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Steak Frites in Dubai?

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03/09/2011 14:14:05
There is a yearning for a proper French Steak Frites in this house today. Apart from making them myself, does anyone know of a restaurant in Dubai which will satisfy this craving, please? TIA.

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03/09/2011 15:40:08
I've just found a restaurant called "Entrecote Cafe de Paris" which is EXACTLY what we are looking for (sauce originated in Geneva, natch ), with a branch in Dubai Mall overlooking the fountains, apparently. Problem solved Anyone been there recently, out of curiosity?

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03/09/2011 15:47:50
There is also Entrecote in DFC..and that one is licenced

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03/09/2011 15:56:44
OMG, Michamen, I hadn't even thought about it, steak frites without a glass or two of red is unimaginable Where in DFC, please? I'm interpreting DFC as Dubai Festival City, is that right?

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03/09/2011 16:08:00
I know..much better with a glass of red !Yes Dubai Festival City-the new part near Jaimie Olivers.Enjoy-I'm jealous

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03/09/2011 16:44:18
There's one in Diera too, near the Hilton Hotel,and it's licensed too.

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03/09/2011 17:03:36
Oh Man- I have just been sitting here preparing my weight watchers menu for the next few days and then I read this email! We live 10 mins from DFC..... will power, will power, will power!!!!

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03/09/2011 17:50:23
Where did you go to for your fries Simpleasabc??

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03/09/2011 22:38:46
We went to the one in Deira in the end, here:
There was a special menu offer between 7 and 9 whereby you chose the meat you wanted (Wagyu, fantastic) and got as much house red or white wine you wanted with the meal, along with limitless pommes frites. It was delicious, we could have been back in Geneva, but the service was much better here and it was a lot less crowded (there was one other couple, who were thought were Greek, and we three!). Loved it. The desserts were better than in Geneva, too
We'll try the one in DFC another time, this was our last treat at the end of the summer hols..

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