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Bibimbap is Korean for “mixed rice.” With beef, eggs and vegetables, this plate is heavenly, especially when topped with chilli sauce.
This dish can stand alone as a delicious meat free main course, served with fresh crusty bread or buttered toast, or use it as a tasty and nutritious side dish to accompany steak, chicken or lamb.
Served with healthy stir fried green vegetables, this Asian style hake dish with gentle chilli heat makes a delicious light supper!
Enjoy a big bowlful of this thick and nourishing soup, lightly spiced with cumin and allspice.
Boulangere potatoes, a lighter but delicious alternative to dauphinoise potatoes, are the perfect accompaniment for tender lamb steaks.
Served on little crostini as a canape, with salty crackers as a starter, or just on buttered toast with a fresh salad on the side for a quick lunch, this meat-free, low fat mushroom pate is easy to make and delicious to eat.
A classic mushroom risotto makes a lovely warming autumn dish, creamy, satisfying and full of earthy mushroom flavours.
This is a very simple vegetarian side dish of roasted rings of marrow filled with sage and onion stuffing. It can be served with a roast chicken Sunday dinner, with lashings of gravy, fresh vegetables and crispy roast potatoes!
The flavours of tomato and basil always go so well together and this classic soup, made from big, ripe flavour some vine tomatoes, so plentiful at this time of year, and fresh basil leaves, is always a crowd pleaser.
Liz Robb from ExpatWoman shares some of the healthy and easy recipes from starters, quick soups, healthy comfort foods and more...
These light and simple Vietnamese style wraps with a spicy chilli sauce are low in fat but very tasty! They are a perfect choice for a quick and easy starter, or serve on a platter for a summer buffet.
This tasty gratin is full of healthy winter vegetables with a nutty, crunchy topping, but is lower in fat than the traditional gratin, using semi skimmed milk and low fat crème fraiche in place of the usual double cream.
Served with a slice or two of fresh wholemeal bread, a bowl of this soup makes a really tasty and filling winter lunch or supper.
The soft cod steak is roasted to perfection in the oven in butter with bubble and squeak and a zesty creamy sauce.
This is the best time of year to infuse apples into your food. These apple and almond trifles are a lovely indulgent treat for dessert, especially for a Sunday teatime.
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