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Recipes from Vineet Bhatia , Consultant Chef in ‘Indego by Vineet’

Recipes from Vineet Bhatia , Consultant Chef in ‘Indego by Vineet’

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  • Recipes from Vineet Bhatia , Consultant Chef in ‘Indego by Vineet’

    Recipes from Vineet Bhatia , Consultant Chef in ‘Indego by Vineet’

    ExpatWoman RecipeBorn in India in 1967, Vineet Bhatia was born into an educated middle class family in Bombay. His first passion in life was aeroplanes followed by his mother’s first love, cooking.

    In 2001, Zaika Restaurant, opened by Bhatia, was awarded a Michelin star, making Bhatia the first Indian chef-restaurateur to receive this honour since the inception of the Guide.

    Vineet is known for revolutionising Indian food in Britain, and whilst retaining its core values, has changed everything from the way it is presented to the way it’s experienced. It hasn’t gone unnoticed and the accolades have followed his trajectory to the top.

    The 45 storey Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina area of the United Arab Emirate houses ‘Indego by Vineet’ – the 64 seater Indian restaurant featuring Vineet as the Consultant Chef. Since opening in June 2005 it has become one of the most prestigious ‘British Brands’ of restaurants operating in the ever expanding restaurant scene of Dubai.

    South Indian style Lamb Korma, saffron rice (4 portion)

    ExpatWoman Recipe

    Recipe Ingredients:

    300ml - Corn oil
    5gm - Black cardamom
    8gm - Green cardamom
    8gm - Cloves
    2.4 inch - Stick cinnamon
    2nos - Bay leaves
    3gm - Cumin seeds
    2gm - Fennel seeds
    275gm - Thin sliced onion
    600gm - Lamb cubes
    75gm - Ginger garlic paste
    5gm - Red chilli powder
    5gm - Turmeric powder
    3gm - Cumin powder
    3gm - Coriander powder
    150gm - Tomato puree
    1tbsp - Lemon juice
    1tsp - Garam masala
    100ml - Coconut milk

    Saffron Rice Ingredients:

    400gm - Basmati rice
    3gms - Saffron strands
    2tsp - Corn oil
    100gm - Butter
    4pcs - Black cardamom
    6pcs - Green cardamom
    1tsp - Cumin seeds
    6 blades - Mace
    1no - Medium sized red onion chopped

    For garnish:

    Fresh coriander leaves chopped
    Ginger jullienens
    Grated coconut
    Freid curry leaves

    Method of Preparation:

    Heat the oil in a large heavy based pan; add the whole spices and bay leaf. As they begin to change colour, add the onions and sauté till golden. Add the lamb shank and fry in the caramelised onions until sealed all over. Add the ginger garlic paste and cook until their raw aroma has gone. Stir in the chilli powder, cumin, coriander and turmeric, and then pour in enough water to cover the lamb shanks.

    Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 90 minutes, till the lamb almost is cooked.

    Add the tomato puree and salt and cook until the sauce becomes thick enough to coat the lamb cubes well. Finish of coconut milk and garam masala powder.

    Saffron Rice Preparation:

    Wash and soak the rice in water for 30mins.
    Soak the saffron in 100ml of water, give it a boil and keep it aside to cool.
    Heat oil and butter, add whole spices, add the chopped onions, sauté till lightly brown.
    Add the soaked saffron and stir.
    Add the soaked rice with one inch of water above the rice level.
    Add salt to taste and stir once.
    Cook on a medium flame, till some pores form on the top of the surface of the rice.
    Low the flame to bare minimum and place it with a tight lid for 5 mins.
    Switch off the flame but let the lid intact for least 30mins.
    When done, break the rice with a roasting fork and serve.

    Serve hot along with saffron pulao.