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Buying Jewelry - best place?

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11/03/2012 14:00:05
Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can make any recommendations on where to purchase jewelry in Doha? Specifically rings with diamonds
Looked in the malls, but not having much luck....any suggestions?


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11/03/2012 14:16:32
There are many shops at Gold Souks. I have bought beautiful Diamonds/18ctgold ring and a gold neck Chain at Shine Jewellers. One wk later I had them both valued in New Zealand at registered jewellery valuer. The price I paid in Doha was 1/3rd of the NZ replacement Value so I was very happy. I have had a Sapphire and Diaond ring made at Blue Gems Jewellery, which I am still to have valued in NZ. The staff at this Jewellery Shop were very nice, not pushy, and very knowledgable about the different quality of stones,diamonds etc. If you find in one shop where they are pushy, just leave and find one where they are not and enjoy shopping.

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11/03/2012 14:59:20
I second the recommendation for Shine. I've bought a few pieces there and have always been very happy with quality and service. It's been a few years since I've been there so I'm happy that Silver confirms the shop is still there and is still good.

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11/03/2012 17:59:01
I have always found Damas good. I used to go to the one on Electricity St (now demolished!) but there is the one in Landmark and Al Sadd. They have good diamonds and usually have a sale twice a year. I think they have one around May but I may be wrong. The use Italian designs as well which many westerners like.

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16/03/2012 10:40:32

Just a question to clarify... is there one central gold souk or are there several gold souks dotted around Doha?

and where would these souks be? possible to get directions?


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16/03/2012 13:31:52
I am not good at directions sorry, however will try. I go into Gold Souks off Grand Hamad street. If you cross Grand Hamad at Souk Woqif, and walk 1 or maybe 2 blocks away from Corniche. It is one block away from Corniche, from Fabric Souks. The Gold Souk shops are around the central Bus station area - at the moment it is the usual Doha situation of negotiating scaffolding, construction, holes in road etc. Just explore the allys and shops from here. I am sure others will give much better directions.
Also the map in Maharba book shows the Gold Souks marked on them.

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24/03/2012 12:23:38
Thanks Silver6
school holidays coming up, just might brave the construction sites for a bit of bling!

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25/03/2012 12:30:15
I was driving up Grand Hamad street the other day coming from the Corniche. On the right side where Souq Al Ahmed used to be, right in front of Souq Waqif, there was a sign on a white building that said "Gold Souqs." I'm guessing that means there is a plan to move them from the other side where they are now near the bus station. One day.

Ladyluna if you follow Silver6's directions you'll be fine - it's just past the Al Fardan building as you are heading up Grand Hamad.

Happy shopping!

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