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Starting a New Business- Best Approach? Recommended Web Developer?

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20/03/2017 16:10:52
Hi Ladies,
I'm wanting to set up my own business and need some advice.

Did any of you ladies register/apply for a licence on your own, or did you use a company to do that? If you used a company, how was the experience and was it worth the cost?

How long did it take to get the ball moving? Also, can anyone recommend a Dubai based website developer?

Much appreciated!! xx

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21/03/2017 00:16:42
Hi Desertbeauty,

In terms of set-up / start-up costs, this varies depending on size, nature-of-trade, incorporation jurisdiction, freezone requirements etc etc. It can be a bit of a minefield and I would be inclined to spend a little more and get a company to do all the ground work. I regret not doing this the first time and faced huge delays (and probably ended up costing me more as I lost business as a result). If you do branch out later on down the line, you will have a far better idea of what is required, where to go, what to ask for etc. I've used HLB Hamt on 2 Joint Ventures I've been involved in and they have been very good. As a ballpark estimate, I would set aside around 40,000 to start up.

Re Web Design, I have used my trusted designer Leidan for all my businesses - reliable, very responsive and I've always been delighted with the results.

Good luck - a business can change lives!

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22/03/2017 16:36:04
I have my own trading license and manage to did it by myself with the help of my sponsor. I did not asked the service of a company/PRO as their cost is high. The cost will depend on the activity of the license as well. If you want I can refer you to my sponsor, but later, when he will be back from outside the country .

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