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Healthy Eating
If there is one food that can give our chocolate addiction a tough competition, it’s our forever crush on strawberries.
Several food groups contain naturally sleep-inducing ingredients that help you get a quality shut-eye time; here are some of the most effective and easily available options to choose from.
Millennials are obsessed with the word diet. We try every easy weight loss trend, listen to every ‘get fit’ fad and pretty much do everything within our reach to achieve set body standards.
Do you tend to have cravings while chained to your work desk? We feel you! Here's some snack ideas that keep the cravings away, and the calories low...
We have a love-hate relationship with potato chips. These crunchy and scrumptious golden chips are a guilty pleasure we indulge in – more often than we should.
Enjoy a healthy and delicious supper made with the minimum of effort. This simple white fish recipe is packed with flavour!
Green might dominate the fashion scene this year, but it is purple that shall rule your dinner table.
Stress, boredom, thirst, social approval, appetising food — we tend to fill up for a lot of reasons other than body nourishment.
Read on to find some simple and easy tweaks that can cut down the carb quotient on your pizza yet taste equally delicious.
This hearty winter bake is packed full of nutritious roasted vegetables with a satisfying savoury crumble topping.
In November 2016, Yoshihiko Koga, a Japanese professor at Tokyo's Kyorin University proved that eating ice cream in the morning increases brain activity.
This warming, gently spiced soup smells and tastes gorgeous and is really satisfying. It is also very nutritious, made from vegetables and pulses.
Chickpeas are such a versatile thing to use in the kitchen. Here are some of our favourite recipes for you to try with the ingredient...
Weight loss fads have been around for centuries, but lately they seem to be on the increase. Here are few common fads that will help you with your choice toward your weight loss goals.
Normally used for lugging weight from one place to another, the camel has many benefits, making it a valued member of the Middle Eastern society.
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