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Vietnam Guide

Vietnam Guide

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Vietnam Guide

Guide to Life

This guide will give you all the basics for moving to Vietnam, including choosing the best residential area for you, picking out what clothing to bring, setting up your utilities and the like. Don't forget to check the local currency and the exchange rates too!! We also delve into the language of the country, the local cuisine and what street eating brings to the table.

  • Currency in Vietnam

    The currency of Vietnam takes some getting used to, because everyone is a millionaire and there are a lot of zeros in a price tag. The currency is called the dong and is the only method of payment in the country.

  • 10 Things You'll Miss When You Leave Vietnam

    Have you lived in Vietnam for a while? Here are some things you’ve probably grown to love and will miss when you leave.

  • Animal Charities

    There don't seem to be a lot of charities set up dedicated to animals in Vietnam and the few that are seem to be surviving on volunteer donations. We have listed all the information we could find about these limited organisations. If you know of any they please get in contact with us.

  • 6 Reasons Why Vietnam is Great for Expats

    According to a recent survey, Vietnam's popularity as a favourite expatriate destination has soared in comparison to previous rankings, and there's no surprise. So why has Vietnam rapidly increased in popularity for expats to move to, live in and work?

  • Guide to Cost of Living in Vietnam

    If you're planning on moving to Vietnam, here's a helpful guide to the cost of living there and a breakdown of monthly expenses you'll face.

  • Our Favourite Vietnam Bloggers

    As much as we try to give you all the information, sometimes you just need ears on the ground. So here's our top bloggers about living in Vietnam! Our selection of interesting blogs cover everything from food, to lifestyle, to architecture and photography, all offering you a different view of Vietnam's vibrance.

  • Paying your utilities

    Setting up your utilities depends on whether you are renting or buying a property. This determines the process. If you are renting a property as part of your lease agreement your landlord should set up or at least help in setting up your utilities for you. If you buy your own home setting up and paying your utility bills is tricky.

  • Vietnamese Food

    Vietnamese cuisine is among the healthiest in the world. They eat mainly steamed and boiled foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. The most known foods to come out of Vietnam are the Vietnamese spring rolls and pho. The food is super tasty and very healthy and everyone should give it a try!!

  • Charities

    There are many expats who are moved by the plight of Vietnamese children and often volunteer at the various orphanages and charities set up in the country. We have a list of the charities and their contact details so that you can give back and do something worthwhile during your stay.

  • Street Food

    When you think of street food, you’re probably thinking of food on a stick or in a roll, something that is convenient to carry and eat with little mess or fuss. In Vietnam the street food consists of foods on a stick and also an array of soups, noodles and other really yummy and creative dishes.

  • Language

    Vietnamese is a very difficult language to master, it is a language of tones, not words necessarily and one word can have up to six different meanings. Very few expats learn Vietnamese however many pick up a few words, and we have just the right ones for you to make a good impression.

  • Clothing

    While there is no law pertaining to dress in Vietnam, less is definitely not more and women should try to dress more conservatively despite the heat and humidity of the country. If you are a westerner it is recommended that you bring your clothes from home, simply because finding suitable clothing in sizes bigger than a small is quite a task indeed.

  • Religion

    Vietnam is a socialist state and the good of the group is often prioritized over the good of the individual hence religion never played a very strong role to the Vietnamese people. This does not mean that religion is ignored, people are very accepting of each other's faiths and there are many churches, mosques, religious monuments and temples in Vietnam to prove it.

  • Residential Areas

    Residential areas in Ho Chi Minh city are divided into districts, each with it's own distinct vibe. Districts 2 and 7 are known for being family areas with big villas and manicured lawns favoured by the expat population. We explore the unique attributes of each district so that you can make a well informed choice about where to live.

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