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Dinner Ideas for Newbie

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07/02/2012 15:55:16
Hey all,

Just looking for some easy ideas for something to make for dinner.

Needs to be able to buy everything from average supermarket, no weird ingredients.

I've doen a nice roast chicken before, but maybe something that won't take quite so long.

I like pasta, pizza, cook the odd steak/salad but looking to try something new (hopefully easy)

any suggestions?

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07/02/2012 16:13:04
Spaghetti with mushrooms in a cream pesto sauce.

Saute a mix of mushrooms in a frying pan till almost cooked; add a clove of garlic cook for a fem minutes; pour n some double cream, and a few spoons of pesto (to taste) mix with cooked spaghetti/ Serve with shaved Parmesan and a rocket salad.

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07/02/2012 16:14:47

I like risotto- sweet potato or roasted tomato are my favs

I've enjoyed experimenting with fish recently - in a curry or en paupiette or simply oven baked with some wholegrain mustard or pesto on top served with veg.
I have also been getting prawns (cleaned at fish counter), marinate them in chilli, garlic, lime juice and little olive oil then cook on griddle or bbq

Happy to post receipes if interested....

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07/02/2012 16:15:37
Here's a really simple idea
Rose Pasta-
3 zucchinis
1 pack frozen spinach
10 mushrooms
150 grms bacon

2 cans chopped tomatoes

1 pack of whatever pasta you prefer

1. chop your zucchinis and mushrooms, and fry with spinach and bacon until vegies are soft and bacon is crispy.
2. Cook pasta according to packet directions.
3. Add tomotoes to veg and bacon, and whatever herbs you like.
4. Put in enough cream to turn your sauce a rose colour.
5. Serve with plenty of parmesan.
Makes enough for lunch for 2 the next day

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07/02/2012 16:18:38
Ooh good ideas! I'm not huge on creamy sauce, do you think those would be as good with more a tomato based sauce?

The rose pasta one sounds like enough to feed an army- there's really just me! So would prob halve the ingredients Big Grin

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07/02/2012 16:25:07
*adds griddle to shopping list*

Really wish I had a balcony so I cna have a small table-top BBQ... :/

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07/02/2012 16:25:27
try it has loads of recipes and they are usually fairly easy. If ever I am stuck I just type in "chicken" and a load of recipes come up. I made some very yummy and easy chicken enchiladas, risotto and a few veges. My other lifesaver is Donna Hay and her Ipad app, now I dont have loads of recipe books lying around, she does a fantastic chili, lemon and prawn pasta dish. Loads of flavour and its all over in 20 minutes max. link

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07/02/2012 16:38:46
Oh thanks, I forgot about that site.

Back when I was a poor student I remember there used to be a site hwere you type in what's left in the fridge & it would tell you what to make- seemed to come up with something no matter how obscure!!!

Normally I'm not huge on spending time cooking as I am generally home to sleep between flights, however wanting to make the most of the fact I've been home for 2 days and really shouldn't order in again!!

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07/02/2012 16:49:12
I know the feeling SK, if I'm cooking I have to be in and out of that kitchen in 30 minutes. The only thing I will make that takes longer is Pavlova and thats only because it has to sit in the oven for an hour and a half.

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08/02/2012 20:05:50
Well results not too bad! tried that garlic prawn recipe, except with chicken instead of prawns. Turned out quite well (house mate stole some too so must have been pretty edible! )

Then tonight I had some small steak so made steak sandwich.

Cook it so a little pink in middle

On toast, put down sliced cheese (tonight was mozzarella, was fab!) to stop bread going soggy.

then, steak. Wtih a little bit of salt/pepper.

on top of steak, mustard pickles, sliced tomato & sliced gherkins.

Serve cooked mushrooms & red onion either in or on the side.

Soooo good! I had two, if I only ate one I would probably have put fries on the side

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