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Kuwait Families

Kuwait Families

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Kuwait Families

Welcome to Kuwait Families

Caring for your family requires a lot of love and hard work. We believe in giving the best to nurture our families and grow with them wherever we are. Here at ExpatWoman, we have compiled shared knowledge from experts and mums like you on family life, money, finances plus tips, guides, and experiences as we venture on our life in Kuwait.

  • Schools In Kuwait

    Are you looking for information about schools in Kuwait? We've got all you need to know here including a look at the education system in Kuwait, what you will need to enroll your child in a Kuwait School and a big list of the schools in Kuwait you may be interested in. We cover the different options across the English, American and Indian curricula to make your search as easy as possible.

  • Review: IV Vitamin Therapy at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

    It’s a treatment that has become increasingly popular thanks to celebs and their health fads, so our Editor tried it out for herself to see the benefits of having one…

  • Your Private Wealth Boutique

    Her Finance is a wealth advisory focused on empowering you with the knowledge and know-how to make informed decisions that will take care of every aspect of your financial life. We’ll teach you to love your finances and you’ll learn it’s not complicated to reach your goals.

  • The Homemaker’s Guide to Avoiding a Retirement Crisis

    As a stay-at-home parent living an expat life, saving for your retirement is possibly the last thing on your mind right now. Sadly, it’s this sentiment that has homemakers classed in the ‘high risk’ category, where pensions and retirement are concerned.

  • My Experience Importing a Pet into Kuwait

    If you are bringing a pet from your home country to Kuwait, here’s a helpful first-hand account of what you should expect your experience to be like.

  • Celebrating the Wisdom of Money-Wise Mums

    Our first lessons in life about finances generally come from our parents and when it comes to being money-savvy, it is Mum we need to thank. Research has shown she holds the purse strings and teaches us the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’, while Dad dishes out the pocket money. Senior Wealth Manager for Her Finance and Mother of four grown children Debbie Younie shares her top tips on laying strong financial foundations, right from the start.

  • Elite Plastic Surgery: Botox Vs Dysport – The Same, Only Different

    There are many ways that people choose to treat lines and wrinkles, and one of them is to use an injectable treatment, such as Botox. However, you may have also heard of Dysport and are wondering about the differences between Dysport and Botox. This is a concern shared by many people, because Dysport, compared to Botox, is a relatively new injectable quite similar to Botox in its properties.

  • Maternity Leave

    As a pregnant working woman in Kuwait, it's important to know your rights as an employee working in the private sector. Kuwait Labor Law stipulates the privileges for working pregnant women. Did you know that expectant mothers in the state, both local and expatriate, who work in the private sector are granted a total of 70 days for maternity leave by law?

  • The 8 Point Facelift

    Dr Allen Rezai, Founder and Lead Surgeon of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, explains the background to this exciting treatment- the 8 point face lift! “We don’t age in only one part of our face, so the traditional methods of using dermal fillers in only one area will never give the effective, ideal cosmetic rejuvenation results that women and men really need as they age.”

  • Dubai property prices finally hit rock bottom!

    Property prices in the glass and steel desert city of Dubai are set to bounce back after years of decline. The United Arab Emirates city was badly hit by the global downturn as developers and investors were trapped in an off-plan housing bubble that dramatically burst leaving an oversupply of property and many speculators going bust.

  • Dealing with the Terrible Two's

    Have you ever wondered why your angel of a baby seems to turn into a monster worthy of a horror flick seemingly overnight. Joyce, our baby expert, shares her knowledge on the phenomenon known as "The Terrible Twos" and shares valuable advice on why this change occurs in young children and how to deal with it. She discusses the importance of talking to and disciplining your child effectively and appropriately.

  • Travelling With Kids

    We are lucky that most of us get to travel quite regularly in the Middle East- whether it's trips to our home countries or local holidays. Preparing your kids for plane travel is important for their and your peace of mind and enjoyment. There are lots of things you can do to make this happen. We can help you get organised! Here we take a look at some top tips about travelling with your kids on a plane- it's all in the planning!

  • Transfer Your UK Pension

    If you no longer live in the UK it is important that you review your options regarding your Final Salary pension scheme, a possible transfer should be considered.

  • Hair Loss Remedy

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, also known as "Vampire facelift", is the latest natural approach in anti-ageing facial and body rejuvenation, using the patient’s own blood cells. It has become a highly sought-after non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation. PRP has a long history of being used in orthopedic medicine, dentistry and reconstructive surgery, and now its benefits are being applied to other fields of medicine such as dermatology, etc.

  • Final salary pension? Your retirement income is at risk!

    These 'gold-plated' schemes are supposed to be guaranteed – but savers are being misled, a top pensions official has warned. Alan Rubenstein, head of the Pension Protection Fund, called on companies operating pensions schemes that are in jeopardy to be honest with members.

  • Why do Expats Need a Will?

    Without a will, no one really knows what your wishes were on death and the tax man is likely to take a larger slice of your estate. Be sure you know everything you need to to make sure your family are taken care of if the worst is to happen.

  • Facts and information about Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure involving reshaping of the nose that is frequently performed for people who either have difficulty with nasal breathing, have suffered an accident involving the nose, have had a severe facial injury, or wish to improve their facial symmetry for cosmetic reasons. Read more about how rhinoplasty can transform your appearance.

  • On Yer Bike!

    Have you ever fancied riding through the desert of Kuwait with the wind whistling in your hair and getting to see some amazing sights? Well it sounds like the Desert Biking Club of Kuwait may be just the thing for you. You'll get fit and make new friends too- sounds perfect to us! They are an n informal, mixed group who all enjoy recreational cycling – whenever possible away from the traffic and the town. The rides are not ‘guided tours’ but they do try to find points of interest along the way.

  • Calling All Rugby Players

    Have you been looking for somewhere your kids can get involved in Rugby? Well look no more! The Club caters to both junior and senior rugby with more than 150 members of all ages from more than 18 different countries. Kuwait Saracens are an active thriving club and happy for new members to join. They do youth, adults and girls rugby too- great chance for the ahole family to get fit and active!

  • Things For Kids To Do During The Kuwait Summer

    Kids in Kuwait have longer holidays than some and also have to contend with it being the hottest time of the year. Here we take a look at what to do with your kids over the summer to keep them entertained. There are lots of activities that you can send your child to in Kuwait- there seems to be camps for everything but here we look at other ideas to have a smooth, exciting and educational summer.

  • Breast Reduction Surgery

    This surgery can be a life changing solution to large, heavy and uncomfortable breasts and in many cases can significantly improve the quality of a woman’s life. According to Dr Rezai from Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Group the results of the surgery will last for many years, but there are some other factors to take into consideration when thinking about doing the surgery.

  • The British Ladies Society Kuwait

    The BLS is a non-profit organisation which extends a warm hand of friendship to women in Kuwait. It is run by ladies for ladies and they host a great variety of activities connecting women with one another, enabling members to network and form bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime. ExpatWoman had the honour of interviewing Anne Napier who is the president of the BLS, we learnt lots more about the society and their activities.

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