Pacific Prime Maternity Style

Fortunately for women, pregnant or otherwise, the dichotomy between comfortable & fashionable attire is proving ever more false.

Pacific Prime Maternity Style

It used to be that expectant mothers of a fashionable bent were left with no other option but to wear Hawaiian-style muumuus for nine months or so. Sacrificing comfort for fashion is something that stylish ladies have endured for millennia, but when a woman is “dressing for two,” this changes the calculations.

Fortunately for all women, pregnant or otherwise, the dichotomy between comfortable and fashionable attire is proving ever more false. And we’re not just talking about slipping on a pair of yoga pants for a trip to the supermarket! Collaborations between high fashion designers and their counterparts in sportswear mean that you will look more sporty than slovenly, even if your so-called sweat-suit isn’t used for anything more strenuous than a walk around the shopping mall.


Maternity Basics

As you’ll already know, or will soon discover, a woman’s body goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy (and in the weeks immediately following childbirth). The most obvious change is the expanding bump protruding from your lower abdomen, but busts and hips will also increase and myriad other changes may occur within and without as hormones run amok whilst you’re incubating a new life form.

These changes to your body will definitely mean some shopping is in order. You’ll need bigger bras and bigger panties. You’ll probably want something padded, as nipples tend to get more sensitive during pregnancy (and breastfeeding, should you choose to do so). Women who had been smaller in the chest may relish an opportunity to show off the new growth of their assets, and most of the leading women’s undergarment labels have maternity options that are sexy, and refined. These are not your grandmother’s maternity undergarments! Today’s underwear tends to be designed by women, who better understand what a maternity fit REALLY means.

A word of caution: avoid wearing spanx-type slimming undergarments while pregnant. These can affect circulation around your abdomen and may be hazardous to the health of your fetus, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. Show off that bump proudly, mum!

Out and About

Of course you will want to wear looser clothing when you’re expecting, but you needn’t shop for tents at the camping supply store. Singapore’s hot humid climate, and overly A/C’d interiors means you’ll want to layer. Diane von Furstenberg-esque print wrap dresses are a versatile go-to look. Be sure to always carry a scarf and cardigan in your larger handbag in order to ensure your comfort as you move from outdoors to inside.

Your sexy tight jeans will no longer fit. Fortunately, advances in textile technology means that you can still sport denim, specially designed to accommodate the space taken up by your future precious bundle, without being too tight around your midriff.

Healthy Pregnant

Active Life

Today, many of the major sportswear companies offer a maternity line, so you don’t just need to size up and end up wearing an outfit that’s baggy all over. The latest in obstetrics shows that moderate exercise is beneficial for both expectant mother and fetus. So go ahead and put on that tracksuit…and actually hit the track!

Swimming is perhaps the best exercise for expectant women, and fortunately Singapore has plenty of excellent pools. Feeling weightless in a pool has myriad health benefits for pregnant women, and nowadays there are stylish maternity swimsuit options, so you needn’t feel like a beached whale while lounging on the deck.

At Night

You may not fit into your old pjs during the later stages of pregnancy, but there are better options than just borrowing your man’s old t-shirts to sleep in. There are loads of beautiful designer nightgowns to help you doze in comfort and style. Perhaps most important is a “sleep bra” specially designed with gentle support for your growing bust. These are designed without seams, and can be used during nursing as well.


The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can wreak havoc on your complexion. There are a number of specialized products to treat the combination skin which often results from this drastic bodily change. Vitamin E-based creams specifically designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks are also strongly advised.

Of course, as everyone knows, skin care starts from the inside. Plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and regular doses of sunshine will keep you looking radiant on the outside. Gentle regular washing and moisturizing will maintain that healthy glow that marks the happy expectant mum.

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