie tonight but have been there before with Dr NJ with my son! Excellent care and hopefully some sleep tonight!

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02/04/2012 21:28:35
Dr. NJ is a rockstar! Love her!

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03/04/2012 08:45:24
Thanks for this review.

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