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Pregnancy & Babies In Qatar

Pregnancy & Babies In Qatar

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Pregnancy & Babies In Qatar

Welcome to the Qatar Pregnancy & Babies Section

Here we have some great How To... guides to being pregnant in Qatar covering everything from ante natal care to getting a birth certificate for your newborn baby. Below we have some really great features for you on everything to do with being pregnant- pre-, during and post!

How To... Find Pre Natal Care In Qatar
pre natal care options in doha

If you already are or are planning to get pregnant in Qatar you need to start investigating your pre natal care options.

Qatar has lots of facilities for this both government run or private options. Or you may decide you want to return to your home country for the actual birth and have just your pre natal care in country. There's so many decisions to be made to ensure you get the best care possible.

Here we take a look at the registration requirements and the different options open to you to make your pregnancy plan run as smooth as possible.

How To... Get Maternity Leave In Qatar

maternity leave in qatar

So it's nearly time for you to have your baby... have you thought about what you maternity leave entitlement is by law and does you company have any extra provisions?

Find out here what you are entitled to, how many days makes up the official maternity leave period, how long do you have to have worked for a company before you are entitled to maternity leave, if you can combine annual leave with your maternity leave and is there any paternity leave by law? Let us answer all your questions!

How To... Get A Birth Certificate For Your Baby In Qatar

baby birth certificate in qatar

If you've just given birth one of the first things that you are going to need to do is to register and get a birth certificate for your baby.

This can all be done at the Qatar Women's Hospital but you are going to need to have some paperwork and documents for this.

Here we have an article with the full procedure, information you need and the costs involved to enable you to accomplish your birth certificate mission.

The Essential Baby Care Guide


ExpatWoman.com have teamed up with the lovely ladies from The Essential Parent Company to introduce you to the The Essential Baby Care Guide, advised and narrated by Professor Robert Winston. It contains all the advice you'll need for your baby's first year.

It includes 4 DVDs focusing on Feeding, Sleeping, Everyday Care & Development and First Aid & Accident Prevention. The content is all research based and advised by expert organisations such as The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

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Week by Week ExpatWoman Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy is the most an amazing and special experience. The Doting Doulas and Doula Baby Abu Dhabi are experts in the stages of pregnancy and have developed a calendarised diary of what to expect during each week of your pregnancy. For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll find information about baby's development and the types of changes that occur within mom's pregnant body.
pregnancy diary week by week

Week 4 to 8. Read more>>

Week 9 to 12
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Week 13 to 16. Read more>>
Week 17 to 20. Read more>>

Week 21 to 24. Read more>>

Week 25 to 28. Read more>>
Week 29 to 32. Read more>>

Week 33 to 36. Read more>>

Week 37 to 40. Read more>>

We wish you a wonderful pregnancy and birth!

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