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Pregnancy & Babies

Pregnancy & Babies

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Pregnancy & Babies

Welcome to the Kuwait Pregnancy & Babies Section

prgenant nutrition
Nutrition Whilst Pregnant
It's a worrying and wonderful time wondering what to eat during pregnancy. There are so many myths... our Pregnancy Expert, Karen Wilmot has the answers for you. Read More >>
giving birth in kuwait
Care Provider Warning Signs
If you want a natural birth then you need to find a care provider who works in an environment that supports natural childbirth. We've got the signs to look out for here. Read More >>
Pregnant In The Heat
While the rest of the world rejoices about up and coming warm months, those of us in the Middle East console ourselves by planning trips to escape the sweltering heat. Here's some top tips to survive the heat. Read More >>
birth plan
Choosing A Birth Plan
When we visit our hairdressers, we know the style we want- so why should it be any different with our OB-GYNs? Having a birth plan can really put your mind at rest and prevent unwanted stresses. Read More >>

Week by Week ExpatWoman Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy is the most an amazing and special experience. The Doting Doulas and Doula Baby Abu Dhabi are experts in the stages of pregnancy and have developed a calendarised diary of what to expect during each week of your pregnancy. For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll find information about baby's development and the types of changes that occur within mom's pregnant body.

pregnancy diary week by week

Week 4 to 8. Read more>>

Week 9 to 12
. Read more>>

Week 13 to 16. Read more>>
Week 17 to 20. Read more>>

Week 21 to 24. Read more>>

Week 25 to 28. Read more>>
Week 29 to 32. Read more>>

Week 33 to 36. Read more>>

Week 37 to 40. Read more>>
We wish you a wonderful pregnancy and birth!

Pregnancy Features

Maternity Leave
As a pregnant working woman in Kuwait, it's important to know your rights as an employee working in the private sector. Kuwait Labor Law stipulates the privileges for working pregnant women. Did you know that expectant mothers in the state, both local and expatriate, who work in the private sector are granted a total of 70 days for maternity leave by law? Provided the woman gives birth within this period. Read More >>

Effects of antibiotics on babies and mothers during pregnancy, birth and while breastfeeding
It goes without saying that we all want a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. As soon as we see the blue line, we change our diet, start exercising and clear the medicine cabinet. Sometimes, however, we get symptoms that send us scurrying off to see the Doctor and depending on who you see, you may walk out with a prescription for antibiotics – the very things that you have been told NOT to take during pregnancy! Read more>>

Round Ligament Pain
As your uterus grows during pregnancy, the ligaments stretch and thicken to accommodate and support it. These changes may occasionally cause pain on one or both sides of your abdomen. There are some exercises, for example prenatal yoga, should help ease your symptoms. However rest is one of the best ways to help with this kind of pain. Read more>>
TENS Machine
Karen Wilmot, our ExpatWoman pregnancy expert takes a look at pain management during labour and the benefits of using a TENS Machine. To use one or not use one is the burning question. Read More>>
Post Natal Depression
Are you feeling down after the birth of your child? Don't suffer in silence. PND, also known as the "baby blues" is a recognised condition and there is lots you can do to sort it out. Our pregnacy expert, Karen Wilmot, has some advice and information for you. Read More>>
Understanding Labour Pains
If you're pregnant you may be worrying about the onset of your labour pains. In order to manage childbirth pain well you need to understand how your body processes pain and how your mind perceives it. Read More>>
Labouraid- A High Energy Drink For Expectant Mums
Having a baby is hard work and it is important to drink a lot of fluid throughout to avoid having to have an IV which will limit your movement. Water is fine but has no nutritional value. Most women don’t fancy eating much while they are in labour, so why don’t you make some tasty, high energy drinks to sip on while you pace and breathe your way through surges. Read More>>
New Years Resolutions
It's that time of year again- New years Resolutions time where we make new decisions to adopt new habits. Here's the Top Ten New Years Resolutions from our EW Pregnancy Expert, Karen Wilmot. Read More>>
ExpatWoman Pregnancy, Baby & Toddlers Information Board
Are you feeling alone? Need some advice? Want to share your experiences with others? Want to compare notes with other expectant mums? Then visit the ExpatWoman Pregnancy, Babies & Toddlers forum. It's chock full of mums- to- be, news mums and "old hands" all swapping hints, tips, worries and advice- join in now. You'll find discussions on nappies, breast feeding, weaning, birth stories, getting pregnant and so much more. Go To The Forum>>
Flying Whilst Pregnant
Travelling is an integral part of the whole expat experience, but what does that mean for pregnant women?  Is it safe to travel during pregnancy? Read More >>
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