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Your guide to getting out and about in Hong Kong

Your guide to getting out and about in Hong Kong

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Your guide to getting out and about in Hong Kong

Out & About

Hong Kong might be small in size but it has a lot to offer its residents and the tourists that visit. There are loads of social and expat groups, sports clubs and hobby groups, for those who want to make friends. Hong Kong also has some of the must see tourist attractions like Disney Land, Chinese white dolphins in their natural habitat and gorgeous gardens, hiking trails, beaches ... the list goes on and we have all the info for you right here.

  • 5 Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

    If you love nature and being active, these trails will be perfect for you and you don't have to leave your kids behind!

  • Museums

    Most public museums in Hong Kong are managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. LCSD runs 14 museums and 5 other cultural venues, each one unique in its focus. Broadly, these museums cover art, history and science. We give you all the info for both private and public museums in Hong Kong.

  • Sightseeing

    Under Hong Kong's bustling exterior of bright lights and big city living are places that you can get away and relax. There is more than one area to enjoy the park life, bird watch and relax with a book. There are loads of beaches in Hong Kong that can also be relaxing. Furthermore, there are must-see tourist attractions like Disneyland and Madame Taussads - not to miss and we have all the info for you right here.

  • Beaches

    The Leisure and Cultural Services Department manages a total of 41 gazetted public beaches. With the exception of 4 beaches that are temporarily closed, shark prevention nets have been installed at all the remaining 37 public beaches, of which 10 are in Southern District, 9 in Islands District, 6 in Tuen Mun District, 6 in Tsuen Wan District and 6 in Sai Kung District.

  • Bruce Lee: Artist of Life

    Bruce Lee, a martial arts legend, is mostly known for his movies and kung fu. Little is known about his passion for writing poems and his inquisitive philosophical nature until today. “An artist of life” is what he was referred to. He died too soon but his thirty four years of life was full of artistry and culture.

  • Worldwide ERC® Conference: Focus on Asia Pacific

    Have you ever made a last-minute decision to attend a conference and then found yourself having such a wonderful time you wondered why you had never attended before? That happened to me recently at the Worldwide ERC® conference in Hong Kong, thanks to the fantastic array of friendly, welcoming, interesting and 'relevant' people who made networking at the conference a real treat.

  • Shopping Malls & Street Markets

    Shopping is a big part of Hong Kong culture and the people in the city are some of the best dressed in the world. Very often you will see people waiting in line to enter the ever popular Chanel store. These are some serious shoppers and Hong Kong provides for them with many malls. We have a big list of all the malls and street markets where you can shop till you drop.

  • A Short Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

    Our food editor, Mike, was very lucky to get away from the heat, hustle and bustle of Dubai and get a very culinary experience in Hong Kong and neighbouring Macau. Experience this journey through his eyes.

  • Brunch in Hong Kong

    Brunch in Hong Kong is a lavish Sunday affair where friends come together to share in the culinary delights of some of Hong Kong’s finest restaurants, often while indulging in some delightful champagne or refreshing cocktails. The brunches usually last between two and four hours and are often at a set price including free flowing drinks. Brunch is a sure fire way of ending the weekend with a bang.

  • Golf

    There is only one public golf course in Hong Kong, called the Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, and many private ones. We have listed the courses that will allow the public to play on their pristine lawns. Golf is an in demand sport in Hong Kong, it is also an extremely expensive one. Be prepared to pay a hefty price in order to get your day out on the greens.

  • Art Galleries

    Hong Kong is very cultural and this is reflected in their art. The patrons of the arts are supportive to both local and foreign artists and the Hong Kong Commercial Art Galleries Association organises the yearly ArtWalk – a charity showcase event held in March involving both galleries and local restaurants.

  • Sports

    Want to know where the action is? We have all the information you need on renting sports pitches, where you can play 6-a-side footie for free. We also did the research on sports grounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, bowling greens - Hong Kong definitely has an array of facilities to suit all your sporting needs. Click here to see all the info that you need for a great fitness experience.

  • Disneyland Hong Kong

    Just as good, if not better than it's French counterpart and it even gives Florida a run for its money, Disneyland Hong Kong is a magic faraway place that happens to be just around the corner. It's a dream destination for kids (and adults) around the world, so if you're living in Hong Kong make sure to drop by and see Mickey, Minnie and the gang, enjoy the rides and have a blast at the park.

  • Expat Clubs & Associations

    If you're new to Hong Kong, or you've been here for a while but haven't gotten around to doing anything, there are many different clubs and associations that you can join. Here you can indulge in your favourite hobby or activity and allow like-minded people into your life. There are also clubs for the many nationalities allowing people from similar countries, cultures and backgrounds to get together.

  • Coffee Mornings & Expat Meet Ups

    Sometimes it is difficult to make friends and meet other expats when you are new to a country, especially one that is very different from your own home country. ExpatWoman knows that coffee mornings are a sure-fire easy way to meet other like minded ladies, make friends and have fun all while enjoying a cuppa steamy brew. We put together a list of coffee mornings and expat groups.

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