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18/03/2012 17:32:22
Excellent, brilliant, fantastic news - thanks a truck load everyone! I was bracing myself for a visit to the school, then a visit to the MOE, then a visit home to get paperwork I'll be told I should need but wasn't told earlier to have brought to the MOE... you know, the usual departmental drama! Thank you all so much!

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18/03/2012 17:01:18
By law and since 2 years, schools need to have a transfer to accept new student. This is why your school is asking for one.
If my memory is not too bad, under grade 2, you don't need a school certificate. This might need the reason why you never have been asked.
Ask for one and hand it over to your new school when you have it. It is more a paperwork thinghy than something that will determine if they take your child (unless you can't give a school transfer certificate)

coco pops
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18/03/2012 16:40:24
I'm pretty sure you only get the Transfer Certificate after your child has left the school.
This was the case when I switched schools last term. About 3 days after leaving the school I was issued with one to hand in to his current school.


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18/03/2012 15:49:55
Yes, you just need to ask your childs current school for one

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18/03/2012 15:34:06
I've searched this but only came up with a post for getting a transfer from a school abroad.

I will be changing DSs school (again ) at the end of this year, the new school has asked for a transfer certificate. He won't have completed his academic year by the time we put in the application for the new school but they've asked for one regardless. Does anyone know how I go about getting one of these?

I think I need to get a transfer certificate from the current school itself and then from the MOE, but just wanted to get some confirmation on this before I drag my pregnant bummed legged b'hind around the mulberry bush.

Thanks a lot for any information! Big Grin

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