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"The Entertainer"

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17/12/2011 13:54:46
Hi ladies,
Can anyone please tell me what type of coupons are there in Entertainer family and entertainer kids? Which one you will recommend for a family?

Thank you.

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17/12/2011 14:37:34
You can now view all the 2012 vouchers on line

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17/12/2011 15:17:37
entertainer family has fast food , easy dining , days out and play stuff

we ordered ours online and got 10% off the 350AED then upgraded for 195AED instead of the 295AED additional normal fee which gives us spa days, brunches etc

I looked through the fine dining and didnt really rate it - we dont buy the entertainer kids so can give you any info but park and shop & borders have samples that you can check out before you commit

PostsPosts 992

17/12/2011 18:49:21
Thank you bbcb and Yorky.

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20/12/2011 14:38:26
entertainer family book has vouchers, all 2 for 1 deals........they are amazing. the vouchers are for informal and casual dining, cafes, nightspots, entertainment , wild wadi, ski dubai vouchers etc.....ideal gift for should buy a book, i am a great fan of the Travel book too.

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