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Vietnam Out & About

Vietnam Out & About

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Vietnam Out & About

Out & About

Vietnam has a lot to offer its residents and the tourists that visit. There are loads of social and expat groups, sports clubs and hobby groups, for those who want to make friends. Vietnam also has some of the must see tourist attractions like the Fansipan Mountains, Floating Markets and Villages, Untouched Islands and beautiful beaches ... the list goes on and we have all the info for you right here.

  • 10 Handicraft Villages

    Vietnam has become a place where tourists come to experience unique cultures and see firsthand local artisans’ skills performed in traditional ways. There are at least 1,000 villages in Vietnam that are recognized as centers for handicrafts. Here, travel addict Danica Ratte tells us the 10 most well known among them, most located in Northern Vietnam.

  • Shopping Malls & Street Markets

    There are so many places to shop in Vietnam. The local markets are the best places to pick up a bargain and you must master the art of haggling to get anywhere as they will try to rip you off! There are also a number of shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City housing both designer and high-street brands as well as cinemas and various food outlets.

  • Beaches

    There are a number of beautiful beaches in Vietnam for you to visit. They vary from place to place to how inviting and pleasant they are. There are a number of beach clubs that can be visited throughout the country as a day visitor who keep their beaches clean and the water is safe to swim in. There are also some beautiful, natural and untouched public beaches that are a must to visit!

  • The Cham Islands

    The Cham Islands are one of the many must see places in Vietnam, the waters are peaceful and the islands themselves offer an array of views and potential exploration.

  • Expat Clubs & Associations

    There aren’t a huge amount of expat clubs and associations in Vietnam but from speaking to expats living in Vietnam they assure us the expat community is both vast and welcoming. We have put together the main expat groups you can join to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

  • Museums

    It's always fun learning about new place through their history and culture which is why we've put together a list of some of Vietnam's most interesting museums.

  • Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh City is also known to the locals as Saigon. There are many expats living here. The city is divided into districts, each with its own character and flair. There is lots to do in Ho Chi Minh City including great restaurants, cultural outings and many cinemas.

  • Coffee Mornings & Mums Groups

    There is nothing more daunting than leaving your group of friends and family behind when embarking on a journey to becoming an expat, which is why there are coffee mornings and mum's groups to introduce you to new friends in the new city.

  • Art Galleries

    Art and art galleries are huge in Vietnam. Most of the galleries are based in Hanoi but there are a few in Ho Chi Minh City also. Local art is also very important to the Vietnamese and they try to promote and inform the public of local work as much as possible.

  • National parks

    Vietnam has great vegetation that makes it easy for trees to grow and fauna to flourish. There are many national parks and green belts that span the whole of Vietnam. Here we will look at the most popular parks in the country.

  • Floating Markets

    The Mekong Delta is famous for it's floating markets. Many local and tourists visit these markets on a daily basis. You will have to leave very early to catch a glimpse of these phenomenons as most markets close by 11am. People sell all sorts including fruit, vegetables, clothing, gas, trinkets and there are even floating restaurants hawking some of Vietnam's delicious street cuisine.

  • Floating Village

    The coast of Northern Vietnam is an archipelago of 366 islands, the largest of which is Cat Ba of the coast of Halong Bay. The vast majority of the islands are uninhabited but there are a few fishing villages that are home to 13,000 inhabitants. Additionally there are 4000 more that live on floating villages off the coast. These floating villages have become major tourist attractions in last few years.

  • Golf

    Golf is a very popular sport in Vietnam and because of this they have some of the best golf courses in the world. They take such great care in keeping the courses of top class quality and people travel from far and wide to play on them. Most of the golf clubs offer golfing holiday packages as most of the courses are built into resorts or top-end residential complexes.

  • Sports

    Vietnam has a large selection of sporting and leisure facilities. Gyms and dance classes have become very popular in the major cities with state of the art facilities in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Fansipan

    The Fansipan mountain is known as the roof of Indo-China and is the highest peak in Vietnam. It is also one of the only eco-friendly tourist attractions in the region and if you're into hiking, one of the best climbs in the region. The views it offers will leave you breathless.

  • Irish Society

    Irish Aid believes that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) allow citizens to come together to act collectively and participate in the development of their own communities whether through demanding better services from the state, holding the government to account or by acting together to respond to their own needs.

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