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My Size 8 Feet are apparently too big for Dubai :(

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28/08/2011 14:02:20
Hi ladies...

I am at my wits end, I can't find any shoes in my size anywhere. A shop assistant at my favourite shoe shop from UK in a certain big mall actually made a joke about my feet and how it'll be difficult. I was so upset about it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with having larger feet, I am from the UK and it's pretty much the norm, I am 5'5'' which is kind of out the ordinary.

Please help restore my faith. I need some shoes for work and just to make me feel normal as well.

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28/08/2011 14:21:29
I'm sure I've seen size 8 in most of the stores here, its a standard size in the ladies ranges. As for the remarks about your feet unfortunately many people in Dubai seem to think its ok to comment on such things.

Have you tried Hush Puppies, I know they go up to the larger sizes as I take a 7.

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28/08/2011 14:27:51
I'm a size 10 (US size) so about the same and can never find my size that look nice. Whenever I go the US I buy a few pairs.

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28/08/2011 15:12:59
Try Aldo in Dubai Mall they have large sizes and they are nice shoes.

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28/08/2011 15:59:07
New look do size 8 I always see them .....

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28/08/2011 16:19:35
Also Size 8 and they're not easy to come by here.

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28/08/2011 17:15:00
Im a UK size 8 and never have had a problem with getting my shoe size. For some reason I always seem to go shoe shopping when the new stock comes in. They do sell out fast though,so I dont think we are in the minority

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