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Air Purifier

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12/03/2012 16:09:00
I'm suffering from alot of allergies and irritated eyes, presumably from the dust, and I thought an air purifier might help. Checked out the prices, and they are quite high, so I was wondering if I will need one for upstairs and one for downstairs - we have quite a large house, and living areas up and downstairs, or will one do the whole house?


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13/03/2012 06:26:20
The boxes of the air purifiers should tell you how many square feet/metres they are good for. Generally, I think it's almost a necessity to have one on each level. How can they clean air around all those corners?

I too have horrible allergies, but at the moment only have one air purifier that we run in the bedroom. My new best friend is eucalyptus oil which I have found to be working far better than the antihistamines in keeping my sinuses clear.

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