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Anyone have a good waffle maker for sale?

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06/03/2012 22:19:01
or can recommend something reasonably priced...there's a whole range out there and I am confused. Never made Waffles at home, but the kids love those at Granny's Waffles in Dubai mall and I would like to make similar one's at home.

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06/03/2012 22:22:14
I bought a really reasonably priced one from e max in mcc. It's a russell hobbs one and it's fantastic. it comes with different cooking plates so you can do fabulous waffles, paninis and toasted sandwiches - I would highly recommend it.

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06/03/2012 22:40:18
We've got the Russell Hobbs too with interchangeable plates 6.5 mins sand perfect waffles xx

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