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fox transport vs kawa taxi

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03/01/2012 20:11:15

Anyone like to share their experience of using these taxi services? would appreciate any input before I book for tomoro!!!

muchas gracias!

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03/01/2012 20:15:42
I have a great service for you I have used them since being here
Babul Limo Service
I call Prakesh directly 33813517
They drive Honda Accords, always clean and the drivers are all Nepalese and friendly, well mannered and neat appearance

If Prakesh is not available, he will arrange another driver.
He has never let me down and always has someone waiting for me if he gets held up.

the normal charge is 35-40 QR but worth it as very reliable!

I used the service everyday before I bought a car, to work and home from work and again, never let me down. I tried arranging Karwa, and besides the pain of having to call the night before, they never showed up and then said the driver had a flat tire!!!!! That's if your lucky and someone else doesn't get in it before you, then theres the whole trying to explain the directions UUGGGHHH
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03/01/2012 20:27:24
Thanks ccdoha

I have been reading up on karwa, not good reading.

need transport to work and school with kids so a no show on school run would be very bad for my blood pressure!

will defo try your recomend.


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03/01/2012 20:41:42
If you have them scheduled for a school/work run, I can say in my experience they are always 10-15 min early and call me on my mobile to let me know they are outside when I am ready. Usually you will have the same driver every morning but every now and then they get held up in the afternoon but he always sent someone else for me, I NEVER had to wait!

For awhile, I thought 40 qr each way was too expensive and I tried walking over to CC a few days to get a karwa as it was only 17QR to my work but I would get so STRESSED trying to explain how to get to my work each day that I just didn't need that aggro in the morning! I found it very relaxing to just go downstairs in get in and they know where to go!

For anyone else needing the occasional taxi...they are always on hand...I think they park up around Ramada in between jobs and wait for a call. They are not the type that walk around asking people if they need a taxi. There is occasional younger driver that drives a little fast but for 40 QR,I am happy to tell him to SLOW down!

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03/01/2012 21:12:14
Thanks CCDoha.

It's always good to have a taxi option on hand in case it's needed.

One of my biggest issues with using a regular taxi service here is that the drivers are often overly friendly and want to know about your personal life (if one of them asks me again if I am married, I will scream!). Any comments on this regarding Babul Limo Service? Do they mind their own business generally?

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03/01/2012 21:25:14
I use Fox regularly to get to CC or anywhere else I can't take my car. So far they've been great, always on time and once they have your home details in their system you don't have to explain it every time. I get a Karwa taxi home.

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03/01/2012 22:08:57
Katcalls, I know what you mean - we have just fallen out with our regular driver after he called my husband up and asked him to lend him QR2000!!!!!

Thanks for the tip CC, we will switch to using them now I think.

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03/01/2012 22:47:46
I'll tell you how much I trust this Prakesh...I recently did some contract work that sent me deep into the industrial area in the evenings for 4 visits. After the first visit, even though I have driven to the location several times and I am happy to drive my JEEP, I insisted that the company pay for Prakesh to take me and pick me up. He was happy to walk me up to the door and carry my things (3 flights of stairs) and 3 hours later he would come back for me and he would call and let me know he was outside but walk up the stairs and collect me. He did charge a bit more to go out to the industrial area but the rates are the same as Fox because the company called to compare. I insisted on Prakesh because after dark in the industrial area is pretty scary, knowing I was the only female for probably a few square miles.

I wouldn't say him or any of the others are chatty. I sometimes engage them just because I see them regularly.

I think they work on a "commission only" type basis as in I think they only get paid for the fares they take not hourly. So I imagine this makes them more conscientious of the service they are providing.

My first experience with the company was when we had to go and pick up a box from QA Cargo (NIGHTMARE) the driver called Abi was so kind that he drove us to the shipper office, then they said they needed cash so he drove us to the atm, then he drove us back to the shipper office, then he drove us to QA Cargo and waited. He told us to call him when we were done, he then came back for us and took us home...he could have really fleeced us - as we were new and been fleeced by Karwa plenty of times, but I think he only charged us 70 - we of coursed tipped him but from that point on we only called him. When I needed a "perm" driver for the work run, he was busy so he referred me to Prakesh

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04/01/2012 06:33:56
I have never personally used fox transport, but a co-worker of mine uses them for airport drop off/pick-up and to get to and from work when her jeep is in for repairs. She has always found them to be reliable, and I know that at the end of the day they are often outside waiting for her a few minutes before she is finished. They give her a call to let her know they are out there.

I've only ever used karwa when I have grabbed them off the street or from the malls to get home. So have no idea how reliable they are if you arrange with them before the time. The challenge with karwa is that if you aren't familiar enough with Doha and how to get to/from your destinations the driver may also not know where they are going. Until I was familiar enough with Doha to easily be able to give directions to get to where I was going I preferred using a private driver even though the cost was a little more.

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04/01/2012 19:08:38

went to work today with the Babul limo people... ccdoha, quite right, no problems at all... not talkative perfect for 630am and after work... 80R for a 24Km trip.

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04/01/2012 21:56:16
Glad it worked out...They are nice, polite and clean and I am glad you were happy!

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11/01/2012 10:30:49
Very helpful information! Thank you all, it is always worth it to read the forum!

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