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nursery in al nahda or al qusais area

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07/05/2012 14:37:45
my friend's son has just turned 2 and she wants to enroll him in a nursery with uk curriculum.....she lives in al nahda area and wants the school in same or al qusais area.....with a pick up and drop by the school as she is a woking mother.....please if any one knows anything about any school ( how is the staff, fees ad etc...) help us as we both are new in dubai......thanks a lot

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12/05/2012 15:58:44
Mirdif is not too far away and has loads of nurseries, many with good recommendations. She might want to look there too.

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12/05/2012 22:26:55
VISS takes kids from 2yrs - they're very close to Al Nahda and have a bus service (not sure whether it applies to younger kids though). All the info regarding fees, transport and curriculum are on their website. The curriculum is Autralian and not British.

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24/06/2012 16:10:09
Hi does VISS stand for? I am interested in checking them out but googled it without success

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