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Sharq village Six Senses Spa

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10/04/2011 12:56:47
My mum's coming out to visit in a couple of weeks, and I would like to take her to a spa.

The one at the Sharq looks really lovely, but can you tell me if they let you spend a few hours enjoying the facilties before/after your treatment?

If not, I will book the Four Seasons instead, as I know you can spend the whole day in there if you like.

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10/04/2011 13:53:57
Have you thought about the INtercontinental? Wed is ladies day, think they get in free. Not been myself, but I am sure other ladies can comment. Free entry always makes cost of treatments less hideous! I am hoping to take my folks when they visit. Always worth taking company id, IBQ credit card etc, and asking for a discount if you go too!

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10/04/2011 14:09:32
I went for a tour of the Sharq spa last year, and I'm pretty sure that the answer is yes. But not a bad idea to call and double check...


10/04/2011 20:56:10
Yes they do! Its a great spa - enjoy x

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11/04/2011 09:15:17
Sharq Six Senses is WONDERFUL. Best choice!

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12/04/2011 21:29:17
Has anyone ever stayed or had visitors stay at Sharq? I would like to know what it is like - being under the flight path and all that!

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12/04/2011 21:39:44
We had a couple of business guests request to move to the Ritz because of the plane noise (and they had stayed at the Ritz many times before and I think just prefer it....) but we have had plenty of other guests stay at the Sharq and rave about it.

I have never been in a guest room -- but in the ballrooms, spa, lobby, and restaurants/ bars, I have never noticed the planes -- but outside by they pool/ beach, they are loud, low and frequent.

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12/04/2011 21:50:43
Until recently I lived directly across the highway from Sharq, and the planes were practically in our living room. During peak take-off times it was pretty much impossible to be outside, or keep windows open!

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