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17/03/2012 21:01:57
any reviews on their Brunch or should we do just dinner. I also see they have an all you can eat ribs and chicken on Tuesday nights.
I have Fine dining vouchers.

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17/03/2012 21:43:03
Haven't done their brunch but plenty of friends have and say it is very good. However, you can't use F.D. vouchers for brunch or for the chicken and ribs night. On this night, unless it has changed, you can have a refill of either chicken or ribs but not both. If you go for dinner, their steaks are lovely, but DH nearly always has lamb cutlets. Ribs are huge ! Love the creamed spinach. Tell them it's your DH's birthday (even if it isn't !!) and they will provide a small cake and sing to him. In fact, really like the place, full stop.
If you haven't been before, hope you enjoy it.

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17/03/2012 21:48:06
have never done the brunch, but have enjoyed every meal we've had there - great steaks, great service. Only down side is their desserts aren't up to scratch in my (and DDs) opinions.

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17/03/2012 22:12:42
I haven't been there for brunch, but I had diner there recently.
Portions are big ( to my standards) and food is lovely.
Staff was very very nice, although service was a bit slow (restaurant was full). Same as you October, I didn't find their dessert to be any special, but I guess their speciality is meat and grill
Outside terrace was lovely too, especially in this weather. HTH

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17/03/2012 22:56:18
Agree with Eden, they do serve good sized portions so I don't have a starter and can never manage a pudding !

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18/03/2012 06:06:51
Depends what you expect of a "brunch". We went there for the brunch, and although the meat was very good, their salad selection consisted of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pasta salad. The desert was a very nice syrupy steamed style of pudding which was lovely, but the only option. Their was meat, meat and more meat but not what I was expecting from a "brunch".

Lil Bubbly
Posts 353

18/03/2012 06:37:22
My DH loved the brunch, but as MiD says it's really just meat with some salads that made me feel like i was on school camp. The meat was delicious though. Dont take any veggie friends!!!

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