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Shocking service from Nestle Water

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09/05/2011 20:35:38

I am shocked at how many people think flouride is good for you. If you run some searches in google you will find out how bad it is for you and your family.

IMHO dont buy any water with fluoride


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09/05/2011 20:51:54
Actually, Fluoride in very small doses can be beneficial to you, especially your teeth:


In the UK, Flouride is added to the mains water supply for this reason. I've spoken to dentists here in the UAE and they confirm they see far more children with cavities here and no flouride in water is one of the reasons. Yes, I agree it's not good for you, especially in children, as you'll notice most children's toothpastes have a much lower dose as they are more likely to swallow the toothpaste than spit it out. However, the amounts in water is very minimal, and much lower than in your standard toothpaste.

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09/05/2011 20:58:26
Random post Cinta! And I have to agree with Zannie - dentists in the US prescribe fluoride to children if they are mainly drinking water without fluoride.

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09/05/2011 21:32:11
But why drag up a post over a year old to comment on the health effects of fluoride? And a new poster to boot. Dodgy!!!

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09/05/2011 21:37:25
guinness wrote:
But why drag up a post over a year old to comment on the health effects of fluoride? And a new poster to boot. Dodgy!!!

Bit weird, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt; as a new poster I also missed important details like posting dates etc - welcome Cinta, and thanks for the info! I was the OP, now going with Masafi with no issues and not stressing too much about the fluoride on dentist's advice. Not even sure if Masafi water has it or not!

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09/05/2011 21:41:04
Sorry guinness i should have perhaps made a new thread although a lot of people are talking about fluoride here and would like to reach out to them.

I actually had someone from nestle come to my door here in shorooq this evening and currently i am buying bottled masafi water from the supermarket so thought it might be time to change to delivered quantaties of water instead.

Will not be going with nestle.

Good luck with your research.

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09/05/2011 21:50:54
Thankyou Aryanwynn

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