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 Welcome To The Oman Mums & Toddlers Section

Let's take a look at some things to do with your toddlers in Oman as well as some great features and articles.

mums groups in muscatMuscat Mums Group
Muscat Mums' group is a non-profit informal social and support group for expecting mums and mums of pre-school children. Mothers (and Fathers!) of all nationalities are welcome to join Muscat Mums.Our social group was formed in January 2004 and we are located in Muscat, Oman. Muscat Mums is a voluntary organisation aimed at supporting and facilitating the relationship between mothers and children, providing opportunities to promote the physical and social development of infants and children and also enhancing friendship and support between mothers. You can find them on Facebook or visit their Website directly.
toddler tantrumDealing with the Terrible Two's
Have you ever wondered why your angel of a baby seems to turn into a monster worthy of a horror flick seemingly overnight. Joyce, our baby expert, shares her knowledge on the phenomenon known as "The Terrible Twos" and shares valuable advice on why this change occurs in young children and how to deal with it. She discusses the importance of talking to and disciplining your child effectively and appropriately. No one looks forward to the terrible twos, a developmental stage that usually begins sometime in the toddler years.Although many parents don't expect the terrible twos to start until their toddler is two years old, it can strike as early as 18 months and as late as 30 months. Read More>>

pass the parcel qatarPass The Bloomin' Parcel
Mum of three, Mel, shares with us her top tips and advice on throwing the most enjoyable kids birthday parties. She's had to do 18 altogether so far for her three kids and has a lot of expertise in how to make sure the kids have a lovely time, as well as keeping parents sane along the way too! It's that time that every parent in Muscat dreads- THE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! What are you going to do? How do you make it special? How do you make your's "better" than the one last week- it's a minefield! Here we have some great advice on throwing the "perfect" birthday party for your child and how to survive it with grace and poise and no jelly on the celing! It's a funny, witty feature with loads of great ideas and advice and we are excited to share this. Read More>>

nursery schools in dohaIs it Nursery time?
Has that time arrived that it's your toddlers turn to start attending nursery? Choosing the best nursery for your tot can often be stressful and worrying- more for you than the tot! Seperation anxiety can rear its head and lots of emotions are flowing. We can help you though- we've got a special section dedicated to all the Nurseries in Oman so you can research and look into all your options, as well as our Nurseries & Schools Forum which holds so much information and you can interract with other mums trying to make the same decision. We wish you luck. Visit The Oman Nurseries Guide>>

cup cakes qatarYummy Cup Cakes
What better way to say Happy Birthday than with birthday cupcakes. A personalised, unique treat that you can serve as a cake alternative, or alongside to compliment your traditional cake. After the candles, a creative cupcake can be served out easily, and passes out quickly to waiting children. You can make a festive display on your table, or pack them in a box. Cupcakes are portable and travel nicely. They also make a great take home party favour. Browse through these following ideas for decorating cupcakes. Cupcakes for birthdays provide an interesting twist that will create a memorable hit at your party. Read More>>

toddler safety qatarExpatWoman Child Safety Guides
There are lots of incidents in the press these days about tragic accidents happening and our hearts go out to the families involved. Here we pull together important information, tips and guidelines of things you can do to protect your child and family... make sure all the family reads and that any helpers you have in your household are also informed and educated. Prevention and awareness are the key factors to a safe household. Stay safe everyone! Our guides cover balcony, pool, water, fire, electrical, car safety and all those other topics you need to be aware of. Read More>>

pirate party omanHave A Perfect Pirate Party!
So it’s party time again and your little or not- so- little- one wants to have a fun and active pirate theme for their birthday party. It’s a really fun and exciting theme with lots of possibilities. We’ve got some top ideas for you on the invites, locations, costume ideas, decorations, themes, games to play and everything you will need to host the perfect pirate party... pieces of eight anyone? Luckliy living in the Middle East you could plan to have your pirate party on a beach and pretend you are on a deserted island for the party. Or you can have in your back garden or inside your home- that’s what is great about a pirate party- you can hold it anywhere! All you need is a little imagination and some props. Read More>>

first birthday party qatarPlanning a First Birthday Party?
We can help you out... A first birthday party isn’t a celebration for your child alone but for all of you– a high five for getting through the sleepless nights, having your life turned upside down and coming out the other end all the happier for it, with more photo albums for the past year than the previous six put together, and wonderful memories to cherish. It's a really special time for you and your little one.So whilst your little one will remain oblivious of all the fuss, take the time to mark the occasion in a way that you, your family and friends will enjoy – especially older siblings – and record the event as a time you’ll be happy to relive long after the baby stage has passed. Read More>>

mothers day 2012 gifts qatarMother's Day
Mother's Day comes up for many of us between March & May- depending on which date you celebrate- or maybe all three- to get a triple dose of love for mum! We've got a great feature here with all the dates of Mother's Day around the world and how it it celebrated in different countries- there are some lovely traditions out there. We've also got some Mother's Day gift ideas for you to help you when choosing the perfect present for your mother.Mother's Day is a time to get creative and make something special and unique for your mother or to splurge and buy a gift... and don't forget to buy or make a card. Read More>>

Party Theme Ideas
It’s sometimes hard to decide what theme to have for your party- we’ve got some of the most popular themes here for you to hopefully give you some inspiration on what to do this time!

kids party ideas fairy party cowboy party
Top 10 Themes
Star Wars
Hello Kitty
Thomas The Tank
Toy Story 3
Harry Potter
Mickey Mouse
Top 10 Girls'
Top 10 Boys'

We hope that helps you pin down a theme- once that's done the rest of the party ideas will flow smoothly!

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