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A few questions regarding exit visas

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29/12/2011 14:46:29
Hi all
As a housewife sponsored by DH on my Residency Visa, I understand that I am free to come and go in and out of Qatar without an Exit Visa? (have only traveled with DH so far). Any dependents had any problems at the airport doing this before? Say that your DH needed to leave Qatar urgently last minute on a weekend - is this possible? as the PRO at work would obviously not be available to process the exit visa, as they usually do. Have read on the web that you can go to Immigration to get the exit visa, but that this is open on Sun - Thurs only. Anyone's DH had to get the exit visa last minute and how did they do it?
Thanks in advance.....
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29/12/2011 15:42:20
Immigration is open 24 hours at the airport but your husband can't apply on his own. His company (i.e. the PRO) need to sort it for him. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the restriction we love to live with

You're free to come and go as you please. I do it all the time.
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29/12/2011 16:06:34
As lalala said, the exit permit requirement is one of the toughest restrictions about living/working here. Your DH's employer should have a PRO who is available 24/7 in the event of emergencies. It is also worth asking if his company would issue a multi-exit permit (unlimited exits for a period of 1 year). The multi-exit costs QR 500 is is entirely at the discretion of the sponsor.

I worked for many years without one, and while generally I did not face any issues when it came time to travel I was once in the very unfortunate position of being denied an exit permit to attend my grandmother's funeral. It took a lot of pleading and interference from quite a few people before the incredibly unreasonable administrator who was making the decision finally authorized it for me. At times like that the inhumanity of the exit permit system is really clear.

Keep in mind that a single exit permit is valid for 7 days from the date of issue. If you (or DH) ever has reason to expect that travel on the weekend might be needed, he can try to obtain the exit permit at least a few days in advance.

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29/12/2011 17:22:29
My husband works for large local company, which is virtually paralysed by beauracy and processes. His father was seriously ill. Because it happened on a Thursday afternoon of a long wkend, it took 4 days for him to get an exit visa. Fortunately he got there before his Dad passed away. Such is the reality of life in this country. Life here reminds me of the old fashioned weighing/measuring Scales - sometimes the balance is perfect, sometimes they are tipped in your favour and sometimes they are completely tipped out of favour, and it is completely out of your control.

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29/12/2011 19:43:43
Thanks for the info - best to get the multi-exit visa if possible's a shame there's no provision at the airport for emergencies....

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29/12/2011 20:25:06
Well if there was a provision at the airport for issuing exits w/o the sponsor's permission, wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having the system in place in the first place? The real answer, IMHO, is to do away with the system all-together!

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29/12/2011 22:46:45
Lol - was thinking that someone at Immigration must be able to grant you an exit visa in exceptional circumstances if you were to provide documentary evidence, for example....but obviously not in the cases here on EW...was just wondering if anyone had bypassed this rule. Yes, of course, we would all prefer that the system didn't exist in the first place. By paying 500 rials to get the multi exit visa, how do Immigration ensure that people won't abscond anyway? or do they only issue these visas to such a small % of the expat population, that they are minimizing the number of people who will in fact abscond owing money, etc....just thinking aloud really...not in need of an emergency exit visa or anything....

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29/12/2011 23:16:15
Exactly! A lot of sponsors won't even consider issuing multi-exit permits. I worked for a government agency whose official policy was "at the discretion of the supervisor" but the unofficial policy was "no way no how no way!" The problem (as far as I know) is that under the sponsorship system, the sponsor is liable for any debts that anyone under their sponsorship leaves behind. So as long as that is the case, it's somewhat understandable that a sponsor would be weary of people taking off and leaving debts behind. But to those of us caught on the other side of this equation, it just plain s*cks.

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29/12/2011 23:23:07
Of course you used to have to get your exit permit at the airport before you left and that really was a pain......don't ask for that back!! You had to take your sponsor's paperwork to the office by the departures terminal and get it stamped before you although it is still a pain to get the exit visa, it is still better than it was. Baby steps and all that......!!

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30/12/2011 17:13:01
From what I understand (as in, what seems to have happened to people at DH's work) even if you are lucky enough to have a multi exit visa, it seems that when the company decided to change their mind, they can still have it "revoked" without your authorisation or knowledge so it seems like they should give them to people until they have a reason to not trust them anymore...

Also, I think that every company must/should have someone that is able to process them "out of hours"/emergency as again, DH's work has someone that is assigned to that function and they are not a "huge" (or organised) company. It only needs to be submitted online and is available very quickly.
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02/01/2012 01:25:39
Thanks for your answers. I guess I get a little nervous every time we go to the airport, that the person in Immigration will not let DH leave, hence ruining our long awaited holidays!....I think DH will ask to get the multi exit visa...several colleagues have them already, so I don't think it will be a problem....don't like the fact of DH not being able to leave at short notice or having any problems at the airport...(fingers crossed that problems won't occur with the multi exit visa!)...Sorry to hear of the negative experiences several of you have had in the past...what a nightmare not being able to leave in the event of a serious illness/ death in the family!...must be v. traumatic!
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02/01/2012 11:46:21
ahhh yes, always get the print out

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