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Vietnam Families

Vietnam Families

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Vietnam Families

Family life in Vietnam

Here we look at everything to do with families and family life in Vietnam. From before to birth to when the kids are grown up and pets & vets... as your animals and pets are part of the family too! We also have information on getting married as lots of people do get married here and it is great to have all that information in one place, we've even explored money, finance and personal wealth management. So whatever stage you are at in your life there's a section here for you!

  • Globaleye International Wealth Solutions

    Looking for advice for business and private financial planning? Look no further than Andrew Menzies of Globaleye! With many years experience you couldn't be in safer hands.

  • Five Reasons You didn’t Save Enough Last Year

    Last year you splurged on your favorite things, you didn’t clip any coupons, and you barely had the time to go on holiday, let alone hunt out a bargain. So you ended up paying full price for almost everything, and concluded the year like you finished every month: desperately awaiting your January paycheck, with not nearly enough pennies in the piggy bank.

  • Cost of Breast Cancer Recovery Burdens Most Women

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This initiative to raise awareness is important because with early detection and treatment, most women can survive breast cancer and continue to enjoy their lives. Screening is the route with the highest proportion of cases diagnosed at an early stage, so it’s important to promote awareness of the benefits of early detection this month.

  • How to Efficiently Manage Your Finances

    When we have to pay for mortgages, credit cards, student debt, the family holiday, and unforeseen circumstances such as medical bills, on top of international schooling, saving can seem daunting at the best of times, without a plan in place, it can seem even worse. To help make the future easier to handle, we’ve compiled five tips for making sure you have a financial backup whenever you need it.

  • Personal Insurance Is Cheaper For Women

    Smart, empowered, independent women like you continue to bring your expertise to everything from the boardroom to the classroom the world over. Although women are making continuous strides for equal rights in companies the world over, when it comes to being an expat, a lot of company benefits are not actually available for men or women. Here’s a look at the different types of personal insurance available to female expats...

  • Beware of the Little Expenses this Summer

    Although you’ve moved abroad for a higher standard of living, there are still many ways to cut back on your expenses to ensure you have funds to store away, without giving up the little luxuries of expat living. Simply by putting aside an hour to plan your spending for this month, you can make a few simple swaps, and become more thoughtful about how you spend your money this August. To get you going this summer, here's three simple strategies to implement right away...

  • What can you do today, that will help you tomorrow?

    Recently, during dinner with our friends, my wife changed the way a table of ten thought about their savings. She made an integral point whereby she truly believes that she ‘owes herself money for the future’.

  • Saving Tips for Women

    Budgeting is not a skill that the saving savvy are born with; it’s a learned habit, and an effective tool for reaching your financial goals. By implementing these simple tips into your daily life, you can stay in control of your finances, and reach your savings goals – whilst being surprised at how much you can still afford to treat yourself along the way.

  • The Vietnamese Mother's Day Traditions

    No matter the country or the language, mothers are a cherished in every part of the world. While celebrations take place for mother's day, Vietnam will be doing its annual mother's day rituals.

  • 5 Influential Women in Vietnam History

    When you search influential women in Vietnam, you mainly find endless and endless amounts of websites and information about the role of Vietnam War veterans and memorials.Which is a shame, really, as while it is of course an important historical snapshot of Vietnam's past, it negates the efforts of other influential Vietnamese women.

  • Expats in Vietnam enjoy living in the present moment

    Expats in Vietnam make the most of ‘living on holiday’. Like many expats here, my family and I moved to Vietnam for a better quality of life; which Vietnam consistently delivers through its higher standard of living, diverse landscapes, tropical weather, and abundance of local and international cuisines.

  • Tourist visa

    A Vietnam Visa is required for most foreigners in order to enter and exit Vietnam through one of 3 international airports: Hanoi/ Ho Chi Minh City & Da Nang. Travelers are advised to arrange Vietnam Visa before their home country departure.

  • After School Activities

    Once school is out kids need some activities to get rid of that latent energy or engage their minds creatively. Here we have a list of after school activities in Vietnam, a lot of the places do not offer chaperoned activities so you should note that the activities do require you to stay with your child to watch over them.

  • Marriage in

    Vietnam provides a beautiful backdrop for a wedding and getting married there will allow family and friends come and celebrate in the gorgeous Vietnamese surroundings. If you're looking for all the info on what you need to marry there, you've come to the right place!

  • Animal Charities

    There don't seem to be a lot of charities set up dedicated to animals in Vietnam and the few that are seem to be surviving on volunteer donations. We have listed all the information we could find about these limited organisations.

  • Insurance

    Insurance is very important and expats are encouraged to insure their cars and homes and valuable goods. You can also get life insurance from one of the providers ensuring full cover for your family.

  • Importing pets

    Importing your pet to Vietnam is surprisingly simple and far cheaper to do on your own, so you don't need to hire a pet relocation specialist. The procedure before your pet can fly is relatively easy and can be done in a short period of time.

  • Hiring a domestic helper

    Most expats in Vietnam have some sort of domestic help, either full time or part time, to help with the cleaning and tidying of the house and everyday chores. Expats also enjoy the luxuries of having a driver, simply because the roads are just too chaotic.

  • Newborn Visa

    If you’re an expat in Vietnam and give birth there, you will have to register your babies at the local or municipal Justice Service where the father and the mother reside. We have the info on the locations and the documents that you will need.

  • Vets

    There are many Veterinary Clinics in Vietnam but only a very few that cater for expats. Be careful as some vets are better trained than others. We have sussed out the vets that come highly recommended. Remember if you aren't sure about a diagnosis always seek a second opinion.

  • Law In

    In the course of their millennia-old history, the Vietnamese people, working diligently, creatively, and fighting courageously to build their country and defend it, have forged a tradition of unity, humanity, uprightness and perseverance for their nation and have created Vietnamese civilization and culture.

  • LGBT

    There is a large LGBT community in Vietnam and while the bigger cities are very accepting towards the community there is still rampant discrimination in the small towns and villages. While Vietnam has become more and more accepting of the community, same-sex marriage is still not permitted.

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