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The case of Baby Lisa

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11/10/2011 21:54:09
I don't know how many have been following this story about 10 month old baby Lisa who is reported missing and having been abducted from her home during the middle of the night.

I have seen the parents interviewed numerous times and the mother is always crying and sobbing while the husband stands beside her silent and like a statue showing absolutely no emotion, and I thought it strange. I thought, "OK, he must be numb", but after 8 days still no emotion?? The mother does all the talking and when he is asked a question he responds with very limited answers. Apparently the baby was taken from the home during the middle of the night. The mother claims that she had left the front door unlocked and it was the first time ever that the husband had worked the night shift.

It has been announced that the mother more than likely will be arrested. Police obtained a CCTV tape which shows her buying wine in a store with an unknown man 5 hours before the child was abducted.

Because of the husband's lack of emotion and not saying very much I can't help wondering if he knows something and isn't speaking out.

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11/10/2011 22:01:12
I don't know this case so can't comment on that but showing no emotion in not necessarily a show of hiding something, or of guilt. My DH rarely shows emotion, and NEVER in public. He remembers the last time he cried - he was FIVE years old. If he was stuck in front of a TV camera after something awful had happened to him or a loved one, he would simply stand there with a blank face... probably looking guilty!

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12/10/2011 00:10:33
Where was this baby abducted... what an awful thing to happen.. and the poor mother!!!!

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12/10/2011 00:16:47
How can you withhold your emotions when your baby has been abducted? I mean, this guy is cold. I just can't imagine being able to withhold your emotions to the degree of not showing anything under those circumstances.

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12/10/2011 00:19:31
Jetset wrote:
Where was this baby abducted... what an awful thing to happen.. and the poor mother!!!!

Kansas City, Missouri
edited by Crystil on 12/10/2011

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12/10/2011 15:33:00
What h.e.l.l she must be going through right now, especially if she is innocent!

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