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Travel & Adventure

Travel & Adventure

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Travel & Adventure

Travel & Adventure

We've been to a lot of places...for day trips, weekend trips, mini breaks and full- on family holidays... read all about them here as we travel from Europe to Asia from Oman to Singapore and everywhere in between! If you'd like to write about your trip away- send us an email to contribute@ExpatWoman.com with some pictures and we can add your adventure into the section.

  • Off to see The Merlion - a week’s holiday in Singapore!

    My best friend moved to Singapore from Dubai and once she had settled in I couldn’t wait to go and visit this amazing place. Armed with my guide to Singapore, I made up a list of all the places I wanted to see on the trip including the Singapore Botanic Gardens, The Merlion, China Town, Singapore Zoo, Clarke Quay, Little India topped off with a tour of the local temples. Luckily we managed to do them all.

  • Our amazing weekend trip to Salalah, Oman

    A friend took the map and started to plan our route. We hired a car for a day for our city tour. We drove down the coast of the Gulf of Oman in Old Muscat. The main road was just three lanes each side with small number of vehicles. No heavy traffic, less crowded (since businesses are closed from 1pm to 4pm), it was a perfect day for us. First stop was the Muttrah Souq, one of the well-known in Oman. You can see great selection of garments, antiques, jewellery, and perfumes. Best time to visit is

  • A weekend break in Bahrain

    The journey to Bahrain was short and sweet. In the wee hours of the morning, we drove to Sharjah Airport, parked up the car in the long stay car park and proceeded to check in. After a relaxing cappuccino at Costa’s, we boarded the plane. Once we arrived and settled in we were soon set off with a map of Bahrain in hand, a bottle of water and good spirits. As we left the hotel at 10am in order to make the most of our day, the temperature seemed much cooler than the hotter streets of Dubai. But as

  • Anniversary Sojourn in Bangkok, Thailand

    To celebrate our first Anniversary, my husband and I were thinking of an exotic getaway complete with spa breaks that won’t break our bank accounts. Sure enough, the first place that sprung to mind was none other than Thailand – the city of smiles which is easily accessible from Kuwait. So, armed with our trusted handycam, a Bangkok City Guide booklet, and enough luggage to last us for a week, we went off to our first out-of-the-country adventure as a couple.

  • Trekking in Borneo

    We travelled to the Malaysian state of Sabah in the north-west of the island - a nine and a half hour flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, and a further two and a half hour local flight the next day. Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Greenland and Papua New Guinea are the other two. It is in fact owned by three countries; The states of Sabah and Sarawak are part of the Federation of Malaysia; between them is the Sultanate of Brunei; and the remainder of the island is Kalimantan – pa

  • Trekking to Everest Base Camp

    I signed up for this ‘Gulf For Good’, extreme challenge back in May and had 5 months to prepare myself for this high altitude trek. First I needed to raise some funds which were going towards building a children's orphanage in Panauti. This was a big task but my burden was eased when my daughter's school, The English School in Kuwait agreed to help me. I did an assembly for the children (which was a complete delight- having so many children eager to ask me questions…) and with the help of the Pa

  • Sainte Foy Skiing break in France

    If you are looking for the perfect place to take the family, I can heartily recommend Sainte Foy in France, located near to that bastion of the ski world Val D’Isere, it is however, far friendlier, less busy and certainly there is not the need to have the latest ski fashions. Eleven (five adults and six children) of us departed Dubai in the early hours and arrived in Geneva via Zurich in the early hours of Sunday morning, where we were met by the very affable Dave who drove us to the Alps. The j

  • The beautiful West Coast of Ireland

    After our first week on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland, we made our way via public transport – a novelty in itself – to Port Laios, pronounced Leesh – and Kilvahan Caravans. We are not campers, and we didn’t know one end of a horse from another, so it was to be something of a learning curve. We put our two holdalls of pretty much, clothes, toilet bags and a few games, in the caravan and watched our fellow gypsies unpack estate cars loaded with everything from sleeping bags to Tupperware box

  • Jordan and the Dead Sea

    After a couple of hours on the internet I discovered the easiest way to travel in Jordan is to book a private tour with driver and as we wanted to squash as much as we could into our time it was a great way to go. I booked online with a local tour company told them what I wanted to see, such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and of course the Dead Sea. They booked us an itinerary with everything fitting in nicely. You could rent a car and drive yourself if you had time because the roads/signs are reall

  • Kathmandu – Four Days Restoring Body & Soul

    This trip was multi-purpose; a taster for my son and his friend to see a very different side of life, for my Asiaphile friend and I a chance to soak in the sights of temples and stupors, people-watching and of course fabulous shopping, and we had also contacted a local orphanage, and arranged to take supplies and collected clothes and toys for the children; quite a lot to get through in four days. Our first pleasant surprise was the easy transfer through Sharjah airport. We had booked flights on

  • New Delhi : Colourful, energetic and spiritual place

    We stayed in Vikram Hotel, it has 4 stars and is located just two minutes walking from the metro station in the south part of the city. We can describe the hotel as small, cozy, clean and charming, it has a very good Indian restaurant with delicious culinary delights. Our first shock was driving style in India: in the city plagued by honking habit there are plenty of small cars, rikshaws and bicycles – all are moving in a totally chaos without any rules. We always took rikshaw (or tuk-tuk how we

  • The Chedi – Muscat, Oman

    We arrived at the Chedi and were instantly enveloped in an aura of calm...the lobby there is absolutely stunning with high ceilings and arabic seating. The check in was done on the comfy seats and we sipped our fruit juice in perfect peace! We had the fortune to be upgraded to a suite- which actually turned out to be a private villa- we had to restrain ourselves as we were being shown round to stop ourselves from jumping up and down at the sheer luxury of our rooms! So after lots of oohing and a

  • Our trip to Rome – to discover the Romans!

    Rome is a beautiful city with something stunning at every turn. Wander through winding back streets that open out to Il Colloseo, Piazza Venezia, Fontana di Trevi, La Boca de la Verita... it’s all fantastico. We started with a tour of The Colleseum with a tremendously enthusiastic guide who brought the whole scene to life - the pomp and ceremony, the organisation of the masses, the sheer scale of the operation, the drama of the fighting, the roars of the wild beasts and the stench of blood and g

  • A week in Seychelles

    We arrived in Mahe, the main island as the sun is rising – how wonderful after the desert of UAE to see the verdant greenery, a string of Emerald Islands in a perfect blue sea. A short walk from the plane to the tiny terminal building, the quaint old wooden terminal brings back memories of a previous trip here many years ago. It was pleasantly warm and slightly humid as we exit the airport and grab a taxi to the St Anne Island Gateway. There’s a motorboat waiting and we’re soon racing across

  • A weekend break in Sweden

    We went to Stockholm during summer; hence the weather was extremely pleasant. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is a very picturesque city. Each and every building is worth being photographed. The landscape changes from land to mountains to sea as you travel on the road. Stockholm is an archipelago. There are many places to visit in Stockholm. A hub for public transport and banking, this city is the best place for the best department stores and shopping malls, exclusive boutiques and night

  • Walking the Great Wall of China

    With casual abandon we decided we needed to do something not only for ourselves, but for others too, so signed up with local charity Gulf for Good and toddled along to an information evening. On offer this evening we could go and climb Kili (for those in the know, everyone shortens Kilimanjaro to Kili, dahling), ride, cycle and walk through Mongolia, walk the Great Wall of China or trek in Oman. Using highly skilled statistical thinking we opted for the Great Wall experience as that was the onl

  • Sri Lanka by Tuk-Tuk... Tremendous Fun and all for a Great Cause!

    Neale, Wes, Karen & Lianne are a Dubai based foursome with a passion for adventure, travelling and things ‘a little less ordinary!’. They met through mutual friends in Dubai in 2008 and whether they liked it or not, got to know each other considerably better on their wonderful Sri Lankan adventure! The challenge involved driving a 3 wheeled tuktuk (or rickshaw) 1100km (if you took the correct route!) around North East Sri Lanka for a total of 12 days and as if this wasn’t challenging enough (!)

  • How to Run Your Own Safari Lodge: from Sheikh Zayed Road to Zambia

    Jenny Waterhouse is ten minutes late for our appointment at Marula Lodge. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” Jenny says, glancing at her watch. “I had to wait for Wonky Tusk and the herd to move on.” Wonky Tusk is an ancient matriarch elephant, named after one of her tusks which is very wonky indeed. Wonky Tusk’s herd is about seven elephant strong including a baby that is less than a year old, and while they wonder through the camp (which they do frequently), no one moves. "I had to familiarise mysel

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