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Top 15 Healthiest Countries for Expats to Live In

Top 15 Healthiest Countries for Expats to Live In

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Top 15 Healthiest Countries for Expats to Live In

It’s important to consider your health and wellbeing when choosing your host country.
Choosing a country to move to is a life-changing decision. There are many factors that go into this decision, one of the most important being a healthy environment and affordable healthcare.

As part of a larger survey, InterNations had expats rank their host countries by their health and wellbeing. The survey involved 14,300 expats from 174 nationalities living in 191 different countries.

Here are the top 15 countries that ranked best in the health and wellbeing category…

15. South Korea
While the work-life balance ranks lows, the country has been steadily improving in most categories over the years. Health and well-being is one of those categories, as expats ranked it well above most other places.

14. Czech Republic
Czech Republic was noted to be one of the best countries for children’s overall wellbeing, ranking 3rd in that particular category and 6th in children’s health.  

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13. Sweden
The Scandinavian country did quite well in affordable and efficient healthcare. Its public areas were noted to make expats feel healthy as well.

Stockholm, Sweden

12. Canada
Access to quality healthcare and short working weeks were the most prominent.

11. New Zealand
Health and wellbeing in this country rated high despite the relatively high cost of living.

10. Spain
Spain boasts one of the shortest working weeks in the world and a culture that promotes a healthy diet, so it’s no surprise that it made the top 10.

Toledo, Spain

9. Costa Rica
With the excellent local environment and plenty of activities offered, Costa Rica makes a great place for expats seeking good health and wellbeing.

8. France
Expats noted that access and affordability to healthcare played a huge part in this positive ranking.

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7. Germany
Healthcare quality rated as high as job security and quality of life.

Cologne, Germany

6. Denmark
Denmark is well known for excellent health and wellbeing, but it only went down in rankings as the rising costs of living has an effect on daily life.

5. Israel
While health and wellbeing is rated to be one of the best in the world, personal safety and security ranked quite low.
4. Japan
Expat ranked medical care above the worldwide average and the majority are satisfied with its affordability.


3. Finland
The quality and affordability of healthcare in Finland ranked positively among the majority of expats (75%).

2. Taiwan
 Expats fare quite well when it comes to their financial situation in this country and this only seems to be boosted by the quality and affordability of its healthcare.

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1. Austria
Austria ranks high in all aspects for health and wellbeing, even for air quality.
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