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Reliable taxi needed for tomorrow pm from The Pearl to the Airport please

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12/03/2012 19:19:45
Hi all
We need a taxi to the airport tomorrow and my usual guy is not available. Does anyone know of any good, realiable guys that don't charge limousine prices? - the only other guy I know of wants to charge me double what I usually pay. My e-mail is:
Thanks a lot
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12/03/2012 20:17:23

Could try Babul Limo service - 33 8135 17 have used them earlier after forum recomendation - very polite, arrive on time and basic flat rate is 40riyals I think... but you can ask them yourself... If 40 too much may be

Karwa - 45 8888 8 or Fox - 46 2277 7 - but haven't used these taxis tho...

hope something positive happens! good luck
edited by ladyluna on 12/03/2012

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12/03/2012 20:56:23
thanks Ladyluna!...any other recs?

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12/03/2012 21:29:18
I always use Manasco Transportation and they are very reliable, always on time if not early. 55106863. Think most of the people in my tower at The Pearl use this company as always see them here.

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12/03/2012 22:04:03
Thanks IrnBru!

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13/03/2012 11:50:37

Husband has used Fox a couple of times from The Pearl to the airport which he said cost 50 ryials. They were booked the night before and were on time. (early am flight).

Ooops just noticed you wanted it for today-Sorry info for the future though maybe!!
edited by Lady D on 13/03/2012

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