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Art galleries

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16/04/2012 07:39:04
Can anyone recommend an art gallery in Dubai that displays high quality art and not necessarily for commercial purposes? I mean is there a proper art gallery to visit in Dubai?

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16/04/2012 07:47:56
Here you go

We've a great feature on most of the galleries in Dubai there for you but am sure some ladies will also recommend where to go.


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16/04/2012 09:43:28
lots and lots of great places! some of my favourites:

the Ara gallery in downtown - beautiful place with ever changing exhibitions.

The Pavilion in downtown - art space, restaurant and creative space to meet, network. they also have a private cinema where they screen old films, fab.

xva gallery in bastakiya - beautiful location, with lovely cafe.


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16/04/2012 10:08:04
thank you very much!

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16/04/2012 10:22:12
Hi just one follow up question.. which among the galleries is likely to display famous works? Thanks

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16/04/2012 11:01:13
You may also want to check out the preview for the upcoming Christie's auction (Modern & Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art) in Emirates Towers. I'm not sure if today is the final day of the preview, but I went last night and it was quite good. And with it being Christie's you know the selection is of high pedigree.
The auctions (on April 17-18) are also open to the public, if you're keen.

The Ara Gallery, on April 22-23 will also have a fundraising exhibition/auction that includes artworks, while not necessarily "famous", have been created by established, well-known artists from the region such as AbdulQader Al Rais and Dr Najat Makki.

I kind of get the feeling what you might be looking for is more a museum than an art gallery - as you're interested to see famous items and not necessarily in a commercial setting. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything like that.

The British Museum has a show (Treasures of the World's Cultures) touring currently which will stop in Abu Dhabi this May-July, which may interest you. Looks great, I'm really looking forward to it personally! I can never get enough of ancient artifacts!

Hope you find something you enjoy and if so, please do share!

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16/04/2012 16:05:51
great! thank you.

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