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Any Raw Vegan here in Qatar?

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11/06/2012 12:56:59
Hi Ladies,
Is any of you ladies, or your DHs a raw vegan, or do you know of any raw vegan group in Doha?
I want some one to convince me to become a raw vegan :-) , or at least guide me to try it for few weeks perhaps as a start and see how if i can stick to it.

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11/06/2012 15:36:44
Yes, there are.

This is their fb site.

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12/06/2012 23:47:58

You should join the "More Raw & Detox" Facebook group that Carolina mentioned. I am a member as well. Also, there are the workshops to help you search out others for support.

I am starting my sixth month of being raw vegan and I love it and I don't think I'll ever go back. I just feel too good. I have a friend here in Doha that will be going to the Hippocrates Health Institute for three weeks this summer and another that just grew wheatgrass for the first time and is making her own crackers in her dehydrator.

My last weeks raw successes: chocolate ice cream (Ben & Jerry quality but healthy), Alfredo sauce over zucchini noodles, lots of green smoothies (one was really gross though), raw lemon poppy seed cupcakes with rich lemony icing, my strawberry ice cream was meh, ummm..., fresh coconut milk (my one daughter has declared this her dairy replacement), coconut milk chia pudding with goji berries (didn't like the goji berries), miso soup with lots of sea weed and spirilized carrots

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13/06/2012 10:21:12
RedHat Did you find chia seeds in Doha?

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13/06/2012 12:59:07
Thanks ladies for the info, is it very difficult to be raw vegan in Doha? I can have my mother send me all organic products needed from back home, does people do that ususally?
also does any one klnow if there is a workshop i can register to to introduce me to raw veganism here in Qatar ?.

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13/06/2012 17:38:43
This lady has a supplier listing for the Middle East region as well as different restaurants and where to buy certain stuff online. -based in KSA

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17/06/2012 21:08:27
@Vee--I get my chia seeds mailed in, as I have never been able to find them in Doha.

@Malaz--I am sure that it is more difficult to be raw vegan here than other places, but you work with it. The local green stuff--parsley, palak (spinach), bok choy, coriander, and other random green things are plentiful and cheap. It's nice that the local cucumbers do not have wax on them. I don't know of any workshops to introduce you to raw veganism, but if you call Nicole @ she might have some ideas.

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