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Ministry of Foriegn Affairs stamp on US Police Clearance - General Question

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15/03/2011 18:19:49
I have my police clearance back from the US, and it's been attested by the US Embassy. As far as I understand I now have to bring it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their stamp before I turn it in to my employer. Does anyone know where specifically in the MoFA - which office in particular? And the cost? I'm hoping to head there tomorrow morning, so any info I need before I go would be much appreciated.


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15/03/2011 18:43:10
No idea on the answer, but let us know how it goes

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15/03/2011 18:58:27
You know I will. Think I'm 90% there - so far so good!

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15/03/2011 19:02:47
RachelA- a fair while back I accompanied a lady who needed a stamp from MOFA on an affidavit which she signed at the British Embassy. We went to MOFA on the Corniche first, but were directed to their offices close to Al Bustan Hotel. I am sorry I cannot give you clearer directions as I was fairly new to Doha then but I believe you have been here for a good few years and would know where the Hotel is (near the Movenpick) and they would probably be able to direct you. However, this might have changed and I am sure somebody who has more recently been, will post. Good luck .

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16/03/2011 07:55:29
I just found this on Qatar Living. Apparently the office of attestation of documents has moved to the C Ring - I'm pasting the directions exactly as found. Heading there in about an hour - will update on the location and process.

"If you're coming from Muntazah traffic signal going towards Doha Cinema traffic signal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation office is on your right side, beside audi cars showroom,approximately 200 meters before Doha Cinema traffic signal and be there as early as 8:00am except Saturday."
edited by RachelA on 16/03/2011

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16/03/2011 13:06:30
Update: The location below is correct, on C Ring between Muntaza and Gulf Cinema signal. I got there around 8:45 am. Hardly anyone in the women's section. I was out by 9!! So my police clearance from home is ready to turn in to my new employer.

Now to finish with the NOC from my current employer - but thats a subject for a whole other thread!! Whaaaaa?

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27/04/2011 14:05:42
Nope - it was really quick and easy!

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27/04/2011 15:22:29
It is right next door to the VW/Audi garage which has yellow shade things.

I was getting my documents for UK police clearance. Having gone to the British Embassy, then to the Ministry, I took the now stamped document to the Police place on end of Salwa Rd which does the Police CRB letters, and they weren't interested at all in the document from the embassy which had cost me 370QR in total!!!

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28/04/2011 13:08:12
But now it's done!!

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