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Do you believe in dream interpretation

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21/12/2011 18:56:46

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21/12/2011 19:00:30

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21/12/2011 20:20:59
Dream interpretation yes, by yourself. Most books written and pretending to decrypt dreams / translate "dream language" are the one interpretation of the author, from his own model of the world, therefore of little meaning to anyone else.

Amongst other things, our unconscious mind processes over 2Mns bits of data per second and filters it. As the information is filtered, connections in our nervous system are made so we give meaning to things (whether a word or a smell or a picture, or a specific posture etc ...). That meaning and the way we make sense of things (btw "making sense" is the conscious mind prerogative) is unique to us (internal representation).

Whilst we are asleep and go through the different phases of sleep, our unconscious mind works at its best for us to process information and experiences. There are very simple questioning techniques that allow you to interpret your own dreams so it's meaningful and helpful to you. The dreamweaver process is one of them that I find quick and easy.

PS: Carl Jung's studies are fascinating

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21/12/2011 22:17:36
I always understood dreaming is the brain's way of filing the information absorbed during the waking hours...

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21/12/2011 22:38:49
Symbols and the interpretation of dreams (part of "the undiscovered Self") and "Dreams"

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21/12/2011 23:14:22
Also Freud's works on this are very interesting.

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23/12/2011 12:55:57
When I was a student of psychology, I worked with a neuropsychologist who taught me how to interpret dreams. All dreams are very personal to you and what's happening in your life. For example, you need to ask yourself one very important question after dreaming, "What was the strongest feeling you experienced?" Trying to sort through confusing dreams and strange events make dream interpretation difficult but when you begin to examine what your own predominant feeling was, (ie: anxiety, fear, etc.) then you can directly link it back to your life and exactly what you're going through. Sometimes we're not in touch with our feelings and through our dreams we can understand what our unconscious is telling us and then react accordingly. Try it!

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23/12/2011 14:21:38
I believe in dreams, and I also agree with others that it totally depends on the person and the phases of life they are going through

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